Part 1: Astrologer predicted Shri Mataji will endure "evil and negative forces ... so-called followers who are enemies in disguise"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's Astrology Chart

"MATAJI was born at Nagpur at 12.09 p.m., I.S.T. (noon time) on 21st March 1923. At this moment, taking into consideration the local time of Nagpur, the Sun was exactly on the Meridian in full glory, and being in the zero degree of Aries or the 30th degree of Pisces, the Sun in that position made a Rajayoga (i.e. an aspect for leadership and prominence in life), which has endowed her with the Sun's glamour and power.

Her rising sign is Cancer and the Ascendent is in the 8th degree. The Ascendant in Cancer makes her a Mother of the Universe, a Jaganmata, as the Ascendant is strongly aspected by five planets, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars and the Moon, while it is occupied by Pluto, which itself forms grand trines with three of the five planets and sextiles with the other two. Her spiritual powers arise mainly from this combination of aspects in the angles of the chart, also, the position of the planet of spiritual life viz. Neptune in the second house indicates that her wealth accumulation is spiritual. It is interesting to note that the current position of Neptune in the transit is near the cusp of the sixth house. This shows that her main work in the years to come will be solely in this field.

The Lord of the Ascendant Moon, is exalted in Taurus strongly posited in the 11th house, conjunct Mars, which is Lakshmi-Yoga and invest her with divinity. She is thus the incarnation of Mahalaxmi. She is destined to live richly like a Goddess. Her aristocratic origin is further indicated by the exalted Saturn in the 4th house, who being the lord of the 7th house (Capricorn) has brought her into matrimonial union with an eminent official. This same Saturn makes for vairagya, i.e. distaste for worldly life and renunciation.

Jupiter strongly aspected in the 5th house, makes her a Mother- Teacher and as he is trined by three powerful planets and squared by two and opposed by two, Mataji will have a most eventful life as a World Teacher. It will all bring a great renown, an enormous following all over the world, a lot of conflict with evil.

Saturn, strong in the 4th house, gives much longevity, great distinction towards the end of life, a lot of power both spiritual and temporal, although it inclines her to some solitude also in old age.

International fame is indicated by the presence of a strong Uranus in the 9th house, trined by Jupiter, Pluto and sextiled by Mars and Moon. Also, the Mercury-Uranus conjunction gives Mataji great eloquence and invincibility as a debater.

The T-square formations between Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune indicate that some of the plans of Mataji might be hindered by obstructive activities of evil and negative forces. Also Mataji might have to steer through conflicting loyalties and aims of some of her so-called followers who are enemies in disguise. But despite all this, she will find her way to the goal of her life, viz., universal Self-Realisation!

Altogether, a great and powerful chart of a truly Divine personality."

Nirmala Yoga - Jan-Feb 1981

August 18, 2011

Note: The post title "Astrologer predicted Shri Mataji's 'evil and negative forces ... so-called followers who are enemies in disguise' " is quoted from the Jan-Feb 1981 issue of Nirmala Yoga. The uncanny manifestation of those dire readings over the years, especially post-2000, is a lesson for all of us. The SY leadership responsible for that manifestation have conveniently forgotten this astrological reading. That is why few know of its existence.

The advent and message of Shri Mataji—as the Adi Shakti/Paraclete sent in the name of Jesus—is predicted to have "an enormous following all over the world, a lot of conflict with evil". Both are yet to be fulfilled. Shri Mataji's core message of the Last Judgment directly challenges and conflicts with evil, including that from so- called followers who have replaced it with the SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion). When it truly penetrates human consciousness on a large scale will that enormous following be fulfilled.

All this was supposed to happen in the year 2000, but Shri Mataji had a condition attached: "If you people become real Sahaja Yogis".

"With all this background, I know by the year 2000, Sahaja Yoga will come out in the whole world as something very great...(applause) You did not allow me to complete the sentence. If you people become real Sahaja Yogis, all of you, all of you who are attending to Me here. Even this much group if it becomes real Sahaja Yogis. It doesn't matter if I can't meet you personally. It doesn't matter if I can't go to your places. It doesn't matter, nothing matters. Christ's disciples worked when he never existed."

Apparently none became real Sahaja Yogis, judging from the collective rejection of More than a decade later things are no better.

