Are the children possessed by evil or SY leadership possessed by ignorance?

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> Kash, Arwinder and Lalita claim that this Reality is "more real'
> than living on Earth i.e., being a human. If this is the case then
> their spiritual experiences cannot be depreciated and
> called "mystical".
> Thus the mystical experience is an inferior spiritual experience as
> compared to meeting Shri Lalita Devi in the Sahasrara. Probably
> this is the first time ever anyone have been able to visit the
> Divine Mother within their Sahasraras, a Reality that exceeds the
> common mystical experiences. So it is indeed the truth when Shri
> Mataji claims that the Sahasrara Chakra was opened by Her at
> Bordi, India in the early hours of May 5, 1970 when She meditated
> with Her feet immersed in the Indian Ocean. Prior to this no human
> has been able to meet the Devi in their Sahasraras. Perhaps this
> is the reason the children have been labeled "demonic", "possessed
> by evil spirits" etc.

Dear All,

The purpose of this post is to answer the question whether Kash, Arwinder and Lalita are possessed by evil or is the SY leadership/ followers possessed by ignorance? Since the children have in total visited the Devi in their Sahasraras thousands of times since 1993, and have been collectively consistent and flawlessly harmonious in the narration of the Shakti in the Sahasrara, are they demonic or is the SY leadership/followers who accuse them deluded by avidya? i am sure this is a forgone conclusion because, otherwise, the SY leadership/followers must also accuse and label Shri Mataji the same! So far no leader/follower have done so and chances are none ever will (but it serves their purpose to maintain the status quo).

Perhaps one of the best method of checking evil/ignorance is this statement:

" Kash is sure that it is possible to explore the entire universe in the infinite mind. The Persian mystic Rumi, among many, also announced the same Reality: "Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself." "

Our Unbelievable Origin

Joseph Campbell, in The Inner Reaches of Outer Space, gives an expanded version of the universe. After reading just the first 15 pages of the 1981 National Geographic Atlas of the World i was amazed. Our solar system is nestled within a galaxy of billions of stars. Twenty similar galaxies, of which our galaxy is a member, are collectively called "cluster." Our "cluster" in turn is but one of the thousands of clusters of galaxies. All of these thousands of clusters are called superclusters and their number is unknown. The rest of the universe is unknown and still expanding!

As i read on the vision of a universe of unimaginable magnitude and inconceivable violence: billions upon trillions of stars (our sun being one of them) — roaring thermonuclear furnaces — blowing themselves and forming still more stars with circling planets. Beyond the awesome boundaries of creation are heard the murmurs, or microwaves, which echo the greatest cataclysmic explosion of all — the Big Bang!

All these millions and billions of spinning galaxies, many as great as our Milky Way, each containing billions of stars are moving away from each other at prodigious speeds and with still no point anywhere! This observation had led to Albert Einstein's founding statement of the modern theory of relativity: "It is impossible by any experiment whatsoever to determine absolute rest." Any hypothetical still point may be taken in any part of the universe as the centre. What one sees is these myriad of galaxies streaming away from each other at such speeds and distances that finally even our greatest telescopes will not be able to track them — the light from them arriving so late that their present positions are out of sight! This unending expansion has been taking place all over the universe for billions of years since the Big Bang!

Kash is sure that it is possible to explore the entire universe in the infinite mind. The Persian mystic Rumi, among many, also announced the same Reality: "Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself." Since Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi enlightened that all of Kash's experiences were within himself in the Sahasrara then it may also be said that the entire creation also exist within each and every human. The Thousand-Petal Lotus is actually an inner microcosm of the entire outer macrocosm! All that has been created since the Big Bang exists within us in the few square inches that is the cerebrum. This fact is far less incredible than what science has discovered: that the entire universe expanded into existence from something smaller than an atom!

