1995-2011: Till today this powerful negativity swirls around murmuring SYs

> Till today not even a single of the few hundred thousand visitors
> has criticized what has been written, even though some of the
> topics are very controversial. NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON!

Dec 8, 2003

NOTE: Sorry, i have made a mistake regarding the last paragraph. I wish to say that although the general public have not censured or found faults with www.adishakti.org or www.al-qiyamah.org, certain foolish and ignorant SYs like Yogi Mahajan, Ed Sausgstad, Kuntal Sood, Raj and those hiding behind these characters have continuously criticized and condemned the sites. The basis of their reason is that only possessed people are able to enter the Sahasrara. Thus they regard my children as demons out to destroy Sahaja Yoga.

However, since this negativity refuses to die i might as well destroy it with the truth. To cut a long and still painful story short of myself being introduced to the Adi Shakti by my son Kash who first met Her in his Sahasrara on Diwali 1993, and the harsh treatment from SYs who went after my family like the way Catholic Inquisitors hounded and hunted heretics during the dark ages, i will start at the Dharamsala school. This personal story is written in the third person:

The sad saga of SYs condemning this heretical family - who dared proclaim that the Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi exists within the Sahasraras (Kingdom of God, 1000-petal Lotus) of all humans - continued as the latent negativity in Canada crossed the seas to continue its destructive path to destroy the truth that was witnessed. At this time Kash and his brother Shahwinder were enrolled at the International Sahaja Public School in Dharamsala, India. When Kash and Shahwinder reached New Delhi, India, they were in for a shock. The school authorities told them to go back because they could not find their names in the registration book, and that they did not realize they were educated in French (even though they were fluent in English)! Those in charge insisted that Kash and his brother must return home, as if they had just taken a three-wheeler from nearby Janak Puri and rudely requested registration. Even the Canadian leader Jay Chudasama and SY Steve Gulati were unable to remove this petty problem. The school authorities were determined to send them back and demanded they return home!

Their father had to make frantic calls to Delhi and Poona and begged that they be allowed to stay. He was so relieved when they were given a one-month extension.

Then, a few days later, realizing that they could not possibly switch from French to English, study new subjects and pass the required exam within a month, the Truth had to be told to secure their stay for a few years. He sent fifty pages of Shri Adi Shakti: the Kingdom of God as evidence to one of the SY world leader, Yogi Mahajan, and Mrs. Chitnavis (the principal) explaining that something phenomenal had happen: a young SY child had confirmed that the Golden Goddess does reside in the Sahasrara. (This was a mistake that his father would soon learn to regret, as Yogi Mahajan began his inquisition to protect Sahaja Yoga from heretics who were somehow meeting his Golden Goddess in the Thousand-Petal Lotus.)

At this time a SY from Canada who had claimed to be `Shri Kalki' was also in India. He had just undergone months of horrible demonic possession which, among other things, made him get down on all four limbs and bark like a dog, buy hundreds of Lotto 6/49 tickets, hand money to passersby, instantly analyze character, probe intentions, read minds, and other peculiarities. Nearly every human being he met was having a satanic stench, and he was having an extremely hard time keeping the little sanity he had. Evil was everywhere and he had nowhere to run!

Just before going to India he was plotting to kill a priest because 'voices' within were pestering him to do so. He hung around the Saint Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, the largest shrine in the world dedicated to St. Joseph, to familiarize himself with the area, the movement of priests, and the escape route. A number of times he was on the verge of committing this heinous act, but for some reason was unable to carry out the order of the 'voices.' Had he done so the blame would have been clearly on Kash, his father, Sahaja Yoga and Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The world media would have had a feeding frenzy and Shri Adi Shakti: the Kingdom of God never seen the light of day. (But for some reason he was just unable to carry out his crazy scheme. Some power of the Great Adi Shakti prevented him from lifting even a finger from carrying out his demented desire.) So 'Shri Kalki' was approached by SY Mahajan. Kash was the topic of discussion. 'Shri Kalki,' who was sure that Kash was possessed by the same demons that tormented him, probably did not have much kind words. Evil spirits had possessed this 'child of darkness' and given him the visionary powers. This child was dangerous to Sahaja Yoga and had to be dealt with quickly. The fact that he was now inside the compound of the Adi Shakti's school, mingling with the children of realized souls, only made matters worse. (Can anyone explain how Yogi Mahajan, so bristling with pride about knowledge of demons and possession, failed to detect the horrible vibrations of a man so possessed as to attempt killing a priest in Montreal?)