Lest it is overlooked, those enemies in disguise are now fully in control now that Shri Mataji has passed away. Many of them were already in power when Shri Mataji's horoscope was read in 1981. Today, under the disguise of "Central Committee" members and "Mother's Memorial Project" team, they depend on other SYs for moral, financial and elective support to stay in power.

Shri Mataji's plans have always been hindered by the obstructive activities of these evil and negative forces. But despite all this, She will find Her way to the goal of her life, viz., universal Self- Realisation! We will make sure She succeeds. Thanks for the support.

And for all those still supporting the negative forces within the SY organization, i have not touched the subject of Risperidol. i leave it to your conscience to ingest the same poison that Shri Mataji's mouth was forced to ingest. Lest you forget, those who supported Sir C.P.'s administration of Risperidol on Shri Mataji are now members of the Central Committee, or lead "Mother's Memorial Project". The few who protested that Shri Mataji was being poisoned against Her explicit, written instructions were sacked by WCASY members to pacify an enraged Sir C.P. (the sole patron saint and power broker of choice SY appointments).

regards to all,


Central Committee Established

Friday, July 22, 2011

1. The national coordinators/ leaders and Board members of Sahaja institutions gathered in Cabella on the 16TH July 2011 have taken the following decisions:

2. A Central Committee is hereby established as per the instructions of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi;

3. The following members of the Committee have been appointed (by alphabetic order) for a period of four years:

1. Mr Duilio Cartocci
2. Mr. Wolfgang Hackl
3. Mr. Alex Henshaw
4. Mr. Gregoire de Kalbermatten
5. Mr. Andrew Kaluzny
6. Mr. Eduardo Marino
7. Mrs. Sidsel Mugford
8. Mr. Rajesh Shah
9. Mr. Philip Zeiss

4. The Committee does not represent a spiritual hierarchy but aims at transmitting the benevolence of the Master of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi;

5. The Committee shall support the driving role of national collectivities in spreading the unique discovery of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Sahaja Yoga) world wide;

6. The Committee shall serve the Sahaja Sangha in such fields as communication, representation, arbitration or approbation of policies.

7. The Committee shall interact closely with the national coordinators/leaders, Board members in developing its charter and the modalities of work;

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Maha Samadhi - Mother's Memorial Project of Her Holiness Shri Mataji
Nirmala Devi

Nirmal Dham - New Delhi

Project sponsor

Shri Mataji's Memorial Project is being sponsored and overseen by Sir CP Srivastava and supported by the Trust of India.

Memorial team representatives:

India: Dinesh Rai , Vinay Deo Pujari ; Switzerland: Denis de Techtermann ; Mexico: Isaías Romero; Ukraine: Oleksandr Galetko ; Argentina: Francisco Fenili ; Africa: Thava Govender , Preban Naidoo; Turkey: Sedat İşbilen , Sevgi Dorossinski ; Germany: Bernd Morhinweg ; Finland: Ulla-Maija Humppi ; America/Canada: Dave Dunphy , Lothar Pfiefer; Italy: Duilio Cartocci ; UK: Thelma Patmore; Austria: Martin Mohr ; Malaysia: Pay Chy Lim ; Australia: Jean-Michel Huet , Chris Kyriacou

Sat Aug 20, 2011

Dear Jagbir and all,

As the incarnation of the Adi Shakti/Holy Spirit, Shri Mataji could have left Her body at any time of Her choosing. She could have left Her body when She began to be poisoned by risperidol. However, She chose not to do so and instead endured, until that poisoning bequeathed the direst legacy possible upon the scribes and pharisees that had taken control of Sahaja Yoga. Who in their right mind poisons the incarnation of the Adi Shakti? It is informative that those who took over the organisation also acquiesced with Sir C.P.'s role in that. This complicity coincides with what i heard Shri Mataji say in the mid-1990's at Sydney airport - and this is as close to word-for-word as i can remember after about seventeen years, when She said to Her children: "Until you deal with the scribe and pharisee element that have also come into Sahaja Yoga, Sahaja Yoga will not flourish outside of the organisation." However, the scribe and pharisee element were never dealt with in Sahaja Yoga, but took over Sahaja Yoga instead, and it was left to the Devi to deal with them. Both Shri Mataji's parting legacy to Her children, as well as Her death-blow to the rulers of Sahaja Yoga, all the while She was being poisoned, was Her Guru Puja 2008 speech/directive that those capable should form their own organisations (in order to give Her divine message, unencumbered). The rulers of Sahaja Yoga had reserved such a permission for themselves/followers only, and that in the SYSSR way which had obstructed Shri Mataji's life goal of universal Self-Realisation. With Her Guru Puja 2008 speech, in one fell swoop Shri Mataji stunningly steered through all the conflicting loyalties of Her so-called followers, thus clearing the way for universal Self-Realisation! In contradistinction to the highly edited version that the priests of Sahaja Yoga have left to Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja Yogis, here is the integrated Divine message that the DIVINE MOTHER and Her Incarnation, Shri Mataji, the Spirit-Paraclete (that Jesus said He would send) have given to the whole world:

