Coming back to the local collective

From: "jagbir singh" <adishakti_org@...>
Date: Sun Feb 5, 2006 6:47 pm
Subject: Re: Coming back to the local collective.

--- In, "Violet"
<violet.tubb@...> wrote:
> Dear Jagbir and All,
> i am happy that things have worked out and i am going back to the
> collective (along with my hubby) who also comes with me.

i am happy for you Violet (and your hubby too) that you can meet old
friends and like-minded spiritual souls after a long absence.

> In some ways i have enjoyed the experience of being away from the
> local collective because it gave me a greater sense of the big
> spiritual picture in my life, and in other ways i have not enjoyed
> being away from the local collective, because i truly missed the
> collective meditation and collective pujas. There is nothing quite
> like collective meditation and pujas that is very spiritually
> satisfying and uplifting, except my own experience of deep
> meditation on the Adi Shakti within myself.

Violet, you really missed the collective, didn't you? There is no
doubt about that. It will be interesting to know the growth attained
while in exile, compared to the stagnant collectives. You may
experience some awkward moments that were removed while free, small
details that nourished you to your present state.

> i just do not want to be put into an `organizational box', that's
> all. i want the freedom to be myself, my own Spirit, and not be
> ruled, regulated, or `boxed in'.

That will be quite difficult Violet, unless you are determined not
to regress backwards. It is not easy to stand out because few will
understand your spiritual maturity and balance while living in exile
in the wilderness here. So be upfront and transparent. Voice your
protest if they try to mould you to their "108 rules and treatments
to be an obedient catch-free SY".

> i also want to go because i love to go and i have much joy in
> going, but i never want to feel obligated to go, which takes away
> the joy.

The collective should be thankful that you are returning. Endangered
species should nurture their wounded and dying with all the love and

> i don't necessarily want to get involved in all collective
> activities such as catering and money raising for example, because
> i live far away, and i feel my work is on these forums and that is
> how i do the work in my own life for Shri Mataji.

You are logically correct, femininely intuitive and spiritually
matured Violet to feel that way. i assure that your Christian
theological background infused into your work on the Internet will
pay off many times over. i had you in mind too when the decision to
change the web format to Textpattern was taken. The best and most
vital work for Shri Mataji is yet to come. You will probably spend
your entire life to usher Her Divine Message onto human
consciousness. Always channel your energies to what you love most.
Work in projects that will nourish, sustain and deepen your faith.
Nothing beats working for the Adi Shakti within. (Your collective is
still involved with Her external aspects.)

> i also would like the collective to grow spiritually in becoming
> more and more in such a way that new people will be very happy,
> welcome, accepted, nurtured, loved. This state can only be there
> if yogis who are already there are accepting each other regardless
> of external differences or differences of individual
> opinions/experiences. After all, it is the Divine Element Within
> which is the Absolute Truth that connects and binds us as One
> Collective Being, not the differences in opinion.

As i mentioned earlier, you are going to experience some awkward
moments. Few SYs are at your level and we are not talking about
those holding Ph.Ds in chakralogy and micromatka bioengineering. So
it will better you speak up if they insist you to return to the
weekly cleansing (in order to deprogram your mind and sanitize your
body of exile catches. i think you will find that under section #65
of "108 rules and treatments to be a obedient catch-free SY".)

> As long as a person behaves dharmically, i see no need for rules,
> regulations, and 'boxings-in' to be the order of the day, whereby
> all yogis have to have the same opinions on everything in order to
> be accepted.

Do not allow management robots to make you drones of those
representing the Will of Shri Mataji. Never empower those who want
to take away your individuality. