Commentary on chillies, limes and lemons madness

How the ‘Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion' was Born

Unlike other gurus, Shri Mataji firstly awakened the Kundalini Energy in people, and then had them correct themselves. Once the Kundalini connection was made, she advised people to meditate, introspect and contemplate, thus working things out for themselves in order to establish their connection with the Divine within. This was expected to work well for healthy people, but if one was ill or diseased, the Kundalini Energy, though awakened, had difficulty becoming established.

For such people, Shri Mataji worked out some physical remedies. She used the elements of fire, water, earth, air – and the foods; lemons, chillies and limes, for example, among other things. But the problem arose that so many people got stuck on all the physical remedies, to the exclusion of the power of the Kundalini. In other words, people forgot about the power of the Kundalini Energy to absolutely cleanse and heal them – and that amounts to ‘studied ignorance' at the very least or ‘absolute denial' at the very most, of their Kundalini Mother!

Thus, what we call the ‘Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion' was born, which has embellished all kinds of funny ideas and made them into rituals – in the process using a kind of power orientation – frightening, and oppressing people with these rituals they've made up:

"But I would say that – also in Sahaja Yoga – I found that there are all kinds of funny ideas growing. Like certain rituals they will take up; then they prescribe certain rituals. They'll talk about it and a kind of power orientation is there. They want to oppress others and they want to take over and frighten people, and behave in such a manner, that – as if they are very good. Some start saying, that: "Mataji said so. This is Mataji's idea". By their own power orientation they manufacture things and talk like that."

Shri Mataji, Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella Ligure (Italy), 21 June 1998

The Embellishment and Pervasiveness of Rituals
[So embellished and all-pervasive have these rituals based on Shri Mataji's physical remedies for `sick people' become, that we had to research to discover `what exactly' - based upon Her audios and videotapes - Shri Mataji said about chillies and lemons and limes, etc. The rest – the embellishments - can be taken as SYSSR ritualism, which Shri Mataji warned about, but which she said, had, nevertheless, entered into Sahaja Yoga]:

"All these rituals have entered into Sahaja Yoga. I got somebody in France with the list of the treatments of Vashi hospital. But that was for sick peoples. This is the nature of human being, to follow the rituals, because he thinks that he can do it."

Christmas Puja, Ganapatipule, Maharashtra (India), 25 December 1997

Shri Mataji advised moderation with regard to the use of chillies
Shri Mataji advised moderation with regard to the use of chillies in the preparation and consummation of food:

"Also Indian food is a heavy food. It's not as light as we have English food or Western food is very light, easy to digest. Indian food is not. So that's why I asked you to dance, to have some exercise. This way we can digest it, while we are all having sedentary habits mostly. We are sitting down doing nothing. See, Indians are working. We are not working at all. So we should do little walking or some exercises. It's a heavy, no doubt, but you cannot make it very light. Though I tell them, "Make it very light, no chillies, nothing", they are trying. For example, today's lunch was really too much for Me."

"Value Systems", Ganapatipule (India), 26 December 1988

Shri Mataji advised how to achieve balance with regard to blandness/spiciness/fatness of food
Shri Mataji advised how to achieve balance with regard to the blandness, spiciness, fatness, etc., when preparing one's food:

"If you are English, then you want to have English-style everything, horrible insipid food! If you are French, you want to have wine, little bit. If you are Italian you want to have carbohydrates, too much. If you are Spanish, you want to have too much fat. If you are Indians, you want to have too much of spices. So to change this habit, you have to give [up], first of all, the extremes that you like. Now if you say that "I like bland food" – bland food – then you should say "I must eat a lot of chillies." If you say "I like pale colors," then you wear very loud ones. Go from one extreme to another extreme, to begin with. But I've seen people, when they go from one extreme they get stuck up on the other side also. So we have to be in the center, not to the extremes."