regards to all,


from: violet tubb
to: Jagbir Singh
date: Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 1:58 PM
subject: did you know???!!!

Dear Jagbir,

Did you know that Shri Mataji said that:

"...I know by the year 2000, Sahaja Yoga will come out in the whole world as something very great"

It comes from this paragraph:

With all this background, I know by the year 2000, Sahaja Yoga will come out in the whole world as something very great...(applause) You did not allow me to complete the sentence, If you people become real Sahaja Yogis. All of you. All of you who are attending to Me here. Even this much group if it becomes real Sahaja Yogis. It doesn't matter if I can't meet you personally. It doesn't matter if I can't go to your places. It doesn't matter, nothing matters. Christ's disciples worked when he never existed.

She said this at the Christmas Puja 1996 on 25 December, 1996.

Jagbir, didn't you start your website in 2000?


"They expected that this interval (of The Tribulation) would start in 1993"

Sun Dec 4, 2005

By Shri Mataji's grace the website came online exactly on the eve of the millennium even though i had submitted it more than a week earlier. In fact i was told by my ISP provider that they can only do so early January 2000 because most of the staff were off for Christmas holidays.

However, it somehow came online 31-12-1999 and i was really, really overjoyed because the book Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God could be posted right on the the very first day of the new millennium as Her Gift and Message of hope, joy and eternal life ......... not the fiery and brimstone end that many Christians and Jews were waiting.

Of all the predictions above i find this to be closest to the truth:

"Many Christian individuals and groups have long anticipated that Christ's return would happen in 2000 CE. Many of them believe that this event would be preceded by a 7 year period called "The Tribulation." They expected that this interval would start in 1993 and that 42 months into the Tribulation, terrible things would occur."

The Comforter/Holy Spirit did start revealing Jesus' Kingdom of God within and the Divine Message starting 1993, the seven years of the Tribulation leading to 2000. Terrible things did happen 42 months into the Tribulation and those who witnessed and recorded that Truth were condemned and cursed as demonic and possessed heretics. Instead of glorifying Her revelations and Divine Message, and announcing them to the whole world, those in power hijacked the Divine Plan for humanity and replaced it with the subtle system.

And the Christian world was puzzled when "that time passed and the anticipated events did not happen. Some prophecy experts have gone back to the drawing boards to try to figure out why."

But everything is going on as prophesied in the scriptures and God's Plan for humanity is unfolding as we speak. Only thing is the whole thing had been suppressed and the vast majority of humanity have no idea what is taking place on Earth, including the prophecy experts. So do not join those who forbid you from speaking the Truth, no matter what the consequences. You will be judged by your actions on Earth itself, both good and bad. Even a feather's weight of righteousness will be taken into account.

Jai Shri Mataji,


Viktor Bondar joins Alan Wherry in sustained, decade-old covert campaign

Jan 26, 2008

Dear Violet and All,

For a few years i kept quiet as i was busy writing the book. i thought that Shri Mataji's praise and approval of the book would make them realize otherwise.

But i was so wrong. The whole of North American was dead against the book. Yogi Mahajan was especially 'mad' - i was told a few years ago that he disagreed with Shri Mataji over Her approval of the book, just before being sacked.

