A blatant and celebrated corruption of a most sacred secret!

Dear all,

All i can say is that if you want to achieve Self-realization you will have to completely discard the SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion). You absolutely need no external ritual/innovation/image but only Silence on Self to attain this most important goal of life, a goal that many great philosophers, thinkers, sages, gurus, messengers and Holy Scriptures have collectively proclaimed:

Silence on Self (read it regularly till in Silence you realize your Self)

...... one that Shri Mataji spent more that 30 years doing so also.

The Self-realization that most SYs preach to/discuss with others is an insult to intelligence, and if you add all their catches and cleansing rituals .......... a blatant and celebrated corruption of a most sacred secret!

i give just the tip of this SYSSR iceberg - after decades Shri Mataji finally told SYs during the recent 2008 Guru Puja that realization of Self should not be from Her photograph! It was a statement that went against all that SYs had so religiously believed all their lives (and will still do despite Her saying otherwise). Few could believe their ears. Even less understood that Shri Mataji was in fact telling them to discard the most sacred cow of Sahaja Yoga - Her photograph!

Remember how WCASY members like Alan Wherry and Viktor Bondar, their henchmen John Noyce/Edward Saugstad, and other SYs went delirious with joy years ago when i insisted on this forum that we must not, and need not meditate on Her photograph for Self-realization (which was so conviniently interpreted by WCASY as going against Shri Mataji!!!)

"This is a forwarded message
From: Viktor Bondar
To: "Yura" < inspired@...>
Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2006 17:23:59 +0200
Subject: Fw: Hi Viktor

John Noyce of Australia has been keeping a close eye on the activities of the owner of www.adishakti.org, who used to be in SY but clearly isn't a Sahaja Yogi now, and is openly critical of all Sahaja leadership, including, at times Shri Mataji Herself.

He is somewhat eccentric and for example, advocates not using a photo of Mother when meditating, not footsoaking etc. The owner of this site, one Jagbir Singh of Canada is on a crusade to spread his own eccentric, supraconscious view of what Sahaja Yoga is, and where possible we should advise people not to go there - although of course, individuals are free to do what they like.

John tells me that the web site http://inspired.kiev.ua/about/ links to www.adishakti.org

Obviously, I don't know the owner of that web site, Yuriy Linnyk, whether he is Sahaj or not, but in the event that he is known to you, is it possible that you might prevail upon him to remove the link as it contains much erroneous and inaccurate information. Yuriy lists adishakti.org before the official Sahaj Yoga website.

Much love and best wishes

Jai Shri Mataji"

My comprehension of Self-realization was rejected as blasphemous and there was unrestrained joy in so many collectives worldwide over my unforgiveable error of judgment. There were collective celebrations because at last SY leaders had proof that this blasphemy reflected the supraconsious nonsense i have written of Kash, Arwinder and Lalita at www.adishakti.org (even though Shri Mataji had over the years always, and repeatedly, approved the evidence these three siblings had given to prove that She is that - the Adi Shakti).

As i said, this is just the tip of the SYSSR iceberg. You will know that there is much more nonsense than just giving self-realization to bicycles and cats, forbidding women from wearing trousers, engaging in matka marathons, or staying indoors for 24 hours to escape from the Doors of Hell that open every Diwali.

It insults my intelligence even to write this post because i have to tell so-called self-realized souls, already diseased by the SYSSR mindset, that until and unless they completely discard all their external rituals/innovations/images and learn how to maintain Silence on Self, they are far, far away from the goal of Self- realization. And i mean far, far, far away!

Yes, SYs are collectively engaged in a blatant and celebrated corruption of a most sacred secret! Modern seekers are just too savvy and well-informed to follow such fools. The Sahaja Yoga organization is reaping the harvest of their SYSSR, seeds of ritual and corruption so lovingly and collectively sowed many years ago.

It may be challenged that how can so many be misled for so long by so few. The answer is that if you are neither conscious nor conscientious of following the true teachings of Shri Mataji in all its entirety, you will follow those who have corrupted it. It is as simple as that!

regards to all,


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