A typical SYSSR story that ails all SY collectives - 1

Sun Dec 2, 2007 5:48 pm

Dear Jlioew

I asked you the question about your age and time in SY to determine if you were some innocent young person. I was a SY for over 13 years and I am in my fifties. You speak to everyone in here as if we have not been SY - why is this?

Meditation works as it gives the mind & body a rest. I practised another perfectly harmless technique for 20 years before I came to SY where I was told that it (the harmless technique) was the most evil technique one could possibly practice; that the person who started it was a rakshasa etc. This technique involves reciting a very simple mantra; mine sounds much like "eema". I had experienced bliss and pure consciousness for many years and was very happy but I did not regard myself as "enlightened".

I only went along to the first SY program to keep a friend company and I was lured in by the notion that I was going to become enlightened. I became hypnotised by the photos of SM and fell in love with what I thought was her but was in reality only her photo; and a photo of a very young person. Many of us would be regarded as captivating with divine like qualities from photos of us in our youth when we had good looks, intelligence and wonderful health etc.

The happiness came from the fact that my mind and body were getting deep rest as I was still meditating in some way; that I was actually in love with SM's photo who I mistakenly thought was God on earth, and I enjoyed the friendship and company of others who were meditating and "in Love" with SM's photo; as well as the enjoyment of singing and listening to beautiful music as well as sharing a belief system that appeared to be so wonderful.

On the flip side, I felt guilty if I was late for the programmes which I usually was as I had too many other people in my life to care for, and I had ridiculous fights with people that were either leaders or other yogis; people I would not ever have become friends with outside SY. The fights were so illogical and irrational and ridiculous that it makes me sad and makes me laugh. I remember saying to one of these people; "my friends outside would never treat me like this or speak to me like this!" I would not have tolerated being emotionally abused and used by anyone else outside of SY but I HAD TO PUT UP WITH IT INSIDE SY! The people who do the using and the abusing are held up as being wonderful SYs!

I could not see the benefits in people's lives; I became very poor over the time in SY and very fat and finally I started going in to a trance when doing affirmations with my eyes open when looking at SM photo. I was once in a trance for five hours and could not do my work. The yogi in our area that was regarded as the best SY was in fact known within the community as a scatterbrained person who used everybody for money etc. We had new people coming to our group and pointing out exactly the latter. Our little group disintergrated and we all feel much better for it.

I left in June 2007 after finding this site by accident and I don't have to put up with these people using and abusing me and I can meditate whenever I like, however I like and enjoy the benefits and I don't have to worship anyone. I still enjoy the company of those who left at the same time as me and we just laugh and wonder how we could have been so stupid to have been lured into what is in fact a ridiculous cult worshipping a silly old lady as God!!!

Love Blase

Dear All,

Appended above is yet another sad story that is typical of SY collectives that i can relate to. i have repeated a number of times that had it not been for my children i would have left Sahaja Yoga very quickly. In fact i would never have joined in the first place. It is the abuse and ignorance that is most shocking. My children and myself have many horror stories that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. We are so happy to have left and continued on our own. And only after leaving was i able to rid myself of all the conditioning rituals that are the sacred cows of the SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion).

The official SYSSR is hardly any different from other chakra and kundalini based schools. Few stay to find out what it is really about. Of the few who stay most eventually leave, even after a decade or two. This common trend has been well- known in SY circles, irreversible despite all the massive effort of tens of thousands of SYs over the decades. Thus, after Shri Mataji`s Mahasamadhi, there is absolutely no hope for the SY organization.

The overriding cause for the whole abysmal failure is lack of honesty. Without question the official editing out of Shri Mataji`s Divine Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection is largely responsible for the lack of faith, a severe deficiency that rids seekers even after years inside the SY organization. And without the evidence given at http://www.adishakti.org/ and affiliated websites there is also no hope of seekers believing in Her Divine Message.

The secondary reason for the failure is the official claim that Shri Mataji is God and compulsory meditation on Her photograph. Shri Mataji has NEVER claimed Herself to be God but Adi Shakti (and that also as an incarnation). And when you have no evidence, other than cool breeze and `miracle photos', to back that flawed "God" claim others see Sahaja Yoga as an evil cult, and rightfully so. And with Sir C.P. making Shri Mataji's medical file public, an irresponsible act that clearly violates human dignity, that claim is now an acute embarrassment and permanent yoke on the organization. (Did Sir C.P. ever introspect the dire consequences of his intentions and the damage it will inflict on Shri Mataji's reputation and legacy, especially since She had explicitly barred anyone from medicating Her?)

Then we have the attitude of leaders in particular and SY in general. As mentioned before i have many horror stories to tell about my short 7-year stay in Sahaja Yoga, misfortunes i would not wish on anyone. And if you add the fanaticism, absurd fears, daily rituals, ceaseless catches, avidya and what not, Self-realization is difficult and superficial at best. My insistence that SYs do not need Shri Mataji's photograph for meditation rests my case, an unforgivable sin for fools like Alan Wherry, Ed Saugstad, John Noyce, to name a few of the crème de la crème of `senior SYs' in charge of spreading Sahaja Yoga.

i keep saying that the SY camel will have to eventually drink the water of truth, or else waste away and die. So it does not matter how many SYs get angry that we are publicly criticizing WCASY, Sir C.P and the SY organization in general. Better that bitter medicine now than a dead camel soon.

regards to all,


> Then we have the attitude of leaders in particular and SY in
> general. As mentioned before i have many horror stories to tell
> about my short 7-year stay in Sahaja Yoga, misfortunes i would not
> wish on anyone.

