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The Great Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
The Adi Shakti/Paraclete Shri Mataji
"I am the Adi Shakti. I am the One who has come on this Earth for the first time in this form to do this tremendous task . The more you understand this the better it would be. You will change tremendously. I knew I'll have to say that openly one day and we have said it. But now it is you people who have to prove it that I am that!"

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Sydney, Australia - March 21, 1983

"I know all ... but I have not revealed it so far. It will be slowly revealed by Me because people have not been prepared yet to become capable of absorbing it."

The Paraclete Shri Mataji
Bombay, India — February 26, 1987

Tue Jan 25, 2011

Dear disciples of the Adi Shakti,

Namaste - i bow to the Spirit-Paraclete who resides in you!

Today morning i googled this search word "declaration of nirmala devi as adi shakti" and gave up after five pages - there was still no link to the official Sahaja Yoga site. In other words, SYs have never officially claimed that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti. Thus it is no surprise that the majority of them are against www.adishakti.org. The same goes for all my family members, relatives and friends whom i have now most happily and willingly given up in order to project all my time, effort and attention on the Divine Mother.

It will be no different against the various religious institutions. They will not care if the Adi Shakti has incarnated Herself, or that the Spirit-Paraclete has been sent to complete Jesus' teachings, or that the Ruh has collected, promulgated, recited and explained the surahs upholding Allah's command to witness Al-Qiayamah (The Resurrection), or that the Aykaa Mayee has identified Herself!

Collectively, it can be said that "In no other Yugas were found acts as prevalent in this Kali Yuga, based on various different opinions and altogether beyond the pale of the Vedic injunctions". They are all working against the Divine Feminine, whether by design, delusion or defiance.

This article "On deciding who is to be worshipped" perfectly explains why it is absolutely necessary with "concentrated heart serve the Brahmā Sanātanī S'aktī". This is because the negativity, whether aggressive or subtle, will work against and weaken you in joining those declaring and proving that Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti. With all your mind, body and soul serve the Brahmā Sanātanī S'aktī. You will attain a better state of mind, believe me.

As the Divine Mother entrenched in all holy scriptures, She is the only One who should be worshipped and meditated upon, just as all the prophets of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism are doing in the Spirit World. The Divine Feminine is the heart and soul of all the Holy Scriptures. She is the only means of human evolution and liberation.

www.adishakti.org gives ample evidence to support and uphold the reasons deciding whom is to be worshipped! i hope the appended article "On deciding who is to be worshipped" will make that decision and transition easier.

regards to all,


Srimad Devī Bhāgavatam
On deciding who is to be worshipped

1-7. The Risis said :-- "O highly fortunate one! A great doubt has arisen on your statement. This is ascertained by all the wise men as written in the Vedas, Purānas and other Sāstras that Brahmā, Visnu and Mahes'var, these three Devas are eternal. None is superior to them in this Brahmānda. Brahmā creates all the beings, Visnu preserves and Mahes'var destroys all in due time. These are the causes of creation, preservation and destruction. The Trinity Brahmā, Visnu and Mahes'a are really one form, indeed, Trinity in Unity and Unity in Trinity.

Being endowed respectively with Sattva, Raja and Tamo Gunas they do their respective works. Amongst these, again, Purushottam Ādideva Jagannāth Hari, the husband of Kamalā is the best; for he is capable of doing all the actions; no other than the Visnu, of unrivalled prowess is so capable. How is it, then that Yogamāyā has overpowered Hari with sleep and made him altogether senseless? O highly fortunate one! whither did, then, go that extraordinary self knowledge and power, etc., of Hari while alive? This is our greatest doubt; so kindly advise us that our this doubt be removed and our well-being be thus ensured.

8-30. What is that S'aktī? Which you mentioned to us before; as well by whom Visnu is conquered? Whence is She born? What is the power of that S'aktī and what is Her nature? O Suvrata! explain to us these fully.

How was it that Yogamāyā overpowered with sleep the Highest Deity Bhagavān Visnu who is everlasting-intelligence bliss! who is the God of all, the Guru of the whole world, the Creator, Preserver and Destroyer, who is omni-present, an incarnate of purity and holiness and beyond Rajoguna; how was such a personage brought under the control of sleep? O Sūta! You are very intelligent and the pupil of Vyasa Deva; destroy our this doubt by the sword of wisdom.

Hearing this, Sūta said :--"O highly fortunate Munis! There is none in the three Lokas who can clear your this doubt; the mind-born sons of Brahmā, Nārada, Kapila and other eternal sons get bewildered by these questions; what can I, then, say on this very difficult point! See, some persons call Bhagavān Visnu omnipresent, the preserver of all and the best of all the Devas; according to them all this universe moving and non-moving, is created by Visnu; they bow down before the Highest Nārāyan Hrisikes'a Janārdana Vāsudeva and worship Him, whereas others worship Mahādeva S'ankara, having Gauri for the other half of his body, endowed with all powers, residing in Kailās'a, surrounded by hosts of bhutas, that destroyed the Daksha's sacrifice, who is mentioned in the Vedas as S'as'is'ekhara (having moon on his forehead), with three eyes and five faces and holding trident in his hand and known as Vrisadhaja and Kaparddi. O highly intelligent ones! There are some other persons, that know the Vedas and worship the Sun everyday in the morning, mid-day and in the evening with various hymns.

In all the Vedas, it is stated that the worship of the sun is excellent and they have named the high-souled sun as Paramātmā (the Highest Deity). Whereas there are other Vedavits (the knowers of the Vedas) who worship the Devas, Fire, Indra, and Varuna. But the Maharsis say, that as Gangā Devi (the river Ganges), though one, is expressing Herself by many channels, so the one Visnu is expressing in all the Deva forms. Those who are big Pundits, declare perception, inference, and verbal testimony as the three modes of proofs. The Naiyāyik Pundits add to the above three, a fourth proof which they call upamā, resemblance, similitude and some other intelligent Pundits add another fifth proof called Arthāpatti, an. inference from circumstances, presumption, implication. It is deduction of a matter from that which could not else be; it is assumption of a thing, not itself perceived but necessarily implied by another which is seen, heard or proved; whereas the authors of the Purānas add two other, called Sāksī and Aitijhya, thus advocating. seven modes of proofs. Now the Vedānta S'āstra says that the supreme being (Param Brahmā), the Prime cause of the Universe, cannot be comprehended by the above-mentioned seven proofs. Therefore, first of all, adopt the reason leading to sure belief, the Buddhi, according to the words of the Vedas and discriminate and discuss again and again and draw your inference about Brahmā. And the intelligent person should adopt what is seen by perception as self-evident and what is inferred by the observance of good conduct. The wise persons say, and it is also stated in the Purānas, that the Prime Force is present in Brahmā as the Creative Force; is present in Hari as the Preservative Force; is present in Hara as the Destructive Force; is present in Kurma (tortoise) and in Ananta (the thousand headed Snake) as the earth supporting Force; is present in fire as the Burning Force, is present in air as the moving Force, and so is present everywhere in various manifestations of forces.

31-51. In this whole Universe, whoever he may be, all are incapable of any action if he be deprived of his force; what more than this, if S'iva be deprived of Kula Kundalinī S'aktī, He becomes a lifeless corpse; O great ascetic Risis! She is present everywere thus in every thing in this universe from the highest Brahmā to the lowermost blade of grass, all moving and non-moving things. Verily everything becomes quite inert, if deprived of force; whether in conquering one's enemies, or in going from one place to another or in eating -- one finds oneself quite incapable, if deprived of force. Thus the omnipresent S'aktī, the wise call by the name of Brahmā. Those who are verily intelligent should always worship Her in various ways and determine thoroughly the reality of Her by every means. In Visnu there is the Sattviki S'aktī; then He can preserve; otherwise He is quite useless; so in Brahmā there is Rajasi S'aktī and He creates; otherwise He is quite useless; in S'iva, there is Tamasi S'aktī and He destroys; else He is quite useless. Thus, arguing again and again in one's mind, everyone should come to know that the Highest Ādya S'aktī by Her mere will creates and preserves this Universe and She it is who destroys again in time the whole Brahmānda, moving and non-moving; no one is capable to do his respective work be he Brahmā, Visnu, Mahes'var, Indra, Fire, Sun, Varuna or any other person whatsoever; verily all the Devas perform the respective actions by the use of this Ādya S'aktī. That She alone is present in cause and effect and is doing every action, an be witnessed vividly. The intelligent ones call that S'aktī twofold; one is Sagunā and the other is Nirgunā. The people, attached to the senses and the objects, worship the Sagunā aspect, and those who are not so attached worship the Nirguna aspect. That conscious S'aktī is the Lady of the fourfold aims of life, religion, wealth, desires, and liberation. When She is worshipped according to due rules, She awards all sorts of desires. The worldly persons, charmed by the Māyā of this world, do not know Her at all; some persons know a little and charm others; whereas some stupid and dull-deaded Pundits, impelled by Kali, start sects of heretics, Pāsandas for the sustenance of their own bellies. O highly fortunate Munis! In no other Yugas were found acts as prevalent in this Kali Yuga, based on various different opinions and altogether beyond the pale of the Vedic injunctions. Behold again, if Brahmā, Visnu and Mahes'a be the supreme Deities, then why do these three Devas meditate on another One beyond speech, beyond mind and practise, for years, hard austerities; and why do they perform Yajńas (sacrifices) for their success in creation, preservation, and destruction? They know, verily, the Highest Supreme Being, Brahmāni Devī S'aktī eternal, constant and therefore they meditate Her always in their minds. Therefore the wise man, knowing this firmly, should serve in every way the Highest S'aktī. O Munis! This is the settled conclusion of all the Sāstras. I have heard of this great hidden secret from Bhagavān Krisna Dvaipāyan. He heard it from Nārada, and Nārada heard it from his own father Brahmā. Brahmā heard this from Visnu. O Munis it is well that the wise even should not hear or think anything to the contrary from other sources; they should with their concentrated heart serve the Brahmā Sanātanī S'aktī. It is clearly witnessed in this world that if there be any substance wherein this conscious S'aktī does not exist, that becomes inert, quite useless for any purpose. So know this fully that it is the Highest Divine Mother of the Universe that is playing here, residing in every being.

