A true horror story: You will never attain that even if you spend an entire lifetime in Sahaja Yoga.

March 29, 2011
Dear disciples of the Spirit-Paraclete,

Namaste - i bow to Shri Mataji who resides in you!

The dawn of the Age of the Spirit-Paraclete has begun. There is now ample, overwhelming evidence that the SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion) makes normal human behave in strange and bizarre ways. Yes, i have heard of how helpful, honest, sweet, sharing, loving SYs are. i don't doubt that.

But what is the point when they are also conditioned to the point of absurdity in keeping chakras from 'catching'? This collective conditioning is one of constant fear and guilt, a daily cleansing vigilance that keeps them addicted to all sorts of rituals. No sane person would want the company of SYs fearing a world full of negativity that can arise from practically any type of normal human activity. (The list is just too long.)

The comments of SYs/ex-SY characters over the last few weeks are evidence that this SYSSR disease is endemic in SY collectives. These are strange people who do not behave and think rationally anymore. You just cannot reason or have a normal discussion with them because everything is somehow related to the subtle system: themselves, social behavior, defects of fellow SYs, their health or lack of it, diet, country, people, projects, pets, children, weather, natural disasters, success, failure, divorce etc. Again, everything is somehow related to the subtle system, and i had seven years of this torture and humiliating stories to tell. So i know what i am talking about.

There have been thousands of horror stories over the decades; stories that have, and will continue to scare seekers from joining the SY organization. i will just quote one recent story:

Yogini Kumar
Mon Sep 6, 2010

"I was a member of SY for well over a decade. I too married in the group and sent one of my children to the school. My marriage was abusive in every way (physically, emotionally, mentally) and when I separated, I was told to leave the group. I was alone with my children and I had no help from anyone. The fact that I was told to leave was actually a blessing. I discovered ME away from all that. I began to see the fear factors and conditionings. That even though SY had helped me get over a depression at first and made me feel many great things, still it created more fears and more "rules" about how to lead my life.

I believe that there are PLENTY of paths for everyone and that is individual. A group can never be as collective as it thinks it is-- why exclude the rest of the world? (yes everyone is welcome, but why judge them if they are not IN SY). I sure met many wonderful people but they too suffer in life just like everyone else- except most hide it. SY is still in the bad/good duality..good vibrations means good and bad vibrations means bad...so judge everything and everyone accordingly...where is the humanity? And can you all see that you are living in fear of negativity? therefore closing your own hearts? Have you not noticed that everyone else is preaching that their religion is the ONE and only? and isn't this from the fear of the ego of being wrong? I had to face so many such conditionings and fears that I allowed the group to place in me---yes I allowed it and I am not blaming. We are meant to unlearn but we learn a whole lot of stuff that is just blocking our hearts. I found that there is a lot of power struggles within the members which manifest outside of the group--- why on earth should we let anyone dictate our life? how to live, whom to marry (we are not forced marry in SY, but we are not accepted as fully yogies if we don't)...who is living my life? I thought it was me. I should be responsible for my growth, for my behaviours, my thoughts and my deconditioning. I don't need anyone else to do that for me. I noticed that Syogies just did treatments and treatments no end to get rid of their negativities---- nothing -- NOTHING can change your energy if you don't change!!! and if you fear negativity itself--forget it! I too feared others because of their "negativity" but this fear, how can it unify me with everything else? If I am fully realized soul then I see the world as not apart from myself...I am one with it but if I fear everything I see; then that means I am seeing everything as separate--which would mean I am just living spirituality by the ego aspect of my mind. Yes--the ego can pose as the spirit too."

Yogini Kumar left this SY group and slowly healed herself back to health. Eventually she realized that spiritual growth was faster and better on her own, and healthier too:

Yogini Kumar
Fri Sep 10, 2010

"I know what you are saying Christopher. I don't think phobias of any kind are healthy. We all need to accept that everyone is living and growing in different ways and even if we all followed the same thing (actually we do...our inner self), it would still be unique. There is a reason for everything and as long as we are brave enough to face ourselves, we will find that underneath it all we are truly one after all. I too do things like foot soaking. I find it very relaxing before going to bed. I connect within myself, so even if I were to light a candle (I rarely do), I don't focus on the candle but only within myself. ALL is within. I am glad to be away from the group for the same reasons..the politics and the gossips..the lack of compassion. I also know that I grow faster when I take full responsibility for my reactions, my emotions and my growth in general. I have no one to blame...it is just between me and ME (higher self)" (end)

Outside of these groups, no one in the general population gets infected. Normal people do not get 'sick' till they join Sahaja Yoga. Why would any person want to subject their family, relatives and friends to this chronic 'sickness'? (i keep warning seekers to stay away from SY collectives and meditate on their own.) Why should any seeker undergo this ordeal of bizarre behaviour of ceaseless cleansing of chakras? Why choose a life condemned to daily ritual and guilt of negativity that leaves no peace of mind and time to pursue the "calling to discover what is deepest in the human soul in order to find God in the midst of life"? What has all this 'SYSSR insanity' got to do with Shri Mataji's advent and teachings? Do SYs understand the magnitude of the corruption and deception carried out in the name of Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga? Does any SY really care? Perhaps i should first ask: "Do they even understand what i am talking about?"