The father humbly asked that Kash be given protection, guidance and sanctuary until Her book was published, as the school atmosphere in Montreal was harsh and against spiritual development.

But SY Mahajan vaguely explained to him over the phone what he thought about the whole episode, as reflected in his opinion in The Ascent, and believed by most Sahaja Yogis. Kash was dabbling in darkness and deserved no special attention or protection — or even be exorcised of the `demons' that `possessed'him. Kash's father was not convinced by SY Mahajan's brief evasive explanation as it contradicted his (Mahajan's) own conviction that "Only those who go deep in the source discover the Golden Goddess that resides within. Her touch enlightens and enthralls the total being. It is indeed the miracle of miracles. This miracle resides in every being. The wise pursue it, the scriptures speak of it, and the saints glory in its praise." (Yogi Mahajan, The Ascent, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 1997 p. 4.) Then he was told that his younger 5-year-old brother, Arwinder, was also experiencing and confirming the same Reality. Yogi Mahajan offered no explanation. On the contrary, he rejected one of the greatest spiritual enlightenment in the history of humankind as the work of evil spirits and refused to listen to any further explanation!

Their stunned father could hardly believe the utter disregard and spiritual arrogance displayed by those empowered to make decisions. Fifty pages of proof was treated as trash! Desperate pleas for help found no compassion!

Two stranded sons of the Great MahaDevi soon found that there was no shelter from the fast approaching storm!

Two months later a letter came requesting Kash and Shahwinder be removed. The father could not believe his eyes. What was happening? Why was there a sudden effort to remove both brothers? What about the Golden Goddess which Kash witnessed and conversed hundreds of times? What about Her Revelations to him in his own Sahasrara? What about the fifty pages of written proof that surely senior experienced Sahaja Yogis could confirm with their vibrations? Why did no one believe the Ultimate Reality within his or her own Sahasrara? Why was no one listening to children who were corroborating the most fundamental Truths of the Great Adi Shakti? Why was everyone so blind to such priceless Knowledge? Something was wrong. Very wrong. The bewildered father decided to seek the help of the Great Golden Goddess in human form, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, who was residing at Cabella, Italy. A fax was sent to Her requesting a decision in the matter. The Great Adi Shakti replied that Kash was not to be removed from Her school. Dr. Ashish Pradhan conveyed this message in late June 1996. Nevertheless, the pressure to remove them continued. Mrs. Chitnavis began sending a stream of complaints by mail and phone to Kash's father and progress on the Shri Adi Shakti: the Kingdom of God came to a standstill. The father soon realized, through vehement denials by his children, that Mrs. Chitnavis was not telling the Truth; her inability to find even a single witness to all her serious accusations only belied her lack of credibility and character. (She even eavesdropped on their telephone conversations with the father!) For some unknown reason she was determined to remove them, by hook or crook.

Regardless, he severely reprimanded his own children despite their innocence, as he did not want anything to blemish Her book. Moreover, all close relatives and friends in Canada and Malaysia knew the boys were in India. It would be a disaster if Kash and Shahwinder were expelled so soon.

In August another letter came demanding immediate arrangements be made to take them back. This time there was an added twist: Mrs. Chitnavis bluntly told their father that Shri Mataji never agreed that Kash and Shahwinder were to be allowed to stay in Her school. In simple words, he had lied to keep his children in Her school! He reeled in disbelieve and confusion. What was really going on? Why was all this relentless pressure to remove Kash from Dharamsala? Why was the principal acting so strange?

He again checked with Dr. Ashish Pradhan in Cabella, Italy and was assured that Shri Mataji did affirm that the children were not to be removed from Dharamsala. To settle the issue once and for all another fax was sent to Shri Mataji in early August 1996, requesting Her final decision.

Shri Mataji immediately conveyed Her final decision, again through Dr. Ashish Pradhan, that under no circumstances were they to be removed from Her school. Shri Mataji added that She could be quoted as having said so!

Kash's father thought that he would at last get some peace of mind and continue working on Her book.