Shri Adi Guru Puja – "Establishing the Guru Principle" Nightingale Lane, London (UK), 4 July 1982

Indian dishes containing medium or mild - not hot chilli - were given by Shri Mataji to children and adults
Indian dishes containing medium or mild - not hot chilli - were given to the adults and children by Shri Mataji:

"It's not too much but you see without the chillies Indian foods do not taste alright. So one I have tried to make. The middle one is being served. How did that taste? Is it hot? Not hot. This is not the hot one. The other ones are for the children. If you find `that one' also hot, better have the children's. Very good, well done! And now, the second should be the children. Some more should go around. Children – this thing is separate, alright; both the things. Just go and tell somebody, `mildest'. First serve the children. Now those who want hot should raise their hands – `not very hot'."

Marriages in Kew Ashram, Melbourne (Australia), 16 March 1985

Certain Divine laws cannot be altered
[Certain Divine laws cannot be altered]:

"There are certain divine laws. And you cannot cross them. If you cross them, I cannot help you at all. Now if you say, "Now I put chillies in my eyes, they should not burn", I can't help you. Whatever are divine laws you must follow them."

Ahstami Puja, Eighth day of Navaratri, Muedon, Paris (France), 30 September 1984

Eating a little amount of chillies are good for constipation and colds, etc
[Shri Mataji states that eating a little amount of chillies which contain vitamin C, are good for a person, helping to cleanse them from constipation, colds and other things]:

"But one thing you have to remember is that Indians are very happy if you eat well. If you don't eat well, they think that they have not made the food well. And that's what they were all the time asking, "We hope they have liked the food, we hope they have liked the food." I said, "They are all right. Put less chillies, that's all." But little chillies are very good, Because of your constipation. I think little chillies will help you because normally people get constipation if you don't take chillies. Indians never suffer from this disease because, they have always a little chilli in their food. Little [bit of] chillies is alright. You can develop a little taste for chillies; is alright. It cleanses you and it has vitamin C also in it. So, it is quite good for colds and other things."

Conversation with yogis, Aurangabad (India), 7 December 1988

Is there anything wrong with eating chillies?
"Question: Is there anything wrong with eating chillies?

Shri Mataji- No, it suits some people very much. Some people should have; those who suffer from colds will be a good idea, suffer from constipation, is a good idea. But don't eat too much of anything. But it's good for some people – some thing is good for some people; you just have to find out. For people who get constipated, it is better to have a little of green chillies all the time; it is very rich in vitamin C. It is very rich in vitamin C, is good for people who catch colds very easily."

Public Program Workshop, Sydney (Australia), 29 March 1981

Some people can be stubborn like a bull - 1
[Shri Mataji explains that a stone can easily be `thrown', a worm knows how to get out of the way of a big bull `coming round', but that though one tries their level best, there are people whose Kundalini, like the bull - won't rise – and for whom drastic methods such as chillies are therefore used, not to budge the Kundalini who is all-intelligent, wise and all-too-willing to rise – but to budge the stony, stubborn, or otherwise `immovable person']:

"It is the most difficult thing --- if you have a stone lying somewhere, you can pick it up and throw it anywhere you like. Even if there is a little worm it knows how to get out of the way of a big bull coming round. And if a bull sits somewhere, it's impossible to raise it. You try your level best.

There are some very drastic methods for that in India. You have to burn some red chillies and put the smoke in the nose of a bull like that. Then only the bull will rise. Otherwise, you try anything, it won't rise! It will be settling itself nicely on the ground.

So you come across `such bulls' also. Sometimes it happens like that. But, to make this Kundalini ---- which thinks, which understands, is the Individual Mother of an individual, which has been born with you all the time, who knows all about you and who loves you most, and She is the one who is going to give you the realization, your Second Birth, She is your Mother ---- this kind of Kundalini that exists within us must be the most difficult to raise!-- Has to be!--That's why 'people say' Kundalini raising is very difficult."

Lecture "The Meaning of Yoga", Dollis Hill Ashram, London (UK), 11 November 1979

Some people can be stubborn like a bull - 2
[When a bull won't get up in India, they put some red chillies at its nose to make the bull move. However, with regard to people desiring their spiritual birthright, some of these are so angry and adamant that they are more difficult to budge than a bull!]:

"Say your forefathers have given the key to a third person and the person comes and says that, "I've got the keys with me, you take it and use your own money." Will you get angry with that person for that? For nothing at all, for giving nothing, will you get angry?