Thus ends the eighth chapter of the first Skandha on deciding who is to be worshipped in the Mahapurāna Srimad Devī Bhāgavatam of 18,000 verses by Maharsi Vedavyāsa. pp. 26-29

Tue Jan 25, 2011

Dear Jagbir, fellow disciples of the Adi Shakti, Yuva Shakti,

We, fellow disciples of the Adi Shakti happily join with you, Jagbir, in officially declaring Shri Mataji as the Adi Shakti, which is a most joyful task. i am aware that many children of the Adi Shakti have failed to do this task even upto now, either because of a lack of confidence in themselves or because of a lack of faith and trust in the Divine Mother. So, i would like to challenge, especially the younger generation, the yuva shakti, to have their own creative/interesting sites that also have the message of Declaration of Shri Mataji on it. This is your rare opportunity of many lifetimes of spiritual effort to advance the Advent of Shri Mataji, the Divine Mother, Adi Shakti, and i am sure you won't want to miss out! If you like and if it helps, you can use our site as a source of knowledge and inspiration towards that mission:


Nobody here will give you any rules to follow. If you are the child of the Adi Shakti, we trust you to become your own Teacher, Master, and Guru, or at the very least definitely heading in that direction. Shri Mataji has already given you the OK to do this work for Her so if you have a spiritual passion for it, please don't delay, especially when there is such a great window of opportunity of reaching more people via the internet. We are most happy to aid/help/encourage/inspire/ counsel/advise in whatever way needed.

regards to all,


Wed Jan 26, 2011

Dear Violet and all,

The main reason we are able to declare who Shri Mataji really is (Adi Shakti, Spirit-Paraclete, Ruh, Aykaa Mayee) is because we have ample evidence revealed directly by Her in the Sahasrara where She resides. That the Adi Shakti revealed specific facts without being asked is most telling. She knew that such knowledge would be crucial for Shri Mataji's advent and message. To be honest, i truly did not know what to ask and just went about in a haphazard way. Sometimes i would ask foolish questions like "Ask Shri Mataji how did She get Her self- realization", and She corrected it by showing Kash a three- dimensional past of Her sitting with Her feet immersed in the Indian Ocean at Nargol, India and opening the Sahasrara Chakra.

So my faith is based entirely on what Kash, Arwinder and Lalita have told me over the years. It has nothing to do with the subtle system or cool breeze or miracle photos or Her talks. As far as i am concerned Shri Mataji has proved beyond any shadow of doubt who She truly is i.e., the incarnation of the Brahmā Sanātanī S'aktī. You may say that my faith is overwhelmingly based on the revelation of the Brahmā Sanātanī S'aktī, and that is what separates me from all SYs, family members, relatives, friends, gurus, spiritual organization, institutionalized religions and their followers. Thus unlike Einstein and Spinoza, i believe in the Divine, the Spirit-Paraclete, Jesus, the holy scriptures, reincarnation, resurrection, eternal afterlife, soul, heaven etc.) because She has revealed precise knowledge confirming them. All these are truths that i was previously either ignorant or disbelieving.