Unfortunately he underestimated the tenacity and arrogance of Mrs. Chitnavis who, upon receiving Her decision, reacted by immediately sending another letter threatening to act against his children. She was determined to keep them out, especially the demon-possesssed Kash, and was prepared to go to any length to achieve this end. It did not matter if Shri Mataji told her not to do so on two previous occasions. Even Shri Mataji's final decision had no bearing. After all her boss Yogi Mahajan, the powerful school board of directors and landlord, was in full control. (Better the boss for assured bread and butter today than the Adi Shakti for uncertain moksa tomorrow.)

Till today Kash's father has not be able to understand how and why was it possible for a mere employee who professed obeisance to Shri Mataji in public was able to so casually defy Her final decision! Who empowered her to override the explicit decision of the Great Primordial Mother? For aeons the great Divine Beings in the Kingdom of God have carried the simplest of Her commands with unquestioning, uncompromising obedience. Yet mere humans on Earth have the audacity and temerity to disregard Her direct instructions to them. If this is not arrogance by those in positions of power, then what is? (Only a world leader like Yogi Mahajan had that arrogance as he was determined to destroy Kash's reputation at any cost - even defying the explicit intructions of the Adi Shakti!)

Kash's father immediately received a letter from the school principal Mrs. Chitnavis, saying that she had no alternative but to isolate Kash before taking further action. He rang back to Dharamsala and talked to his children for an hour; they had absolutely no idea why the she were constantly picking on them, whereas other children were let off right under their noses.

Kash was kept in isolation after school hours for more than a month as the school principal did not want his `sickness' to spread to other children. He had no idea what his `disease' was and even asked the school nurse. But she had no idea either, and told him to check with Mrs. Chitnavis! (Kash had already collected signatures from his classmates and friends that refuted all the serious accusations of Mrs. Chitnavis. Even Pragya Mahajan, SY Mahajan's daughter in grade 9 confided that though Mrs. Chitnavis was not telling the truth she was afraid to inform her father who was on the school board.)

It did not matter even if Kash's brother Arwinder, at the age of five in 1995, had also met the Great Adi Shakti who was in his Great Lotus Garden, providing yet more irrefutable third-party evidence that Kash was telling the Truth. The school board was unmoved by such supraconscious nonsense and it was obvious to them that the entire family was a nest of negativity. As far as they were concerned such demon-diseased children had to be kept away from normal students and 'cured' by constant harassment, isolation, and expulsion! No one seemed to understand that since the Sahasrara was opened for the first time in the history of this universe by Her on May 5, 1970, there had to be humans who would begin to reach the Kingdom of God, also for the very first time in the history of this universe!

Then abruptly both brothers were told to leave the school. Next day at 4.00 a.m. they were driven down to Dharamsala. For two days they had to stay at the Grace hotel, before being escorted to the old Delhi ashram and left there.

Their father managed to obtain tickets and brought them back to Canada. The whole family was so relieved that this harrowing experience had finally come to an end. They dropped all plans to send Arwinder and Lalita to Dharamsala, India. Never had the family been subject to such arrogance, slander and lack of compassion by those in positions of power.

But this attitude did not surprise their father. He had visited India a number of occasions since childhood and noticed one peculiarity that permeated the Indian psyche: Trucks terrorize tractors. Motorcycles make way for cars. Three-wheelers bully bicycles. The strong oppress the weak. The rich squeeze the poor. The politicians hoodwink the voters. The policemen harass the unprotected. The brahmins crush the harijans.

After expelling them on false charges, Yogi Mahajan did not stop there. He wanted to destroy Kash's character completely so that all future SYs would never believe him or anything witnessed by him i.e., prevent the publishing of the 2,200-page book Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God! He succeeded by introducing this latent negativity into the mind of Richard Payment at Cabella, Italy, a fact known to me, as well as to others. (That is why Ed Saugstad, the local chieftain in Vancouver, Canada where his close friend Richard Payment resides, sent personal emails that reflect Yogi Mahajan's opinions.)

Till today this powerful negativity swirls around murmuring SYs as satanic forces work through them to destroy Shri Mataji's irrefutable proof that She is the Adi Shakti sent to deliver and proclaim God Almighty's message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection to all humanity. Just as Yogi Mahajan was eliminated from Her Grace, so will the Paramchaitanya destroy those who bear false witness against the Truth that is still being witnessed.

Jai Shri Mataji!


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