But immediately they become like a bull. "Now we'll not have it." But why? "Please have and peruse it, please have it, enjoy it, it is your own, you have been desiring it, you have been wanting it, please have it." They'll say, "Why should we have it, who are you to give us the key?" I mean, "But I have it. What am I to do?" I'm imploring, "Please just have it!"

But they're adamant, just like bulls, you know. Bulls are easy – easier [than] people I tell you; bulls are much easier! If there is a bull like that in India, what we do [is] we take some red chillies, and put to the nose and it will get up!"

Public Program, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 14 June 1982

...So, they give very sour lemons, sour fruits
[Shri Mataji explains that like the horse that comes before the cart, diabetes comes before blood sugar problems arrive. Apparently, diabetes does not strictly come from eating sweet things, but comes from a psychosomatic 'stressful state' of thinking too much. There is a characteristic difference between the flow of contemplative thinking and the stuckness of egoic thinking, or thinking too much]:

"WR: There's also a belief that if you give children sweet foods, as a small baby and child, that it will grow up and have blood sugar problems. So they give very sour, sour lemons, sour fruits…

Shri Mataji: You see, I told you that – you see – that how blood sugar comes in because of diabetes; it isn't because of sugar. It comes only because of diabetes. Diabetes comes because of thinking too much.

If you make your child educated all the time – you want him to think and do this very well in the school at the age of five years, if you want him to do "O" levels, then what is it?

So, you see, you want to make the child into a competition. What is left over by [unclear]? Take it easy. Let the child study, as well as grow normally."

Advice to Sahaja Yogis in Lane Cove Park, Sydney (Australia), 19 March 1983

Two sides of the coin: 'Intelligence' and 'Thinking too much"
[Shri Mataji describes two sides of a coin; one is `intelligence' and the other is `thinking too much']:

"The other part is intelligence; it's the other part, is to think. Now if all the time what they are thinking, "Oh, my husband likes this, I must cook this for him," and now if the husband has to have a, say, a lemon with his food. Now there's no lemon in the house. This woman would run up and down all over the place to get the lemon for the husband, otherwise he will not eat the food. Doesn't matter, once in a while if he doesn't eat; it's alright.

But the women will try, because you see they must keep their; they understand one thing that you must keep their palate all right. Then they are quite sensible in India because, here, they're real tigers; all the husbands are like tigers. So, you have to keep them fed, otherwise you see, God knows when the tiger will jump on you!"

Makar Sankranti – Shri Surya Puja, India Tour, Bombay (India), 10 January 1988

The problems of the mentally ill

"Oh, I need all the sympathies of the world," and all that – some people are like that, "Oh, I was about to commit suicide …" Tell them to commit suicide immediately. Do not play into the sympathies of the people also, you see these are how the bhoots come in – "Oh, I am very sick you know, I deserve this, that… "All right, go to Mother; use photograph, do this, but we are not going to cure you, nothing doing."

Because if you start curing a person, you'll get sick yourself and you will have a problem for your Mother; it has happened with so many people. Recently there was a case, and a lady was trying to commit suicide. I told them, "You'd better tell to commit suicide," and she was shocked.

Because, you see, this is a very subtle thing that we want to be compassionate. Are you more compassionate than God is? Are you? You are not. Let it to happen through God; you just don't try to help a person to get cured; none of you should try. I will tell you when you have to do that, not now. Just now, you people do not try to cure people; if somebody wants cure, all right, you can vibrate the lemons and give them – that much you can do, you have that much power. You can vibrate the water and give, because you are Yogis, no doubt. But you do not personally touch that person. Please do not do that. You'll be affected, very badly affected: some of them are suffering from horrible diseases and, if these diseases go into you, you would not know how to control it. So please do not try to check them or do anything – give them a photograph if you want; they can use the photograph, ask them to sit in the water.

After using the photograph, tell them to keep the photographs to themselves: do not take it back. Be careful on this point so that they do not attack you; this is one way they attack you. Then, a person who is very hot-tempered, better recede from such a person because, if you try to argue with that person, you'll get the bhoots upon yourself.

If somebody is angry [and] you say, "You are heated." Finished; don't talk, just don't talk to that person, have nothing to do with them. Because you get the bhoots upon yourself, you see. You are not [to neutralize?] such a person, just get out of it.

