A coup d'etat was carried out by 22 ex-world council members

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Part 1

As "national" meetings are taking place here and there, serious events which have recently taken place in the world of Sahaja Yoga should be brought to the attention of all. The information must come from the base, since "leaders and coordinators" are all but transparent about what they do.

By maintaining collectives in ignorance, they implicitly force them in the role of passive accomplices.

Sahaja Yogis should not be satisfied with what leaders choose to tell or not to tell them, because each and everyone of us is responsible for the decisions that are made, and for the manner Our Mother and Her family are treated and respected. We have the leaders that we deserve. Not asking for account, not asking for transparency, blindly accepting anything from them is not helping them. The old bhoots of theocracy are hovering over the baby. Indeed, a growing number of yogis are concerned with the emerging tendency among the leadership to favor certain cliques, to censor other yogis' initiatives, to impose a unique and standard way of spreading Sahaja Yoga, to maintain the financial aspect very hermetic, by foolishly spending the money without consulting the collective and jeopardizing the budget stability for years to come. We do not fare any better than the secular world. Mother always said that the world will be okay when Sahaja Yoga is okay. We have to work for it. Sahaja Yoga must pave the way for the new world.

A coup d etat was carried out by 22 ex-world council members (who happen to also be national leaders) against Shri Adi Shakti.

Attached is a copy (1) of their "confidential" report to Shri Mataji and Her family. This "drama" is clearly exposing them. See their names and check their vibrations.

Also attached some of the letters (2,3,4,5,6) they dare send to Sir CP.

After being literally spoon-fed by Shri Mataji Herself for almost forty years, now they rise up against Her. How can their level of awareness be so low, their desires be so gross, and their ego so much out of control?

Fortunately some other ex-world council members have the wisdom to abide by Mother's decision and humbly bow to Her majestic choice. See letters from Italy, Belgium and Italy attached (7,8,9). It is interesting to see that these 22 fellows want to remain "confidential" when others comply in an open way.

It seems that the source of the dispute is:

... copyrights. Intellectual property held back in the US against Shri Mataji's desire... ( US: the great specialists of copyrights in the world, soon they will patent the air we breathe).

There is much at stake there, all the legacy of Mother in their hands...


Of course in their logic of ego/rationalizing, now that you know, they will give a beautiful explanation to justify their attacks. Don't be fooled by them, be in a proper shape and judge on the vibrations. Of course, it might be tempting to cool all this matter down with our favorite mantra in Sahaja Yoga: "Everything will work out". It will not work out without us. It is time to reassess our pure desire. If we have no pure desire, God has no desire for us.

Part 2

"Who is not with me is against me..."

WILL YOU STAND WITH MOTHER, against these usurpers who have bothered Her too long with their hellish vibrations?

or will you be part of a further historic (attempted) suppression of the Eternal Feminine?

In their report, they say they checked the vibrations to come to their conclusions. When their personal vibrations are so bad, one may wonder how they can feel vibrations and get them right.

Moreover, they quote Mother's talk on Guru Puja 2008. I have checked it several times, nowhere do I see that Mother gave the leaders powers whatsoever?

On the contrary, Shri Mataji clearly invited all the yogis to BECOME gurus and freely spread Her message. She stressed this point several times. Actually we do not need a big organization. The maximum we need is some appointed people with an executive function to run papers, etc... -- what the leaders were always meant to be --. Sahaja Yoga is a living process, we only need to mobilize in small groups and spread, create new Sahaj families everywhere. It is easy, flexible, light, spontaneous. SAHAJ. This is the Nirmal vision. Some countries have achieved it, they fought for it, we all have to fight for it. Freedom has a price.

These false leaders are perfect examples of the failure of big organizations, World Council and others. They and we (if we let them do) are the big threats to the spreading of Sahaja Yoga. Why look for reasons outside and invent artificial ways (when the solution is within us). Mother gave us the way. How can we find any better one? We need to be deep, real, not preachers who just talk. What did they produce anyway? How did they contribute to the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga for the betterment of the world? They do not convey the yogic values. They are not good for any national, regional or local council. They MUST LEAVE, get a chance to meditate properly and cleanse themselves, maybe their ego will go down and their senses will get back in a proper shape.

Mother is watching the play. She has always known that WE need no politicians, no CEOs, no bishops and priests, in the living loving world whose advent She is working for.


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