But Dr. Bohdan and Alan Wherry, you are boldly implying (and claiming) much more than Sergey Perezhogin!

WCASY members Dr. Bohdan Shehovych and Alan Wherry

Friday, 5 August 2005

Dear Brothers and Sisters from the Russian Sahaja Collective!

We hoped sincerely that Sergey resigns and we are able to move forward, because we know that the Russian collective is very deep and completely fairly is much more concerned with their love and worship to Mother, and not the leadership matters.

But unfortunately, in his farewell letter, sent to you by e-mail, Sergey Perezhogin is more concerned with embellishment of his own image, and not accepting of responsibility for his actions. He breaks the protocol and makes false statements that cannot be left without answer, as he denies present and existing Incarnation of Shri Mataji as Adi Shakti and Mahamaya in the name of Her, who, on his opinion, he remembers. In fact, he implies loss of Divine powers by Her, which, of course, is not possible.

Dr. Bohdan Shehovych and Alan Wherry

Dear All,

i came across this 5 August 2005 email (above) from Dr. Bohdan Shehovych and Alan Wherry trying to placate the Russian SYs who just had their leader Sergey Perezhogin assassinated in broad daylight before horrified onlookers ............. er, not literally but in character.

If i am implying that both Dr. Bohdan Shehovych and Alan Wherry are hit men, that can be true. If i am implying that they are both working for WCASY, that is a no-brainer. After all, they too are the brains behind WCASY.

But i am not the least concerned of who are the brains of WCASY. What i find it blasphemous and an insult to intelligence is WCASY's claim that they are representatives of Shri Mataji's Will. If i am implying that they are actually claiming to be the brains behind Shri Mataji, that is true. (Remember that historic video where Sir C.P. hands Her Will to WCASY as Shri Mataji was incapacitated by all the Risperidone administered to Her, ironically, against Her Will.) Sir C.P. appointed WCASY members to be the brains representing Sahaja Yoga since Shri Mataji could no longer be the brains behind Sahaja Yoga.

Any SY with the barest minimum of intelligence will know that Sir C.P. implies loss of Divine powers by Her, which, of course, is not possible.

So what can we make out of Dr. Bohdan Shehovych and Alan Wherry's indignation against Sergey Perezhogin?

"He breaks the protocol and makes false statements that cannot be left without answer, as he denies present and existing Incarnation of Shri Mataji as Adi Shakti and Mahamaya in the name of Her, who, on his opinion, he remembers. In fact, he implies loss of Divine powers by Her, which, of course, is not possible."

The opinion of a pariah caste night-soil carrier like me:

Dr. Bohdan Shehovych and Alan Wherry have, on the behalf of WCASY members, brilliantly crucified themselves. They have all broken the protocol and made false statements that cannot be left without answer. For the first time in history mere humans have dared claim the unthinkable for themselves!

But how many SYs protested the initial hijacking of Her Will? How many raised their voice subsequently? How many ever had a conscience to do so, all the more since Self-realization radically transforms humans and purifies mind, body and soul?

something is very wrong and sinister folks,


Dear Jagbir and All,

Shri Mataji wrote a letter on 10 December, 1998, saying:

To whomsoever it may concern

I want to state that nobody has any right on my body, without my permission I should not be treated by any doctor vidya or any other person.

Specially my husband and my family members should not at all have any say in my sickness, no one has to admit me in any hospital. Even Sahaja Yogis cannot admit me to the hospital or treat me or arrange any doctor for treatment for me.

I want to declare that my family should never never admit me in the hospital. Specially my husband has no right over my body and any advice from him should not be accepted at all. In short I do not want to be admitted in any hospital by anyone.