Try to remember what I have said to you, that you are not to go on fighting or arguing with anyone whatsoever; if somebody is argumentative, let him be argumentative. Do not go and argue; you can tell me about it, I'll treat that person, alright.

You should not take things into your hands: God is operating His own Laws; you should not take His Laws into your hands and start operating."

Shri Krishna Puja, London (UK), 15 August 1981

People don't know what they are seeking
[Some seekers who do not know what they are seeking end up being overtaken by a cult/science of the dead]:

"What are we seeking? Whatever they promised, why should we go there? We should find out what the disciples are doing. Where are they? Most of them are recluses. Just go and see. They can't even see a garlic. If you show them a garlic or a lemon they will run away. Most of them are like that because of what he does; he puts some sort of a spirit on them. That's what is called as [unclear sounds like: "pretavidya"] we call it. It's the science of the dead and then they use those dead spirits on them and on one personality there are two or three spirits sitting, so such a person for the time being becomes over-active and then is lost completely.

It's a very interesting thing that people don't know what they are seeking."

Public Program, Christchurch (New Zealand), 26 February 1992

Shri Mataji worked on & advised people, individually - 1
[Shri Mataji worked on/advised people, individually, with regard to their imbalanced psychosomatic state]:

"Hah! She's alright. You are alright. May God bless you! Come. Now you grow up fast; you have to give realization! Hah! Alright, she's alright. You are alright. You come along now. You have been, all of you? Now, right: Heart, Right Swadisthan, Left Swadisthan, Heart; both sides Heart. [The] combination is funny – Left, Right Swadisthan and Heart; Center Heart now. [Marathi] Hah! Hold your breath. Do like that, do like that. Hah! Better? Better now. Now better. Better, but she has to work. Hallo! Work it out, because a funny combination: left Swadisthan, right Swadisthan, Heart, and Sahasrara. E-G-O. As simple as that.

Rub My foot, right? Still. Now, what you do is to put your right hand towards Me, left hand up. Let's see, one by one. Are you better now? Still the left is catching.

Why don't you both get some lemon and chillies? It would be a good idea.

What have you been doing? Have you been – I don't know what you have been doing. I just don't understand. You had right side, but this left you didn't have it, Left Nabhi….Very hectic liver, that way you're much better. Left Nabhi's alright, but left Swadisthana…. That is your psychology. Do you meditate?"

Shri Devi Puja. San Diego, California (USA), 31 May 1985

Shri Mataji worked on and advised people, individually - 2
[In relation to part 1 of 'Shri Mataji worked on and advised people, individually' - according to Shri Mataji, those who had been ministered to by Herself would immediately go to a second person and inappropriately say that, 'Mother says you have to do so-and-so'. Shri Mataji warns that people are not to pass on any such advice that was meant for them and not others!

It is also interesting that - 'using the above warning by Shri Mataji' inappropriately, the SYSSR has prevented Sahaja Yogis from using the words 'Mother says' in entirely appropriate circumstances, such as when directly or indirectly quoting Her. This is a great subterfuge, since those who have devised the SYSSR could not care less whether they follow Shri Mataji's advice or not.

Moreover, they have no wish to understand the following warning of Shri Mataji, as it goes against their devised SYSSR, which is entirely based upon such individual subtle system treatment advice by Shri Mataji!]:

"Like, I tell somebody that, you see, you have this problem. So that person immediately goes to the second person and says, "You see, Mother told me that you too have this problem, better look after it." I didn't tell that person; I told you! Keep it to yourself! So, `Mother says' is to be given up, absolutely! If Mother has to say, She'll say it. Why should you communicate; why should you say? I never asked you to say that."

Shri Guru Puja, Shudy Camp (UK), 12 July 1987

Eating things like lemons which emit the Ganesha principle & controlling one's eyes
[Shri Mataji states that, in a gross way, eating things which emit the Ganesha principle, like chickpeas (chana), hazelnuts and lemons, are very good for a person. But the highest of all is to control one's eyes]:

"And to understand also in a very gross way, we can say, to have Ganesha tattva (Principle) developed in you, you must eat things which are emitting Ganesha Principle. Like the chana, like, I have found out, the hazelnut. Then you can see that you should use a lot of these lemons, is a good idea. All these give you a good Ganesha Tattva. So all these things should be used, and there are many other things one can see that, which help you to develop your Ganesha Tattva.

