Any suggestions for how to meditate in a non-sahaj environment

From:  "jagbir singh" <>
Date:  Wed Oct 13, 2004  7:22 am
Subject:  Any suggestions for how to meditate in a non-sahaj environment

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> I was just curious. I live with my mother currently and for the
> next few months i am assuming i will still be, but i had a
> question. Not that my mother objects to me meditating or having a
> picture of a strange lady on my desk( in her eyes only hehe), but
> i can't make an altar( for lack of a better term) to place coconuts
> and lemons and so forth in front of. All i can do is use the
> candles and the photo graph, as well as the collectivity and salt
> soaks when she isn't around, by my choice completely. I was
> curious, does any one have any suggestions as to how to practice
> meditation in a house where being able to leave the picture out
> and do the meditation when the other person in the house is still
> awake or around isn't possible? Just curious as to how i could
> gain the most benefits with the least amount of " questioning"
> from my mother and explanations as well, as i am far from the 6
> months "establishment" period and am quite vulnerable.
> Thank you

Dear Kyyan,

Many SYs, like the religious masses, project their senses outwards ..
........... whether towards Mecca, the Wailing Wall, Guru Granth
Sahib, an idol of Jesus, Buddha or Shiva. It is all external and
conditioning over the millennia has fossilized these traditions
(Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism does offer paths towards internal

However, external projection does indeed help to focus on the deity,
god, buddha etc. A mental visual instills faith, confidence and
security. Perhaps that is what you need most now.

But i have to tell you that having more altar paraphernalia - while
absolutely necessary for building and instilling faith, confidence
and security - will not lead to more vibrations or deeper
meditation. Yes, coconut and lemons do help to absorb negativity but
a strong kundalini does wonders, and is second to none. So do not
worry about decorating your altar. The Divine is not looking for a
trendy altar but a human with a divine qualities.

If you want to have extra protection from negativity a coconut with
a swastika hidden from view will absorb the same amount of
negativity as that on the altar. Over the years i have relied on two
coconuts and a 24/7 altar flame to absorb all the negativity.
Initially they cracked easily and needed constant replacement. Once
i had to replace nearly 40 within a week because even seven in a row
cracked, some audibly, overnight. But nowadays they last for weeks
and hardly crack open anymore, except for tiny fractures.

But Kyyan, do not fall into the illusion that you need an external
image of Shri Mataji to meditate. i am increasingly resorting to
meditating on Her in my Sahasrara, whether in the bedroom prior to
sleeping, in the sitting room, park, etc. What i am saying is that
there is no altar or image to externally focus my attention. Instead
it is projected inwards and there is absolutely no difference
between vibrations. Yes, initially it may take some practice to get
used to the change but after some time you will find no disparity
between meditating with or without Shri Mataji's image. When the
Kingdom of God is within why search for it in outside yourself?

To meditate on Her formless just bow to Her within the Sahasrara,
raise your kundalini, say the mantras and meditate. IMO, this is the
highest and purest method of meditation. As one advances so will
this realization. Maybe i am trying to make you into a marathon
runner when you have just decided to try the 100 meters that many
fellow SYs are experts in. But most will one day switch to marathon
running because Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi cannot remain on Earth
forever. Where will SYs look for Her then?

Jai Shri Mataji,



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