But woe unto you, WCASY scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!

The revolutionary Message of Christ - Christ the Philosopher

By Frédéric LENOIR
Editions Plon, 2007
ISBN 978-2-259-20489-7

The message of freedom of Christ has been rejected by the church in the name of human weakness , in order to strengthen its power. It aims to show that the ecclesiastic institution gave in diabolic temptations to which Jesus succeeded to resist , (torturing, killing forced conversions, dissoluteness, etc...) says Dostoievski.

Christianity has been allowed to reach abysses of horror because it offers weak people to climb up the highest summits.

The message of Christ and the church are radically opposed : The revolutionary Message of Christ aims at emancipating the individual from the burden of group and tradition, making his freedom of choice an absolute, and the institution practice, denying this inner freedom in order to safeguard the interests of the group and the tradition.

The church makes the genuine Christianity inaccessible to men, it hides it.

Quotation from Kierkegaard : "In the sumptuous cathedral, here comes the Great Reverend, and Venerable secret predicator of the court. He appears before an elite and preaches with emotion on a text he has especially chosen : God chose what is humble and despised in the world - and no one laughs !"

How does it come that the development of the Christian society and the church have given birth to a civilisation, a culture opposed in all points to what we can read in the Bible


Dear all,

By reading the very first pages of this great book, i could not help in making parallels with what happens currently in SY. It seems that history repeats itself definitely.

The beautiful Message of Love and Resurrection of Shri Mataji, being hijacked by a few cunning people.... Is the Message of Shri Mataji too revolutionary for the current Time ?

Definitely not.

As we know we are about to live a Great Momentum in the history of Humanity, the Resurrection Time, promised by all the scriptures since the dawn of times.

So what happens, why aren't we able to spread this divine Message to all the nations as requested by our Divine Mother ?

Since the beginning of SY Shri Mataji chosed leaders in order to facilitate the communication between Sy's and Shri Mataji's physical incarnation. In no way it was meant to enable those leaders to interfere in the SY's life. Though Shri Mataji warned them, and explained that being a leader is « Maya », some of them seized this opportunity to set a "clientele–like" way of relationship with the Sy's and it allowed some weak people to reach the deepest abyss of pettiness, because they felt empowered with the highest functions.

They used their self-made power to install a climate of fear, and guilt between the other people. "i will tell Shri Mataji", "Shri Mataji said... ", "you are catching here and there", "You are a negative person", "you are possessed". They kept information given by Shri Mataji for themselves and the members of their court.

But now the Time has come. The more Shri Mataji is ageing physically, the more we have to build a Beautiful Shrine for Her in our heart, while doing this we are going to discover that WE ARE THE SPIRIT, we are part and parcel of the whole, and that we have to emancipate from all kind of slavery, be it very tiny and subtle.

Today, it has become legitimate to ask the WCASY : Please leave us alone ! You are not needed anymore ! Introspect and if it is your true desire join us all on the way to the Kingdom of God ! The Kingdom of God is for everyone, Help us to spread the Divine Message by becoming really the SELF, the SPIRIT !

Love to all


Dear Nicole and All,

This is a heartening message indeed, of emancipation from the 'would-be' rulers of our hearts:

"But now the Time has come. The more Shri Mataji is ageing physically, the more we have to build a Beautiful Shrine for Her in our heart, while doing this we are going to discover that WE ARE THE SPIRIT, we are part and parcel of the whole, and that we have to emancipate from all kind of slavery, be it very tiny and subtle.

Today, it has become legitimate to ask the WCASY: Please leave us alone! You are not needed anymore! Introspect and if it is your true desire join us all on the way to the Kingdom of God! The Kingdom of God is for everyone, Help us to spread the Divine Message by becoming really the SELF, the SPIRIT!"


Dear Nicole and all,

But what the Gnostics celebrated as proof of spiritual maturity, the orthodox WCASY has denounced as "deviation" from SYSSR tradition. Without question it is the same negativity that worked against Lord Jesus two millennia ago.

To imply that perhaps the same priests and scribes have taken birth .. ....... er, i mean "control" over the SY masses is no undue stretch of imagination. With their church-like organization, editing of the Incarnation's teachings and ex-communicative powers there is little to differentiate the past from the present. They too have vast divine self-conferred powers:

"We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty"
Pope Leo XIII Encyclical Letter of June 20, 1894

"The supreme teacher in the Church is the Roman Pontiff. Union of minds, therefore, requires... complete submission and obedience of will to the Church and to the Roman Pontiff, as to God Himself."
Leo VIII, On the Chief Duties of Christians as Citizens, Encyclical letter, 1890

"All names which in the Scriptures are applied to Christ, by virtue of which it is established that He is over the church, all the same names are applied to the Pope."
On the Authority of the Councils, book 2, chapter 17

"One thing I want to mention - World Council - is that She (Shri Mataji) desires for me to convey to you that the World Council is the highest authority in Sahaja Yoga, representing Her will. And this will be, the World Council, will be the final deciding authority in Sahaja Yoga collectives. There should be no doubt about that. That is Her will, and on behalf of Her, the World Council will be acting. Is that clear to everyone? That is Her will and She asked me to convey this, and I am conveying it to you."