Before my death I will write what is to be done with my body.

sg. Mataji Nirmala Devi
Mrs. Nirmala Srivastava
10th. Dec 1998

Here is that message of 10 Dec. 1998 in Her own handwriting:


It is recorded in Post 6373:


However, Shri Mataji did get put on a medication. It was an anti-psychotic medication, called risperidone. People usually get put on risperidone when they are believed to be having hallucinations. The hallucinations are usually due to some biochemical imbalance. But how could the incarnation of the Adi Shakti be biochemically imbalanced? How is that possible? We do know that She could see into the spiritual world, i.e. see the Deities without any problems whatsoever. Therefore, surely She must also have been able to see any negativity around Her without any problems whatsoever. Has the negativity of certain people in the organisation been draining Her, so that it affected Her? So that She needed five years of rest, with no talking? i remember Her saying that She had put Herself in a dangerous position, by accepting Sahaja Yogis into Her Body. All the abovementioned elements must at least be partly responsible for what has happened. As for not speaking for five years, apparently the risperidone does not affect the speech at all! It must therefore have been Shri Mataji's choice to remain silent for five years! Maybe there is more truth to what this anonymous SY said, than we realise!:

> I find whoever wrote the letter is truly concerned and justifiably
> so, with what is happening inside the organization and what they
> are doing to Shri Mataji. I surely hope and pray that this issue and
> many others are addressed. We are now at a precarious position on
> earth, though I do believe that this has to happen in order to sort
> out the 'rotten apples' that are prevalent in the organization.
> It's a Maya we all are playing a part but I have faith in Shri
> Mataji that she will work everything out.


Apparently Guido was the first one to confront Bohdan regarding the medicine that was being given to Shri Mataji. (Btw. i believe this information, uploaded by Simon is accurate. i read at Wikipedia that John Noyce pooh-poohed its accuracy, but who can believe a person that has a tendency for many I.D.'s? John Noyce and Alan Wherry are known for making all sorts of 'twists and turns', to suit the general leadership agenda, which doesn't seem to suit Shri Mataji's goals though.) Here then, is the note of "disquieting rumours" that Bohdan refers to on "having reached Genova from Australia", from Simon's Post titled:

"Bohdan suggests Guido may be in need of Risperidone too":

Genova, 01 July 2005

I became aware of disquieting rumours two weeks after having reached Genova from Australia. The Sahaja Yoga doctors were accused of inappropriate medical treatment of Shri Mataji.

As I had heard that Guido was somehow involved, I decided to ring him as an old friend, and see what the problem was face to face (so to speak) over the phone.

I called Guido one evening three to four days before Adi Shakti puja. Guido answered and almost immediately said "Bohdan, why are you giving this medicine... this poison to Shri Mataji which... I pull my ears... is turning her into a cabbage?"

I was taken aback by the vehemence behind the question as it felt not like a question... but an accusation.

I felt that here was someone with a lot of aggression and fixed ideas stuck in his mind and the going would be quite hard in our further conversation.

I answered that I was a bhakta of Shri Mataji first and foremost and would never dream of administering poison to Her in my other role as a medical doctor and that he had known me long enough as a Sahaja Yogi and should know better. He also said "History will judge you for what you have done". I answered "I don't care what history will do, my interest is only Shri Mataji".

The phone call continued for around 20-30 minutes, but finally I realised that no matter what I said, I could not budge him from his fixed ideas. In fact with the intensity with which his ideas were expressed repeatedly and in the face of my logical explanation of the facts behind Mother's medical treatment, I started to feel that there was something seriously wrong with him and that he was delusional in his thinking and attitude.

However I suggested we leave the door open for further discussion between us.

Bohdan Shehovych


There is about six-and-a-half years between Shri Mataji writing the letter of not wanting any medical treatments without Her consent (10 December, 1998) and actually receiving such medical treatment by the date of 01 July, 2005. In regards to the description of "vehemence behind the question" that Bohdan felt, when Guido said: "Bohdan, why are you giving this medicine... this poison to Shri Mataji which... I pull my ears... is turning her into a cabbage?"... it must be remembered that Shri Mataji had allegedly given Her letter of 10 December, 1998 to Guido. In other words, She must have trusted Guido!