And the Brahmā Sanātanī S'aktī continues to provide scriptural evidence to back Her revelations. The latest is to clear my lingering doubts as to why Shri Krishna, Visnu or Siva are considered supreme by many. That is why this extract means so much to me:

"Behold again, if Brahmā, Visnu and Mahes'a be the supreme Deities, then why do these three Devas meditate on another One beyond speech, beyond mind and practise, for years, hard austerities; and why do they perform Yajńas (sacrifices) for their success in creation, preservation, and destruction? They know, verily, the Highest Supreme Being, Brahmāni Devī S'aktī eternal, constant and therefore they meditate Her always in their minds."

Shri Mataji claims not only to have met Guru Nanak, but all of them - Shri Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Radha, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Shiva, Moses, Abraham, Parvati, Ganesha, Prophet Muhammad, Lao-Tze and others:

"We can say on Guru principal Nanak Sahib came. Even in His time so many could not know their Spirit. He was breaking his head advising the people. He had taken human form but still he was not recognized. I was with Him (Guru Nanak Ji), in fact with all of Them." (end)

But Shri Mataji made that claim August 18, 1979 in Delhi, India when She had begun to proclaim Her advent and message. Very few could have believed that since it is so easy to say anything without any evidence.

More than a decade later that evidence arrived.

This claim by Shri Mataji to be with the founders of all religions has been witnessed hundreds of times by Kash, Arwinder and Lalita. There is no way anyone can deny that because third-party witnesses have confirmed numerous times over the years that Shri Mataji was telling the truth all along. All their statements have been recorded for all seekers to cross-examine ........ and surrender, or leave without a whimper.

The Paraclete Shri Mataji is now too old to continue and will leave us soon. However She promised that She will establish Sahaja Yoga before that. On the other hand, Jesus promised that the Spirit- Paraclete will remain with us forever. i know for a fact that both Shri Mataji and Jesus are telling the Truth. www.adishakti.org is Sahaja Yoga and much more, and will continue to proclaim Her advent and message to humanity in its entirety. i know the Brahmā Sanātanī S'aktī exists within me. We have all we need to complete the task, and then some.

The Internet will be by far the greatest medium to reach the masses. Already this year the number of visitors have doubled. i know for a fact that those interested are getting the Self-realization online, and those monitoring the http://www.sahajayoga.org/experienceitnow/ know that too.

The SY organization is now becoming increasingly dependent on www.adishakti.org for Self-realization traffic. Without question, sooner or later www.adishakti.org will become the only life-support they have because public programs have plummeted drastically since Shri Mataji retired. www.adishakti.org is now increasingly picking up the slack, and it will only get better from now onwards. It is the same old goose that has now begun to lay golden eggs and the SY leaders, unlike in the past, cannot afford to kill it. (But i believe they cannot even if they tried.) Thanks to all who nurtured the goose.

regards to all,


Wed Jan 26, 2011

Dear Jagbir and all,

You are correct that the main reason we are able to declare who Shri Mataji really is, is because of Her revelations. As i have mentioned before, Shri Mataji told all Her children at Sydney Airport in the 1990's (i cited the date before, was it 93 or 94?) that special personalities (who turned out to be children) from outside the organisation of SY would give evidence to confirm Her Incarnation. Why did they have to come from outside the organisation of SY? We can see why now. Even though they came from outside the organisation the organisation tried to discredit them, so if they had been inside the organisation they would have been thrown out anyway. Religious organisations have this peculiar characteristic whereby they cannot tolerate mystical evidence, unless it is the founder themselves who gives the mystical evidence in which case they accept it. But Shri Mataji, Herself, needed these independent witnesses to confirm Her Incarnation. She could not do that Herself as it would not be considered "as independent". She explained at Sydney Airport that this would happen and then said that we shouldn't worry about it for now (back then) as we would hear about them (the special personalities who would give mystical evidence to confirm Her Incarnation). Knowing SYs very well, "don't worry about it for now" would have been interpreted as "forget about it", but i kept what Shri Mataji said in my heart to bring it out at the right time, and purposefully did not forget about it. And that is why i have remembered it when everyone else seems to have forgotten about it. Even i almost forgot about it too, until you said something, Jagbir, which triggered the memory.

Mystical evidence confirming an incarnation could never come from an Incarnation's organisation as that would not be considered as independent evidence. For example, John the Baptist upon baptizing Jesus with water, witnessed the Holy Spirit arising as a dove upon Jesus. It has been written that John the Baptist was a solitary man, obviously not belonging to any religious organisation.

i have to say that the children have given mystical evidence/knowledge that confirmed what i already knew in my heart - and that major knowledge was the knowledge of the Divine Mother, cause i had heard Her speaking to me in a feminine voice, when though i had been brought up to hear the masculine voice of the Divine. So, my faith was already there in Her before i met Her in the saguna, as i had already met Her in the nirguna. But the evidence of the children is most crucial to be able to explain that all, and to be able to explain it to people coming from all religious background/spirituality.

