Part 3: Astrologer predicted Shri Mataji will endure "evil and negative forces ... so-called followers who are enemies in disguise"

"The T-square formations between Moon - Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, indicate that some of the plans of Mataji might be hindered by obstructive activities of evil and negative forces. Also Mataji might have to steer through conflicting loyalties and aims of some of her so-called followers who are enemies in disguise. But despite all this, she will find her way to the goal of her life, viz., universal Self-Realisation!"

Altogether, a great and powerful chart of a truly Divine personality."

Nirmala Yoga - Jan-Feb 1981

"And for all those still supporting the negative forces within the SY organization, i have not touched the subject of Risperidol. i leave it to your conscience to ingest the same poison that Shri Mataji's mouth was forced to ingest. Lest you forget, those who supported Sir C.P.'s administration of Risperidol on Shri Mataji are now members of the Central Committee, or lead "Mother's Memorial Project". The few who protested that Shri Mataji was being poisoned against Her explicit, written instructions were sacked by WCASY members to pacify an enraged Sir C.P. (the sole patron saint and power broker of choice SY appointments)."

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