We had the report from an email Jagbir received from "rose meri" on January 24, 2007, which showed that Shri Mataji was in a very bad state indeed. Here is what "rose meri" said:

> from rose meri 3:01 pm (3 hours ago)
> > to Jagbir Singh
> > date Jan 24, 2007 3:01 PM
> > subject Re: Letter
> >
> > Just to let you know - an email I received today ...
> >
> > > Jai Shri Mataji!
> > >
> > > I was told yesterday by Gauri (Guido's wife) that Shri Mataji's
> > > health is still poor. Apparently, when She was discharged from
> > > hospital a week ago, all the apparatus and machinery from the
> > > hospital have been moved and set up in Her room. The source of
> > > the news comes directly from a person with Italian connection
> > > who has been looking after Shri Mataji for the past couple of
> > > months. It's so obvious that they're playing down the news of
> > > Shri Mataji's health to the worldwide collective because they
> > > are fast loosing their evil grips of power


Approximately two months earlier in November 2006, Jagbir had responded to a very long email, which is listed under Jagbir's reply; it had been sent to "qmail" instead of "gmail" at first, so was a bit delayed in finally being received, but it is a quite long and informative letter. Here it is, with Jagbir's response first, and the email after it:

--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "jagbir singh" wrote:
> date Nov 25, 2006 2:19 AM
> subject Re: Fw: email to Jagbir
> Dear Rxxxxxx (and Xxxxx Xxxx),
> i definitely did not receive any email from Xxxxx Xxxx for i would
> have responded. i just searched xxx name on my entire gmail
> account but nothing came up. Maybe it was not the correct address.
> If she still wants to resend the email(s) i will be glad to read
> them. As always i will assure xxx identity is kept secret by using
> Xxxxx, as i have always done for other SYs. For that purpose (s)he
> may send them to my personal email ........... which i would prefer
> not to be given to others. i am sending a copy of this email to her
> too. Thank you.
> regards,
> jagbir

Dear Jagbir,

Finally, I could send you this letter. The first few were sent to qmail instead of gmail. If you wish to publish this letter below in your most asked questions you're most welcomed.

Love, Xxxxxxx

Dear Jagbir,

Jai Shri Mataji! We're so glad to have been told about your Shri Adishakti website because it has been very difficult and frustrated of not being able to express our views in these past two years due to the total control of the Sahaj official website and national websites around the world by WCASY and their followers.

My husband and I, who have been in Sahaj for more than 20 years, truly admire you and your family for having such tremendous courage and inner strength to stand up for the Truth and sticking to your principles because we also have been subjected to similar fate as you have been through in the past 3 years. We also have great admiration for those true yogis like Sergei, Guido, Derek, Al Ganesh, Henry Ho, the late Dr. Harald Knobel, Avinash and several more of my true brothers and sisters, whose characters have been tarnished, vilified and defamed publicly around the world in recent years by WCASY and their followers. How many times have Shri Mataji talked of Love? It is so apparent that after all these years they've never felt God's love in their heart and this is why so many of them have fallen in the spider's web.

However much they try to attack and discredit me, they can never ever ever destroy my spirit, my faith and my love for Shri Mataji which are a permanent fixture in my heart! I must say, there have been times when the attacks they inflicted upon me was so horrendous that it has posed risk to my health and danger to me and my family, I thought I would not be able to last any longer. My survival through this awful time only comes from the protection, guidance and love of Shri Mataji and using clearing and cleansing techniques which She has recommended to us on a regular basis. She would come into my dreams regularly before, during or after an attack either to forewarn, to indicate, to soothe, to advice, to love, to correct or to reassure me.

My family and I withdrew from the collective which has nothing to do of how we've been treated, but it has to do of how they, disgustingly, have been treating our Holy Divine Mother, God Almighty, Shri Adi Shakti for the past 3 and a half years. Often I would cry my eyes out and feel so ashamed of us as human beings who have been giving the greatest blessing of all and look at what they've done in the name of God. They violate Her Divine body by silen(cing) Her with this anti-psychotic drug, they parade Her around without any respect for Her physical well being, they have group photos taken with Shri Mataji in order to pamper their ego, they totally disregard all protocols which are needed to be observed for Shri Adi Shakti, they anointed and pontificated Sir C P and claimed publicly that Shri Mataji speaks through him and that he is Shiva, they sanctified Kalpina and Sadna by using shri before their names, they show photo of Sir C P's feet in the official website, they praised Sir C P by chanting "Bolo, shri papaji qui jay!" at the last Diwali puja, and finally, the ultimate sin committed against Shri Mataji is that they are doing their utmost to destroy by politicising, organising and distorting the teachings and works of God Almighty!