But the highest of all is to control your eyes. Not to see anything that is tempting. So put your eyes on the ground. Just watch your eyes when another sex arrives, how do you look at that person, with greed, with lust? And if you understand that then you will start clearing your eyes very well. Another thing is physically you should try to do one or two exercises to be able to put yourself flat on the Mother Earth, because that helps. So before doing the meditation to Shri Ganesha, you must first do that exercise, to loosen the muscles so that you should touch the Mother Earth in a more flat way. It will help."

Shri Ganesha Puja. Tivoli (Italy) 11th September 1983

Appeasing people with subtle system and chakras knowledge
[Drawing people to Sahaja Yoga by appeasing them with a mere spread of subtle system and chakras knowledge - including talking to them about lemons and chillies - is not going to bring along the deep seekers of the truth, who will have the capability of entering into the kingdom of God. Rather, the full spread of the kingdom of God is needed to attract such people. Otherwise, Sahaja Yoga will be considered by them as a wishy-washy thing]:

"Those people who will be appeased by that will not be good Sahaja Yogis. They cannot come in the Kingdom of God. We don't have to be begging of them but we have to honor them, we have to respect them, we have to be kind to them. But we have to give them what we have. Like in the family you go, you get everything from the fridge and give it to them, they'll be very happy – take it whatever you like. What a spread. But if you put one little fish and two eggs for ten people with one chilli to say that it is Sahaja Yoga, maybe a lemon, they will think, "What's this going on here? Wishy-washy stuff."

English Seminar, Sheffield (UK), 21 September 1985

On false gurus being interested in naive seekers, with money
[According to Shri Mataji, false gurus are after spiritual seekers who are naïve, and have money. They are not interested in the poor or in helping those who know what these false gurus are up to]:

"Now, many of the gurus who come here – the so-called, these gurus – either work on this side or that side, or sometimes both sides. They use the spirits to mesmerize you, first of all; you are just mesmerized. They will use any spirit to introduce in this center, for example [HHSM indicates Agnya Chakra] – an Antichrist will touch this one. And I know of somebody who is here – an Antichrist, absolute Antichrist; he touches this center, and creates problems in you and produces within you a symptom just like blood cancer. There's another one who wants to teach you how to fly – he gives you epilepsy, simple thing like epilepsy. There is another one who gives you cancer; there's third one who gives you heart attack – they are experts on giving you diseases; all one better than the other and, in the long run, you find all your money is lost, you are lost, there's nothing left with you, you are a recluse. There's somebody who has made his disciples so funny that, they are even afraid of the vegetable, like a garlic – you show them the garlic, they'll run away. If you show them a lemon, they'll run away. So, these people have worked on you because you are naïve; first of all, you have money – they have no interest in the poor people of India, they have no interest in looking after people who understand them, they have only interest in you who are naïve, who are simple people, who have money and, best of all, you are that category which is the seekers."

Public Program Day 2. New York (USA), 21 September 1981

Shri Mataji gives some advice about heat and coolness for left and right-sided problems, including possessions
[Shri Mataji gives some advice about heat and coolness for left and right-sided problems, including possessions]:

Shri Mataji: "See, right side is heat, is Surya Nadi ('Surya' referring to 'Sun'). So, you have the problem of Surya Nadi – right side. So to neutralize it you have to use something else. So then, that time what you have to say, is to, you can say, you can take the name of Chandra (referring to 'Moon'). You'll cool down. If there is heat on the right hand side, you should take the name of Chandra. If it is the left side catching, then you have to take the name of Surya.

For example you are possessed, then go and sit in the sun. All the bhoots will run away. They run away from sun. But supposing you are egoistical person then go and sit in the moonlight. Then you'll be little lunatic. Comes from the word luna, you see? But if you are a crying type and all the time over-romantic, better not look at the moon and better see the sun. See the compensation?

This is absolutely understanding, that many people if they have liver [problem] they put this...What can the fire do now? There's already fire, here! Adding fire to the fire again, see? But, also what one can do is to take out this fire and give it to this one. Now, how do you do that?
Yogi: Lemon?

Shri Mataji: No, no. Two Fires. Supposing I want to treat my liver with fire. How do I do it?

Yogi: Put your finger actually to the flame so that it burns off.

Shri Mataji: No, No

Yogi: Take the mantra of …

Shri Mataji: That's correct but there's something, sometimes about it. Think it over. Think it over. You see, you have to take out your heat and give it to this heat. How do you do it? Think it over.

I'll tell you simple thing: this left hand is minus, this is plus. You can take like that, alright? So, whatever you do with left hand you suck in. Whatever you do with right hand, say, for example, you give out. Alright? So, now if you want to give out, what you do is to put left hand on your here and right hand also. So this is cooling it, here, actually, and the heat is going there.

But if you do the other way round, you are sucking heat. But for the left hand side you do it like this; just it will burn. Alright, then?

Now, if you burn here, is a good idea. Very good idea for left Nabhi, so the left Nabhi gets heated up. This side needs heat. This side needs cool. This is the basics. If something [is] wrong with this side you have to give it the cool. If something is wrong this side, you have to give it the heat. Some people get too much cool vibrations. They'll perspire and cool; means Left is finished."

Seminar in Old Arlesford 1980 (England), 17 May 1980

Using lemons to take care of demonic problems in ashram
[Shri Mataji talks to a yogi in an ashram, advocating the use of lemons to help take care of the demonic problems in this household]:

"Sorry, I couldn't talk to you much before, the time was spent more on correcting the problems of this household. This house has problems and I think that if you do a havan here, it would be a good idea. Also, if you can get some lemons for me which have not been cut or anything, then I'll just vibrate them and if you put them in four corners you might get a lemon tree that might protect you.

But now it's alright; it's much better. It's not so bad as it was before. You did a very good job yesterday, I must say, the way it was decorated."

Talk to yogi in ashram. Perth (Australia), 2 March 1985

Lemon treatment and shoe-beating advocated for nonsensical Sahaja Yogis
Yogis that are of a low level will lose their vibrations and become silent - and this is a silence that comes from the negative forces of the left side of the Agnya and gives ideas that are not one's own ideas. For such low-level yogis, Shri Mataji recommends lemon treatment and shoe-beating themselves.

However, for "real and very good citizens and with moral values", who have vibrations flowing, such treatments are not necessary, despite the fanatical SYSSR advocating this for not only ill, but healthy yogis. But then, the SYSSR doesn't make any sense anyway - not the way Shri Mataji always made sense!]:

"Firstly, you become real and very good citizens and with moral values, which are your foundation. You `yourself' judge. You are realized souls. I leave it to you to judge [yourself].

You will lose your vibrations; you become silent. Silence can be from other agencies. Negative forces from the left side of the Agnya are giving ideas. "You must have your own ideas!"… "I can't, I go on thinking!"… This nonsense goes on.

Just tell yourself, how dare you do all this nonsense of the left side? Those who are left-sided better go for lemon treatment and shoe-beating. Those who are right-sided better shoe-beat themselves 108 times. Get in the centre.

You should really love yourself, cleanse yourself, and be in the centre. Never be proud of your ego; beat yourself 108 times. You can be very high-handed and then you can have no embarrassment of what you are doing; you can be absolutely shameless!

But, you are a Sahaja Yogi; you should feel embarrassed about such things! There should be a little `sankoch'; there should be reservations about it. How can you say such a thing to someone? Why hurt anyone?

Agnya bloats more and more; so many are like that. I know where somebody tries to show off, tries to be a `Guru' and tries to push others down: "I know Sahaja Yoga; I am a great Sahaja Yogi". Then I make their "Ego-Horns" come out; you can feel it jutting out of your head. Push it down – this is the sticking-point. Though the balloon goes thin, it sticks on.

You are all Buddhas. `Buddha' is the one who is realized, the one who is enlightened; one who knows. You are the enlightened ones. How can you have ego?

Ego and super-ego are the greatest enemies. I have seen people who suffer from super-ego. You push it down and it goes to the ego."

Conversation, Chelsham Rd. Ashram, London (England), 24 May 1981
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