i had a number of horrible experiences with senior SYs. One of the worst was when this Montreal senior SY exclaimed loudly after a group meditation that i tape the mouth of my months-old daughter Lalita as she was crying (perhaps because she was hungry or needed a diaper change). i was compelled to angrily confront his unwarranted but abundant outpouring of 'Sahaj Love'. (He had earlier requested during a national pre-puja meeting that a havan, a religious bonfire, be made of all my religious/ spiritual books, in my presence. The reason: they were written by so-called false gurus. i was publicly humiliated and made to look like a possessed neophyte loitering in the company of great souls, and had to be cleansed of negativity with their 'Sahaj Love'. i told them under no circumstance will they touch my books, no matter who wrote them.)

i have more Sahaj Love stories but will share them over time in small doses. An overdose of 'Sahaj Love' in a single post can be fatal, especially if received from leaders or senior SYs! As Blase correctly observed "The people who do the using and the abusing are held up as being wonderful SYs!" Yes, world leader Yogi Mahajan was a demi-god in Sahaja Yoga who for months mentally and verbally abused my children through his pawn and principal of the International Sahaja Public School, Mrs. Chitnavis. Reason for the sustained abuse: to force a possessed Kash (evil spirits were causing him to meet the Golden Goddess in his Sahasrara) to leave the school voluntarily.

And when that failed Yogi Mahajan and Mrs. Chitnavis devised a most deceitful and damaging propaganda campaign. Only those with satanic minds can devise such plans to deliberately assassinate and destroy the good name and character of innocent children. This diabolical duo were held in high esteem in the Sahaja Yoga organization by the rank and file! North American leaders and SYs were delighted by Yogi Mahajan's reasons and success in expelling Kash from ISPS, India in 1996.

i must stop here as too much 'Sahaj Love' can be fatal.

Dear Jagbir (and All),

i too was told i should not have certain books anymore, so i got rid of them, some of which i regret today, in fact. Then, many years later, there was a heap of books laid in the hallway at Hiawatha, Melbourne, which were for sale, and i saw the type of books, that i thought were a previous 'No-No' in Sahaj. There was one book there, which had an article on Tea Leaf Reading. i pointed out the book to a senior SY, and questioned the presence of this book that they had for sale. Surprisingly, he told me with glee: "Things have changed; you can read whatever books you want now!" i wondered at this new trend. But this shows that the leaders should not have gotten themselves into issuing directives in the first place, if they did not understand the consequences of them. (Take Sir C.P.'s present directives, these days, for instance!) The only way in the future, for spiritual liberation is to actually ignore his directives.

Regarding babies crying, i remember Shri Mataji used to say to take the babies outside when they were crying, so as not to disturb. It was the courteous thing to do. When you are in your little, small collective of Montreal, of course you would attend to your baby, if it needed a feed or nappy change. Sometimes these needs are not determined at the very first instant. For a leader to then immediately turn around and viciously say to tape the mouth of your baby, Lalita, was a cruel thing to say. It did not even fall into the category of being cruel, to be kind! It shows that you were being ostracized, the slow and painful way - the way of not being made to feel welcome anymore.

So if those who purport to be true Sahaja Yogis can inflict such cruelty on others, where is the love? Where is the patience? Where is the humility? Where is the understanding? i suspect that many directives given by leaders come from their own lack of understanding of what Shri Mataji said, and not from Shri Mataji Herself. Shri Mataji has never ever said to tape the mouth of a child!!! She may have asked parents to please quieten a child, but She never has said to put a tape on the mouth of a child. This is what i mean, when i say that leaders put their own words in their own mouth, and think they 'show Shri Mataji'.

We can see the outcome today, of their lack of understanding; the SYSSR, with its imposed external do's and don'ts, which Shri Mataji never even wanted 'put into a book'! But the Subtle System Yogis insisted that She do so, so She relented. However, they have made it their religion now, without understanding Her Full Message, which i never heard in Sahaj Collectives. It was never discussed. This is why many remain ignorant of the Last Judgment and Resurrection Message. So they keep others ignorant too. It is endemic. The subtle system reigns, and that's it.

As for Mrs. Chitnavis, i know parents did not like her either. They thought her a 'hard woman' and not the type you would want your children looked after by.

As for Yogi Mahajan, i remember his demi-God status. We heard nothing but 'YM this; YM that' at times. Even i became enamoured, until i heard he was dismissed, and then i further found out his 'true colors' from your forum, Jagbir. i was astounded. So leaders today are not leaders tomorrow. Leaders have been shown to be a maya in Sahaja Yoga, because in Sahaja Yoga the true leader is your Self, but for that, you first have to realise the Self, which is what Self-Realisation really means, in the end.

Also it seems that in the 'organisation' of Sahaja Yoga, that there is this 'instant karma' whereby as soon as someone is showing their control over others, they soon become control freaks. Perhaps it is an 'instant karma' that happens, because we are talking of Union with the Divine here, and any fanatics and control freaks, immediately get thrown out of the Kingdom of God, which does not tolerate such behaviour.

i am glad we are gathering together in Spirit, all of us. Nobody can impose upon us. We have the spiritual liberty. We can meditate and be in Union with the Divine Within at all times. We can do everything necessary to aid the Kingdom of God. It does not require outer temples, but our inner temple, to do the Holy Spirit's bidding. i remind that Shri Mataji said that if we did not give Her Message from within the organisation, that it would be given from without the organisation. i also remember that She said that what is not truth, will be destroyed by the Truth.

We have a lot of hope to transform this world with Her Message, given from outside the organisation.

Jai Shri Mataji!


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