The situation has not changed much today in North America. i still don't know why and which part of the book they disapprove. They are even willing to defy Shri Mataji's repeated approval and praise! i am sure WCASY and NIPC would have legally shut down if it was in their power. They just cannot because Shri Mataji's permission was sought a few times, and She approved. (i remember WCASY member Manoj Kumar trying to shut down late 1999 by claiming that i did not have WRITTEN PERMISSION to use Shri Mataji quotes!)

So you can see that the Adi Shakti took care of everything to ensure that the evidence will be presented. i had to write the book to prevent these negative forces within the SY organization from destroying Her Advent and Message to humanity. WCASY and NIPC are powerless because SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD is personal, not collective intellectual property. Had that not been the case i can assure all that WCASY and NIPC would have shut the sites.

Then there is the case of Kash and Lalita's identities. i tried to delete them but the Devi, having anticipated that move, circumvented it by declaring to Kash that there were five days when She appeared to him in Her purest from. i subsequently realized that i had to state that truth as Christianity and Islam strictly demands that eschatological evidence. The Great News and Sure Signs of the Last Judgment and Al-Qiyamah had to be witnessed and delivered by these intermediaries between the Divine and humans, as has been the case for these strictly monotheistic religions.

Thus it was absolutely necessary for me to defend against all the negative forces trying to destroy Her advent and message. i do not know the nature of this negativity that has overwhelmed the SY organization since Yogi Mahajan's crusade. It is a very evil and powerful force that is trying to fight against the Divine. Many SYs have been unwittingly drawn into and used as pawns in this silent battle. Most won't believe what i am saying but time will tell.

But things will change for the better, if they are not already. i have been feeling for a few weeks that people are slowly becoming conscious of the Last Judgment and Resurrection. They are becoming confident and encouraged by the huge amount of articles and evidence presented at We have done well despite all the negativity working against us. i assure all that the Devi and Her Divine Message to humanity will triumph. Look around the world and you will know why. It is only a matter of time.

regards to all,


Why WCASY and NIPC are powerless to shut down

Sun Feb 3, 2008

> So you can see that the Adi Shakti took care of everything to
> ensure that the evidence will be presented. i had to write the book
> to prevent these negative forces within the SY organization from
> destroying Her Advent and Message to humanity. WCASY and NIPC are
> powerless because SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD is personal,
> not collective intellectual property. Had that not been the case i
> can assure all that WCASY and NIPC would have shut the sites.

[Jagbir, that you "had to write the book to prevent these negative forces within the SY organisation from destroying Her Advent and Message to humanity" is becoming increasingly evident! You say that WCASY and NIPC are powerless, because SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD is personal, not collective intellectual property! Can you perhaps explain in more detail so forum readers can understand, how what you have written is "personal" and not "collective intellectual property"? Also, i know NIPC have litigated against you, but is it possible how you came by this knowledge, that "WCASY and NIPC are powerless" to shut down]

Dear Violet and all,

WCASY and NIPC are powerless to shut down because:

i) "I hope many people write books. I am sure books can be written by every doctor. Everybody can publish a book with their experiences and understanding of Sahaj Yoga. It will help yogis also. All those who have such ideas should make an effort to create new books, some new ideas, new creations. It is very important, because in these modern times, people want to do something new; something novel. Under these circumstances I am sure it will work out."

Shri Mataji
21st March 1993, New Delhi, India

ii) is based mainly on SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD, a book that was written entirely by me. As the author i have exclusive rights that cannot be infringed upon by WCASY or NIPC.

Moreover, SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD is almost exclusively about the Devi in the Sahasrara. No human or organization has any right or power to dictate to Her how, where and when it can be used.

iii) Shri Mataji's repeated permissions were sought by me to write the book, and She granted it each and every time. WCASY knows that:

"Copyright clearance should be established at the beginning of a project. If clearance is denied after the work has been included in the collection, it will require additional effort to remove it and may result in legal action from the author."

iv) "Dear Sahaja Yogis,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Our American leader Manoj at the Virata Puja, Cabella, gave Shri Mataji the text of this book. She was very pleased and said that it will help to spread Sahaja Yoga. We have now Her blessings for its publishing, which is already in progress, and a limited number of copies may be available by the end of December. We are thus offering this spiritual research over the Internet to all the devotees of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for a collective examination since it will take quite a while for everyone to have their own copies."

