But we SYs DO NOT have the right to deny ANY seeker this God-given right.

--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, Suzy Creamcheese wrote:
> Dear truthful friends,
> Like Suzy works for me. No one in any SY collective knows I read
> this site let alone respond to it. But my honest, heart felt
> feelings about SY and Shri Mataji are here.
> Yes, I am a coward. I don't want to put up with the political
> nonsense I would have to endure and I want the option of joining
> collective meditation with the larger collective. There are many
> rank and file yogis who know what WCASY is but don't say anything
> about it openly. After all, we are in SY for spiritual growth and
> to spread realization and knowledge of Mother's incarnation. We
> choose to let WCASY do whatever as they are going to anyway. Why
> get involved with them when we can still give realization and
> enjoy the larger collective as well.
> And, I can chat with you good folks about truth.
> All the sisterly love,
> Suzy

Dear Suzy,

You are more than welcome to join the collective meditation of the larger collective. i wholeheartedly encourage all SYs to participate in their local collectives. However, there are words of caution:

i) do not indulge in the fanatical daily cleansing rituals as the Mother Kundalini is a far better and almost instantaneous healer;

ii) do not blindly follow the "Just give self-realization" dead-end but give seekers Shri Mataji's Message in its wholesome entirety. At the moment this is unfortunately only possible by giving them links to http://adishakti.org. If you are convinced Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti and believe you are taking part in the promised Last Judgment and Resurrection then, without hesitation, you will give the link and allow the seeker to make his/her own judgment. The rest we leave to Shri Mataji because She will respond according to the desires and sincerity of the seeker. But we SYs DO NOT have the right to deny ANY seeker this God-given right. On the contrary, wherever this right to the Truth is not recognized, granted, or is scaled down or limited to a particular type of seekers, even if done so in the name of God, the Divine Force withdraws and ceases to function. That is what has been happening to Sahaja Yoga - it is now devoid of the fundamental truth and reason for Shri Mataji's incarnation and Her Message to humanity. This unprecedented misfortune and most shocking negativity against any incarnation has been primarily due to the baseless fears, hypocrisy and cowardice of the SY leadership over the years and decades that has collectively diseased most SYs.

iii) do not blindly follow WCASY/SY leadership. As Shri Mataji has said, they are just postmen delivering letters for Her. They are in no way gurus or even enlightened souls who can give you knowledge except, of course, petty advise on pujas dates/venues, book releases, Shri Mataji's health etc. They are in no way endowed with better spiritual knowledge or powers and should never be sought for such matters as the Adi Shakti within is the only Guide we must seek at all times. Always remember what Shri Mataji said years ago:

"You have to dedicate yourself completely to me, not to Sahaja Yoga, but to me. Sahaja Yoga is only one of my aspects. Leaving everything you have to dedicate. Complete dedication - otherwise you cannot ascend any further. Without questioning, without arguing. Complete dedication is the only way you can achieve it."

i trust we can get enough SYs over time to hold on, nourish, sustain and spread the Truth. Right now we need to hide our identities to prevent the WCASY/SY leadership from initiating action. One day this won't be necessary because Truth works to destroy it foes too. Shri Mataji promised that She will establish Sahaja Yoga before She leaves. And She does not have much time left to do so. If we are not the ones working as Her instruments to establish the unadulterated, uncorrupted and unedited Truth upholding Shri Mataji's incarnation and Divine Message then who is ............ WCASY/the SY leadership?



--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "jagbir singh" wrote:
> If you are convinced Shri Mataji is the Adi
> Shakti and believe you are taking part in the promised Last Judgment
> and Resurrection then, without hesitation, you will give the link
> and allow the seeker to make his/her own judgment. The rest we leave
> to Shri Mataji because She will respond according to the desires and
> sincerity of the seeker. But we SYs DO NOT have the right to deny
> ANY seeker this God-given right.

"It is astonishing that the sahaja yogis, who believe Shri Mataji to be the savior of humanity prophecied by many religious scriptures, have not the conviction to promote her to the world openly, honestly and unashamedly as that. Promotion of the savior will draw more serious attention from many more people than do the current vague claims about stress relief and peace of mind. This lack of conviction speaks volumes and is the same reason they fail to respond to those who challenge SY. You simply can't be one thing and then attempt to portray yourself as another - no matter how clever you are, it shows and people see it very clearly. This is called hypocrisy. It indicates the vast majority of sahaja yogis are in a state of denial.