The PBS documentary The Creation of the Universe traces the theory of the Big Bang to the exact nano-second it took place using the latest data of unmanned spacecraft, deep-space telescopes, and supercomputers. It sums up the findings of the greatest modern scientists, quantum physicists, astronomers and cosmologists: Stephen Hawking, Margaret Burbridge, Murray Gell-Mann (Nobel Prize winner), Sheldon Glashow, Heinz Pagels, Abdus Salam, Allan Sandage, Steven Weinberg (Nobel Prize winner) and John Archibald Wheeler. The conclusion to this great scientific quest of humankind to find its origins gives the faint hint of an incredible origin to this creation:

"We see evidence from every direction that the universe . . . began as a single seed smaller than an atom — and in the very real sense you and I were there!"

The Creation of the Universe

Modern physicists and cosmologists are just beginning to scratch the surface of Creation. As they and their machines regress back into space and time to search for the origins of this universe, an incomprehensible Reality is beginning to confound them: How can the universe be created from something smaller than an atom? What infinite, awesome Power of creation could bring forth an entire universe from that microscopic seed?

The National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our Universe (Roy A. Galant p. 221) states that about 12 to 20 billion years ago astronomers think that a "primordial atom" exploded with a big bang and the entire Universe flew out at incredible speeds. Eventually matter cooled and condensed into galaxies and stars.

"Science Meets Spirituality. In the early `70s, the work of scientists such as physicists David Bohm and Fritjof Capra, neuroscientist Karl Pribram, and chemist Ilya Prigogine began to show up in psychological, medical, and spiritual literature. Marilyn Ferguson's newsletter Brain/Mind Bulletin helped to bring consciousness research to the public. Concepts such as holism and systems theory, paradigms and paradigm shifts, entropy and syntropy, holons, the uncertainty principle, and parapsychology entered the mainstream, replacing the old reductionist view with a more dynamic and interconnected vision of reality. The research also revealed striking similarities between ancient mysticism and modern physics, changing the way we interpret the nature of intelligence and perception."

New Age Journal, The 10 Best of the New Age, January/February 1997 p. 131-32.

"The Vedanta and Sankhya hold the key to the laws of mind and thought process, which are correlated to the quantum field, i.e., the operation and distribution of particles at atomic and molecular levels."

Professor Brian D. Josephson, Nobel Laureate in Physics
(Judith Cornell, Ph.D, Mandala, The Theosophical Publishing House, 1994 p. 38 .)

"The reflection of the entire macrocosm in the individual human microcosm is a holistic conception.

Every part of a hologram contains within itself the image of the whole. We perceive the information given by bidimensional photography through the light intensity variations (amplitude variations of the electromagnetic waves.) The holographic perception is tridi-mensional due to the additional information provided by the wave trains and phase variations. The hologram appears to be the transcendental counterpart of the photographic image.

According to the vibration paradigm elaborated upon the latest discoveries in physics (theory of superstrings), the universe is holistically conceived as being made out of vibrations. Here is what S. Marcus wrote in his Invention and discovery (Inventie si descoperire, Ed. Cartea Romaneasaca, Bucharest 1989): "We may represent the cosmic substance as a universal and nondetermined substratum revealing the entire diversity of what we call electrons, photons and other similar entities. The vacuum is nonexistent in such a vision, since it is replaced by a substratum of wave particles in a virtually unperceived state that may become actualized under the effect of an energy quantum. The theory of superstrings is able to explain the entire diversity of the particles and substances in the universe . . .

The British physicist David Bohm, who used to be one of Einstein's students, created the holonomic theory and the holographic model (holomovement) that greatly influenced Fritjof Capra (the well known author of Das Tao der Physik and Die kosmische Regen where he set up a relation between modern and eastern philosophy.) The holomovement is, after Bohm, a phenomenon out of which there have resulted all the forms of the universe, consciousness included (Wholeness and the Implicate Order, London 1980.) The universe structures are subject to the self organisation dynamics, that is the cosmic Spirit. Bohm finally concluded that man had at his disposal a holonomic system that during the course of time he forget how to use. This system could perceive the transcendental access, the "direct" knowledge by holographic decoding. Thus, a direct communication may be possible between the persons endowed with "intertuned" holograms. The neurosurgeon and psychologist Karl Pribram took Brohm's idea even further and elaborated the holonomic theory of the brain structures. Pribram stressed on the decisive role of the sensory perception of vibrations and of the organisation of the vibration field as holograms at the brain level (see above.)