Australian Sahaja Newsletter - 10 December, 1999

v) "Subject: RE: Editing of book
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:29:29 -0400
From: "Kumar, Manoj (MMRX)"
To: "'Jagbir Singh'" ,
"'Arun Goel'"
CC: "Kumar, Manoj (MMRX)"

Dear Jagbir,

I presented your book to Shri Mataji when I was in India. She spent almost half an hour to go through the book. Overall, She was very pleased with the book and especially with your effort in compiling the information. She Mataji felt that it needs some editing. She asked me to convey to you "Tell Jagbir now to leave it to Her".

She suggested that She will get it published in India in 4 volumes because the print is very small in its existing format which will be made bigger and will than be more readable. She suggested that since it is going to be a priced item that you should remove it's free availability from the web.

You can contact the leader of India Arun Goyal who was present at the time of my discussion with Shri Mataji to get further status. Shri Mataji will be India till the 18th and then will come to Europe. Arun Goyal's email address in India is

!jai Shri Mataji!

Your brother,


Thus i-v are the reasons why WCASY and NIPC are powerless to shut down

But Manoj Kumar and company thought they had executed a brilliant coup and began high-fiving each other in unrestrained glee. After all, they secured Shri Mataji's permission to prevent publication of the book subject to some editing, .... and 2,200 pages could take forever if they had their foxy way.

However i never felt in any way that Shri Mataji wanted me to stop spreading Sahaja Yoga as i knew best. So i complied by taking down the entire book and just continued with bits and pieces here and there.

Over time i realized a significant improvement over the previous works. Furthermore, new and invaluable contributions have come from Kash, Arwinder and Lalita. And if we add articles from the forum and affiliated sites SHRI ADI SHAKTI: THE KINGDOM OF GOD may soon double in volume. All this would not have taken place had i completely shut down after April 10, 2000. (Without question Shri Mataji's Advent, Identity and Divine Message would never have seen daylight! What a fool i would have been had i listened to SY leaders!)

But that was exactly what the SY leaders expected me to do. And when they realized their brainstorming plot did not work as planned, Shri Mataji was again approached to shut down She just told them that i was not doing anything wrong and should be left alone. Rather than regarding it as sound advice it probably was taken as a slap in the face.

This humiliation always retained the sting of revenge. NIPC reminded me of the bad blood when they sent a lawyer's letter threatening severe legal penalties should i ever trespass again on their recently acquired prized property - the early talks of Shri Mataji.

Confucius advises, "Never kill a mosquito with a cannon."


It is as if Shri Mataji gift-wrapped it for us

Tue Nov 11, 2008

"Dear Violet and all,

Thanks for the overtime ..... but still there is something missing, and i cannot put my finger on it. Shri Mataji's 2008 Guru Puja speech is a catastrophic disaster for WCASY, and the repercussions will be felt for years ............ till their utter demise is complete. It is as if Shri Mataji gift-wrapped it for us so as to free us forever from any guilt, criticism or ridicule for spreading Her advent and message openly in its entirety, an approach that was repeated advertised and gloated over by WCASY, leaders and others to keep rank and file SYs from it.

For Patrick Lantion it was an act against the Divine. For Alan Wherry it was an anti-Shri Mataji site. For other WCASY members it was a site based on poessesed and demonic children. For Edward Saugstad it was a site Shri Mataji did not approve. For Kuntal Sood it was a site that his fake father-figure Yogi Mahajan hated as it would diminish his world status. For Raj it was a case of an email from Edward Saugstad that was a degree of two cooler than normal (and he believed Saugstad). For Manoj Kumar and other 1999 world leaders it was a site that would unleash a global media attack on Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga. For John Noyce ....... well, he was just too delirious with hilarious laughter and unrestrained joy (of the collective SY negativity against it) to give a coherent answer.

But now this long nightmare is over. i just want to let the 2008 Guru Puja speech set in. Many do not see its far-reaching and irreversible end results, and i don't blame them as it is being downplayed/edited out by all the SY shepherds leading the collective, bleating sheep.

We will thus leave the naming of this Day open. Maybe we will allow ourselves to describe it the way we sae fit ..... and i am sure there are going to be a number of descriptions. Violet, we will cross this bridge when it comes.

regards to all,

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