On the premise that Shri Mataji is indeed the Adi Shakti, on what basis do the sahaja yogis take it upon themselves to discriminate as to whom is delivered the message of her present incarnation and by what convoluted process that message is selectively delivered? To take upon themselves to make such discriminations is an expression of an elitist, missionary culture motivated by power and authority over others. The message must be very plain and simple if every person on the planet is to be afforded the opportunity to draw their own conclusions about the goddess incarnate. Why do the sahaja yogis make something so simple so complicated?. Why are they doing so poor a job in telling the world of Shri Mataji, when as the goddess she will surely stand and be recognised as the reality they claim she is?

My parting word is that like it or not, Shri Mataji and her sahaja yogis must face the issues presented by those who challenge them. Intelligent response is required and what remains to be seen is whether they are capable of this. The longer they avoid it, the more SY will be clearly identified to be lacking in credibility and its members in integrity. The more they will appear to be a cultish throw-back to the dark ages. I recommend the sahaja yogis today change their whole approach and start promoting SY as what it is - a religion focused around a personality who has claimed, and is understood by them, to be the Adi Shakti, divine mother of the universe. This is, after all, the year of exposure for SY.

May truth prevail."


> --- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, Calin Martin
> wrote:
> >
> > Dear Xxxxx,
> > you imply that WCASY tried to present Shri Mataji as
> > a divine personality. But calling Her Adi Shakti on
> > the website, makes little relevance for people with
> > Christian or Muslim background. They simply do not
> > know what it means. Also writing "Goddess" on the
> > website is not going to bring much. The roman and greek
> > mitologies are full of "Goddesses". Do you know how
> > many
> >
--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "jagbir singh"
> >
> > Dear Jagbir,
> >
> > I understand your frustration that Shri Mataji has been very
> > little announced in Her greater form, as explained on your
> > homepage. But I noted twice recently that She was named as a
> > Goddess on the Sahajayoga.org news pages (SWAN).
> >
> ------------
> >
> > Dear jagbir,
> >
> > I felt compelled to write to you after i just visited
> > adishakti.org after some months now when i realized your message
> > on the frontpage. First let me introduce myself, my name is
> > Xxxxx and i live in Xxxxx and i am Xx and got my realization X
> > years back. Anyways I knew about your site for
> >
> Dear Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxxx,
> i am willing to post your private response to maintain your
> identity if any of you feel a response will compromise your
> standing in the collective, or for any other reason. You may also
> adopt another ID if you want to respond directly.
> i know SYs are uncomfortable to post any remarks/response on this
> forum as it will be taken as an anti-Sahaja Yoga sign by the SY
> leadership. This may lead to problems in the local collective. As
> we all know John Noyce is the official watchdog of WCASY who sends
> reports to council member Alan Wherry. This Inquisytion chief then
> directs other council members/Will-wannabees to use their influence
> on the marked SY to bend to official rules. i don't want that to
> happen again and am willing to work around this negativity.
> Just two days ago i met a Montreal SY at the metro and we were
> going in the same direction. Thus there was ample opportunity to
> catch up on things and discuss about Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga.
> In the end i told this person that the followers of Jesus Christ,
> Guru Nanak and Prophet Muhammad openly announced the incarnation,
> and that only SYs have that dubious distinction of being the first
> and only followers in history afraid to do so. i added that Sahaja
> Yoga will never spread till we spoke the truth.
> This SY, clearly very uncomfortable to do so, responded by saying
> that s/he have so many SY brothers and sisters who share the same
> subtle system approach. Under no circumstance will s/he go against
> the collective to declare the Truth without official approval. In
> other words, it is far more important that s/he follow the official
> subtle system approach and stay in the collective than risk telling
> the truth and losing these friends.
> i believe most SYs do not want to risk losing the joy of their
> collectives, and thus rather remain silent or aloof. For me this is
> a selfish and cowardly approach that betrays their lack of dharma
> and lower level of self-realization.
> i am not asking Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxx to reveal their identities. Just
> their desire that the truth regarding Shri Mataji and Her Message
> be told openly is enough and goes a long way to rally others. All
> you need is an ID like Chandra and post here without any fear of
> official reprisal. It is so comforting to support the Truth and
> nourish mind, body and soul with a clear conscience. Try it and see
> how you will progress.
> regards,
> jagbir

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