But to whom did Shri Mataji confide it was a forgery Gregoire?

Apr 26, 2008
Dear Jagbir, Dear Violet, and all

The other day, as i was walking to my office, my attention was caught by a tall and fat guy dressed in the jewish way, black trousers and vest, large hat... His shape reminded me someone i knew...... Suddenly, i think he just felt that i was watching him and he turned his head toward my direction : Yes it was a.... er..... "Sahaja Yogi". When he saw me he looked embarrassed. So i continued to walk in a detached manner and when i reached my office i looked through the window : the "jew-sy" was ringing at the synagogue door, then the door opened... end of the story.

Then i asked myself what such a fanatical-close-to-the-leader-soldier-"and-so- dedicated-to Shri Mataji" can do at 8:00 AM in a synagogue. Now the question is raised ? Who are you ?, what game are you playing ? What side are you on ?


Dear Nicole,

i don't think, no wonder how fanatical the SY may be, that they would dress in a jewish style hat, vest, and black pants, knock on the synagogue door for admittance, and offer to give the rabbi his Self-realisation at 8:00 a.m. in the morning, LOL! But since SYS are only supposed to "give Self-realisation", what's this SY, whom you say is close to the leader, doing there at 8:00 a.m. in the morning?! It's absurd to think he is "giving Self-realisation" under such strange circumstances, LOL! So what is he doing there?! A religious 'cabal' have already taken over Shri Mataji's organisation, if we recall that Mr. Perezhogin of Russia, who was leader for 5 years, resigned saying, that he did not want to operate with their tactics. Could it be possible, that the same religious 'cabal' that have taken over Shri Mataji's organisation, also have membership in other religious organisations? You witnessed it, Nicole. It now stands as a record. Soemthing untoward is going on, that SYS need to know about. SYS need to wake up, and see that Shri Mataji's organisation has been hijacked by spiritually unauthorised people.


Dear Nicole,

Events over the last few years have shaken up the confidence of many SYs, though most will not admit it. Thus it is no wonder that "a fanatical-close-to-the-leader-soldier-"and-so-dedicated-to Shri Mataji" " was seen seeking faith and solace, albeit secretly, in his synagogue again.

Sir C.P. must be commended for playing a major role in this crisis of confidence for conferring WCASY members with Shri Mataji's Will ..... ......... by first medicating Her with anti-psychotic drugs against Her Will,* turning Her into a human vegetable and making Her medical file public.

And decades of abject failure to attract seekers to their SYSSR has left the rank and file with absolutely no hope, all the more given Shri Mataji's advanced age and an end to all public programs.

Thus even fanatical-close-to-the-leader-soldiers-and-so-dedicated-to Shri Mataji are now secretly seeking salvation elsewhere. The camel is dying from the thirst of truth.

But please do not worry or feel down about the actions of such highly esteemed SY leaders/soldiers of the early 1980s. Instead you must rejoice because that gives us hope and evidence that the destruction of WCASY and their SYSSR is well on the way. One day we will have enough strength and numbers to overcome and replace them forever. So be happy as everything is going the right way folks.



* Gregoire must also be knighted for claiming that Shri Mataji, all drugged and silenced by risperidone** and other medications, admitted to god-knows-whom that Her previous Letter is a forgery. Thus Gregoire is claiming that Shri Mataji, while heavily drugged and sedated around June/July 2005, somehow managed to know that Guido and company were acting in accordance to Her 1998 hand-written letter, and rejected it as a forgery. (Just try comparing any of Shri Mataji's pervious letters/notes and you will realize that even a child can tell you that the handwriting is the same.) But to whom did Shri Mataji confide it was a forgery Gregoire? And how was She able to do so when She was all drugged and sedated and silenced? Last, but not the least, can you and WCASY get Shri Mataji to now again claim it was a forgery and put the matter to rest? (i guess not as it is obvious that Guido and company just fabricated that letter to make Shri Mataji deny it as a forgery, insult our intelligence and get themselves kicked out of Sahaja Yoga! That is so fiendishly simple!)

Gregoire de Kalbermatten: recent letter to the worldwide sangha
Date: July 4, 2005 2:30:36 PM GMT+02:00

The sangha and the family

Dear friends in the worldwide sangha,

At the recent Adi Shakti puja a number of events occurred which resulted in a long exchange on the health of Shri Mataji. It took place between an informal group of representatives of the sangha and sahaja yogis doctors.

This encounter covered grounds of concerns including those that uninformed members of the sangha might have had on medication. It is perfectly normal that the immense majority of us are uninformed about health matters because of the obvious privacy to which every citizen in our society is entitled.

We were most happy to hear that HHSM is slowly and steadily improving and that a full recovery is entirely possible. Responses were given on related issue including a letter of Shri Mataji dated 1998 (that Mother has now said is a forgery) that was circulated to everybody in the pendal. I am not commenting on these medical issues here. But there are no doubts that the heart felt concern for Mother's health, notably in Her host countries, is fully shared....

Let me restate a simple fact. Shri Mataji is our only and sole guru: not the leaders, no matter how many (or little) merits they have, not the emerging Council which is still seeking its path, and not the members of Her family. From this we can assume that the directions for our life must come from the depth and sincerity of our introspection, meditation AND capacity for non-reactivity from the mental and emotional sides of our being.

With much respect and love to all, Grégoire

* "Neuroleptics provided no benefit for patients with mild behavioural problems, but were associated with a marked deterioration in verbal skills...

The neuroleptics which came under analysis in the study were thioridazine (Melleril), chlorpromazine (Largactil), haloperidol (Serenace), trifluoperazine (Stelazine) and risperidone (Risperdal)."


> Events over the last few years have shaken up the confidence of
> many SYs, though most will not admit it. Thus it is no wonder that "a
> fanatical-close-to-the-leader-soldier-"and-so-dedicated-to Shri
> Mataji" " was seen seeking faith and solace, albeit secretly, in his
> synagogue again.

to www.adishakti.org@...,
date Mon, Jul 30, 2007 at 1:01 PM
subject adishakti.org

Hello guys & gals,

This is a brilliant site! The best on Nirmala Devi by far.

Do not let the intellectuals of SY stop you from keeping this site going.

Many of them do not recognise her and it has become a weak shadow of what it potentialy could be.

Keep up the good work and watch out for ADI SHAKTI t-shirts appearing in pop videos soon.

I have been telling people that she is the divine for years but they shut me out.

People should get their realisation on monday and go to a puja on sunday. Leave them alone and they will sort themselves out

Yes it's that good!!

I may becoming over to America soon and would love to meet up.

Till then

Keep up the good work

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