Being collective is one of the teats of the SYSSR sacred cow

From: Dr. Xxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 9:52:23 AM
Subject: what about collectivity

Dear Mr.Jagbir,


All your thoughts about syssr are very correct, i agree with all that and also experience that. But there is one question in my mind. If we stay away of syssr then how we can achive the benifits of collectivity. Mother every time explains about imp of collectivity, How we can achive that benefit?


dr Xxxxxxxxx

Dear All,

SYs go to extraordinary lengths--rather a life-long odyssey--to clear themselves of all things negative. Being collective and united is one of the teats of their sacred cow, one that is worshipped daily with offerings of footsoaks, matka, candles, chillies, lemons, coconuts, strings and what not. The collective teat is religiously cleansed with all sorts of rituals as they believe, erroneously, that is what Shri Mataji wants them to. They could not have done a better job of pleasing Shri Mataji:

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Early 15 June exposure of Russian Council (ongoing uprising, mutiny and power struggle)

Chris grilled, Sir CP ill(ed), Sadhana filled and Jagbir thrilled of Russian feast

Main SY toilet overflows: Alan, Anand, Alexandre poke sh*t for evidence of owner(s)

There are many more example of Sahaj Love and collectivity. BTW, rules, rituals and rulers are the remaining teats. If you enjoyed the milk from the collective teat then you are in for a treat from the rest. Many are now addicted to them.


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