"The final authority is the World Council. Everything else emanates from the World Council. Whatever decision is to be taken, the World Council takes, because that is Her will. The Council represents Her will. Alright? So there should be no confusion in future. That has been decided. Thereafter, what happens where is a matter for the World Council to decide. We have now to move forward, carry forward the message and act on that basis."

Sir Chandrika Prasad Srivastava
New Jersey, USA, July 23rd, 2005

Throw in the Inquisition led by Alan Wherry, Dr. Bohdan, John Noyce, Ed Saugstad and others, and it is almost a perfect fit. i say "almost a perfect fit" because burning heretics like my children and myself on the stake is now a punishable public spectacle.

So we have to persevere against this priestly, orthodox caste that is trying its best to eradicate the Gnostic knowledge so vital to emancipate humanity; knowledge they have labeled as "possession", "evil", "supra-conscious", "satanic" etc.

In the past the "efforts of the majority to destroy every trace of heretical blasphemy proved so successful that, until the discoveries at Nag Hammadi, nearly all our information concerning alternative forms of early Christianity came from the massive orthodox attacks upon them." But the internet will ensure that will not be the case now. All we need is Gnostic evidence and scriptural knowledge that instills faith and comforts the believers of the Last Judgment and Resurrection. Those joining us today must know that the Gnostic path does not require the intermediation of WCASY for salvation. They must learn to be their own masters from day one!

i again assure all that things are going well, especially this year. The daily average of web pages viewed at http://www.adishakti.org has increased from 3,500 (last December 2007) to 5,500 (February 2008). As we collectively work towards 12-12-2012 it can only get better. After all we are, by the Holy Spirit's power, now part of the greatest miracle of all that is bringing men to salvation. It will only get better as more and more honest, conscientious SYs join us to openly and joyously declare the Blossom Time to all.

Without question, WCASY will never ever recover from its seeking the Will of the Devi. Its looming demise and end is all but assured. So take comfort in the inevitable end of this priestly negativity that again seeks to edit the message of the Comforter, just as it did during the times of Lord Jesus. And what did He say then?

But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. (Matthew 23:13)

Is the title of this post any different after two millennia?

regards to all,


"Jesus solemnly assures the disciples that they will, in the future, perform even greater miracles than He. By this He means to say that through the power of the Holy Spirit, they will bring about the greatest miracle of all – the salvation of lost souls. He promises them that whatever they ask for, in connection with their ministry of bringing the miracle of salvation to lost men, will be granted them.

The theme of this section is reassurance and encouragement. Jesus gives the disciples three basic reasons they should cease being troubled in their spirits. First, He tells them that, although He is going away, He will return for them so that they may ultimately join Him where He is going (vv. 1-3). Second, He tells them that, though He is going away, He will be the only means by which men may come to God and go to Heaven (vv. 4-11). Third, He tells them that, though He is going away, their ministries are not finished. In fact, the best is still ahead. They are going, by the Holy Spirit's power, to be part of the greatest miracle of all, bringing men to salvation (vv. 12-14)."

J. W. Stallings, Randall House Bible Commentary: The Gospel of John,
Randall House Publications, 1989, page 205

Gnostic Gospels
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The term gnostic gospels (pronunciation: naws-tik) refers to gnostic collections of writings about the teachings of Jesus, written around the 2nd century AD.[1] These gospels are not accepted by most mainstream Christians as part of the standard Biblical canon. Rather, they are part of what is called the New Testament apocrypha. However, public interest has been spurred by recent novels and films which refer to them.[2][3]


The gnostic gospels were named after the Greek word gnosis which means "knowledge" and is often used in Greek philosophy in a manner more consistent with the English "enlightenment". Gnostic philosophy and religious movements began in pre-Christian times. During this time, ideas from Greek Gnosticism intermingled with Early Christianity. The name "Christian gnostics" came to represent a segment of the Early Christian community who believed that salvation lay not in merely worshipping Christ, but in psychic or pneumatic souls learning to free themselves from the material world via the revelation.[4] According to this tradition, the answers to spiritual questions are to be found within not without.[2] Furthermore, the gnostic path does not require the intermediation of a church for salvation. Some scholars, such as Edward Conze and Elaine Pagels, have suggested that gnosticism blends teachings like those attributed to Jesus Christ with teachings found in Eastern traditions.[1]


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