However, that is not the scary part. What increasingly troubles me since Shri Mataji's Mahasamadhi is the indifference shown by Her SYSSR disciples to Jesus Christ. The scary part is that they will not make it. i do not see any reason or hope they will. Those reasons will be discussed another day as just getting this post done has taken a bit of a toll on me i.e., confirming the frightening part in relation to Shri Mataji's advent, message, and eschatological instruction. Their past has almost sealed their fate. Almost, because there is still the slim hope in the future.

i am not trying to scare SYs. The facts speak for themselves. Shri Mataji's divine eschatological instructions have been corrupted beyond recognition, and replaced by the SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion). Those who leave SY will give details of their abuse, ordeal or misgivings. None till date has talked about the Paraclete, Jesus, Last Judgment, Resurrection or anything related to Her divine eschatological instruction. i have heard nothing from anyone for the last 17 years, and i am talking about tens of thousands. It has always been the subtle system, chakras, kundalini, catches, negativity, mantras, footsoaking, and treatments, treatments and more treatments.

Yogini Kumar, despite being a highly educated professional who spent more than a decade in Sahaja Yoga, never realized its heart and soul. When intelligent and highly educated people cannot grasp the advent and message of Shri Mataji after so many years, how can others?

And despite her ordeal and exit from Sahaja Yoga she still continues foot- soaking. Yogini Kumar may never rid herself of the SYSSR disease.

The greater tragedy and misfortune is that she never gained the grace of the Spirit-Paraclete who would have remained within to comfort her for ever. You will never attain that even if you spend an entire lifetime in Sahaja Yoga. It is always a daily regimen of treatments to rid oneself of endless negativity. It is a life of daily cleansing rituals. It is living in the fear and guilt, from one's own self and others too. It is a slow and steady decline into a lifetime of rules, rituals and conditioning that robs the mind, body and soul of the nourishing Spirit. That is a true horror story. That is Sahaja Yoga, a spiritual wasteland for fools.

Flee from Sahaja Yoga before it robs you of the grace, guidance and comfort of the Spirit-Paraclete. Just flee and seek Her presence within! The Spirit-Paraclete is "the calling to discover what is deepest in the human soul in order to find God in the midst of life." It is the only chance you have. It is a most priceless treasure, a blessing beyond words. Embrace Her with all your mind, body and soul! And please spread this Good News of the Paraclete to all. Thanks.

regards to all,


God's Indwelling Presence: The Holy Spirit in the Old and New Testaments
"Jesus tells the disciples in John 14:15-17 that the Spirit will be given to those who love Him. Their ability to love Jesus comes from the enabling new birth by the Spirit (John 3:3-8). This regeneration then manifests itself in love for Jesus, which results in obedience. Thus, John 14:15-17 fits with John 7:39, where those who have believed (i.e., those who have been born again) are described as those who are about to receive the Spirit. The purpose of the Father's gift of the Paraclete is "that [the Spirit] might be with you forever" (14:16). The reason for the Paraclete's coming is that they might continue to enjoy God's presence forever. As Barret correctly concludes, "The Spirit is given in order that the divine presence may be with the disciples continually ..." Jesus is giving His disciples reason to trust Him (14:1) and so tells them that they will continue to experience God's presence (14:15-17, 20-23).

The identity of "another Paraclete" (allon parakleton) in v. 16 is given by the appositional phrase beginning v. 17, "the spirit of truth" (to pneuma tes altetheias). Most scholars agree that "Spirit of truth," "Holy Spirit," and "Paraclete" are all used to designate the Spirit of God in John. Most also agree that the designation "another Paraclete" implies that Jesus has served as a Paraclete for the disciples and that it is because of His departure that He will ask the Father to provide for them "another Paraclete." "

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Feasting on the Word: Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary
"Jesus is promising to send the Spirit of truth to make a home within us, to become, as Brown notes, "a way of life or something that penetrates [our] very being." How, then, might we describe the turn toward a new direction for gospel living, the calling to discover what is deepest in the human soul in order to find God in the midst of life.

A summons to a way of life that allows the Spirit of truth to penetrate our very being is a call to a continuous process of aletheia, the Greek name for truth. Aletheia means unconcealing, uncovering such as is done in theological reflection, an art that one could argue is 5 percent our effort and 95 percent the guidance of the Paraclete. Such an effort on our part requires openness to learning the truth and personal engagement with the mystery of grace, an attitude of receptivity and a sense of awe. The trouble is, we live in a culture that offers us little assistance in the art of seeking truth and grace in life."

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