The sight memory of the whole was experimentally demonstrated to be codified in each and every part of the cerebral substance just like the hologram is found in each and every one of its fragments. Under these conditions, the world may be considered as a projection from the outside acquiring the dimensions of space and time but being as imperfect in relation to the inner reality as the photography of its corresponding hologram. This world of illusion is nothing else than the Maya of Hinduism.

Pribham showed that, without a brain operating in a holonomic way, we should perceive the world as vibrations only, all being devoid of shapes, sounds, colours, space and time. The latter result from the interpretation performed by the brain to the frequencies transmitted as nervous impulses by the sense organs.

By taking this idea even further we might say that each brain is part of the Great Hologram and, under certain condition, it may have access to the information stored in the universal computer system. The same idea is actually advocated by Shri Adhiparasakthi Shri Nirmala Devi who shows that when the Kundalini energy is awakened "the human microcosmic computer is connected to the cosmic program: the information starts circulating as vibrations in our nervous system. The temperament, health, character structure and even destiny of every human being actually depends on the type of relation between its spiritual instrument and the cosmic archetype" (L. Heart, L'Avenement) . . .

Dr. F. Chapra wrote in his Tao of Physics (Fontana Collins, Bungay, Suffolk, 1975, pp. 54-5): "The relativity and quantum theories reveal a universe that more and more corresponds to the one described by the eastern cosmology of the Gunas."

The daring concepts of modern physics should not surprise anyone. They seem to answer the invitation made by the brilliant American inventor of Serbian origin, Nikola Tesla, shortly before his death: "On the day when science will start to be interested in the nonphysical phenomena, it will develop in one decade more than in all the centuries preceding." Carl Sagan used to say that we begin to understand the Cosmos contained within ourselves just as if we are contained within itself.

Isaac Newton wrote in his Treatise of optics: "Do these natural phenomena not disclose an existent, intelligent, living, all pervading, incorporeal being that sees, discriminates and understands everything both in the infinite space and its own sensorium, in the most intimate and perfect way?"

We shall further quote some excerpts from La vie secrete des plantes written by P. Tompkins and C. Bird (Robert Laffont, Paris, 1975): "The ancient wisdom throws a completely new light upon the energy of the human or vegetal bodies and upon the relation between the individuals cells and the cosmos as a whole . . . Lifting the veil that covers other worlds and vibrations situated beyond the limits of the electromagnetic spectrum might let us walk part of the way towards attaining the disclosure of certain mysteries that are left in the dark for these physicists who are limited in their vision only to whatever they can check with their eyes and instruments . . . There is a specific, global, intelligent force in the universe, able to provide us with answers. Daniel supposed this force to operate throughout the entire frequency spectrum that is not necessarily connected to the electromagnetic spectrum and to be in a close interaction with the human mental activity."

Not only are these scientists witnessing the reflection of God in man as a holistic relation, but also the theological writings that contain highly revealing passages upon the same subject, some of which are quoted in Vladimir Lossky's Essai sur la Theologie Mystique de l'Eglise d'Orient, Aubier, Paris, 1944.

"A person is part of a whole because it contains everything in itself . . . since everything that has been created by God in the different natures is rejoined in man as in a crucible to shape him into a peerless perfection like a harmony composed of various sounds." (St. Maxim quoted by D. Karsarin in his Saints Peres et Maitres de l'Eglisei, Paris, 1926, p. 238) . . . Lossky showed that "man embraces all the elements of the universe within himself."

Dan Costian, Bible Enlightened, Computex Graphics, 1995.)

So i will leave it to you individually to conclude whether the children are possessed by evil or is the SY leadership possessed by ignorance. The answer is as simple as Rumi being possessed by evil for claiming that "Everything in the universe is within you" or Lossky showing that "man embraces all the elements of the universe within himself".

Jai Shri Ganapathi,

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