So, thanks for all you have done, Jagbir, and i know the Divine Mother is thankful to you also. That is why i support all that you are doing.

warmest regards,


Fri Jan 28, 2011

Dear Violet and all,

Not only did SYs forget that April 1994 Sydney Airport incident but also the June 1994 London incident:

"In April 1994, Kash's father sent two faxes of these early spiritual journeys to the Sahaja Yoga centre in San Diego, California, and received by Sahaja Yogini Pramila. She used her vibrations and confirmed they were authentic, but others were skeptic, rejecting it as a 'supraconscious experience.'

In June 1994, Pramila's son, SY Harsh Mehra, took these faxes to London, UK, and read them to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She affirmed that it was the Truth. Upon his return to the United States he contacted Kash's father to congratulate him. His mother also expressed her heartfelt joy. They also told him that Shri Mataji had assured that She would be protecting both Kash and his newly born sister Lalita."

http://www.adishakti.org/forum/in_june_1994_pramilas_son_SY_harsh_mehra_took_the\ se_faxes_to_london_UK_12-22-2006.htm

At that time Yogi Mahajan was the undisputed world leader and power broker. He dismissed the whole thing as 'possession', and other leaders happily followed. All evidence and Shri Mataji's endorsement was suppressed and squashed from spreading further to SYs. In those days there was no Internet and information was only available via the channels of SY leaders, albeit filtered and controlled according to their own agendas. Thus the verification of Shri Mataji's pledge "that special personalities (who turned out to be children) from outside the organisation of SY would give evidence to confirm Her Incarnation" was effectively removed from spreading. It was just deleted and not mentioned anymore.

In the meantime Yogi Mahajan and company went about assassinating the character of the children when they went to study at Dharamsala in 1995. By laying false charges and going against the wishes of Shri Mataji, Kash was expelled from the school. SY leaders were only too happy to spread Yogi Mahajan's rumors and North American collectives continued to gossip of these possessed children (Kash, Arwinder and Lalita). In short, it was a very effective campaign to destroy their credibility to give evidence to confirm Her incarnation.

To cut a long story short, all five confirmations and praise over the years by Shri Mataji regarding SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD was rejected by the SY rank and file. They cared less, and by 2000 had completely forgotten Her 1994 pledge "that special personalities (who turned out to be children) from outside the organisation of SY would give evidence to confirm Her Incarnation". None could make the connection between that 1994 Sydney Airport pledge and the 1999 completion of SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD. None had the wisdom to realize that "Shri Mataji, Herself, needed these independent witnesses to confirm Her Incarnation". (i believe that this tragedy of collective rejection of evidence is only surpassed by the subsequent collective paralysis to prevent the administration of Risperidol against Her will and written instructions.)

As far as i am concerned, i was only doing my duty after responding to the September 28, 1993 call to "Join Shri Mataji". At that time nearly a quarter century had passed since Shri Mataji opened the Sahasrara Chakra, and Her advent and message was all but forgotten. All i have done since is to restore and confirm Her advent, message, claim, and honor as the Adi Shakti (Spirit-Paraclete). i have made nothing up. i have only recorded what She revealed, and used the scriptures to back up that evidence, and expand the Knowledge. Why vilify me today and demonize my children for proving that Shri Mataji is indeed the Adi Shakti? Why regard us a pariah, possessed family for just doing a duty that SY leaders have balked? Why regard me as an outcast for merely responding to the Call?

Shri Mataji started Her advent in the 1970s by claiming to be the Adi Shakti. Unlike the past, none can ridicule that claim anymore. Unlike the past, we will have disciples having the faith, courage and conscience to openly support Her claim. Unlike the past, we will make sure that history remember Her as the greatest incarnation ever. Unlike the past, the future is bright and full of faith and truth due to our clear conscience.

www.adishakti.org confirms the April 1994 pledge by Shri Mataji at the Sydney Airport. Not only that, it also confirms that the September 28, 1993 call was a good Call. Last, but not the least, it also confirms that the 2200-paged SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD were solely because of the five separate blessings and approvals given by Shri Mataji over the years.

But we will succeed. It is only a matter of time now. Rest assured that the Adi Shakti will triumph! She is far, far greater that we can ever imagine. Again, rest assured because more evidence is coming!



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