Shri Mataji has said that She is the Adi Shakti and She is the only Incarnation on this earth, are they deaf or what? For all the years we've been in Sahaj, of course we've great respect Sir C P and his family, we never once regarded them as SYs. The only member of the family who is a SY was Shri Mataji's beloved brother, BabaMama. I would like to ask if anybody has witnessed any members of the family worship, meditate and bow to Shri Mataji at pujas in all these years?

I know that those who are now considered as 'outsiders' will continue carrying the divine flame of Shri Mataji's and no one on this earth, particularly the WCASY and their followers, can stop us from spreading the True Message of our Holy Divine Mother. Gregoire had mentioned about fear in us, but do they have fear of the wrath of God?

Jagbir, we'll keep in touch.




There seem to be a myriad of witnesses as to what has been happening to Shri Mataji.

Jagbir, getting back to the Sergei Perezhogin and WCASY scenario you mention, Sergei must have heard about Shri Mataji's 10 December, 1998 letter which came out into the open by 01 July, 2005, according to Dr. Bohdan's letter. It was only shortly after that, at the date of 5 August, 2005, just one month later, that we hear that it is hoped that Mr. Sergei Perezhogin has resigned. There must have been this co-incidence that when Sergei heard about this 10 December, 1998 letter that Shri Mataji wrote, and like us, probably saw the writing was Shri Mataji's - that WCASY's giving of risperidone must have been a real problem for him. He must have brought up this issue to Dr. Bohdan, Alan Wherry and/or others. That would have been the equivalent to dissension in the ranks, as WCASY et al, have completely denied that it is Shri Mataji's letter! Also, especially poignant are the words of Shri Mataji, where She says:

"Specially my husband has no right over my body and any advice from him should not be accepted at all."


Sergei's position as a WCASY member would have been untenable after that, and so he duly resigned but with a letter where he showed he was morally in the right. WCASY gave the lame excuse that Perezhogin 'implied loss of powers":

"In fact, he implies loss of Divine powers by Her, which, of course, is not possible."

'Implying' however, does not mean that Sergei said that! Anyone can put implications on what others say, and be wrong in that implication. To want a person to resign on an 'implication' is very suspect. Usually a person is only asked to resign on 'evidence' not on 'implications'!

As far as 'implications' with regard to WCASY, we need none! WCASY clearly demonstrated (when they thought Shri Mataji had lost Her powers) that they were now the "Will of Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis"! In their actions and not in "mere implications" they showed that they believed that Shri Mataji had lost Her Powers, by stating openly and unashamedly that they were now the "Will of Shri Mataji to Sahaja Yogis!"

As you rightly say, Jagbir:

"there is something very wrong and sinister folks"

Appended is Mr. Perezhogin's email, just to refresh our memories!

regards to all,


Dear brothers and sisters! Sahaja yogis of Russia!

I would like to use this only possibility to address to you all. The stage, when Divine Incarnation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founded and personally was in charge of Sahaja yoga, has finished. The time has come now, when without Her participation formation of a new worldwide organization named Sahaja Yoga takes place. The new leaders, basing on their experience and beliefs emphatically suggested me to leave the position of leader of Russia and a member of the World Council I have been taking, as they need a completely controllable and easily directed from abroad candidate. I do not see possibility for myself to take part in such organization, as well as I do not want to fight and act with the same methods they do. Thus I leave the position I was given in 1999 by Shri Adi Shakti, as now a new organization is created, where I cannot be a leader, as principles of it's formation contradict everything taught by our Mother. I would like to thank you for all your great love and support, which I felt for all these 6 years. Thank you very much for we together reached unseen spread of Sahaja Yoga in Russia and are second (in quantity) collective in the world. And in quality, I think, the first! I leave with clear conscience.

With all my love and best wishes,
ex-leader of Sahaja Yoga in Russia
Perezhogin S.V.


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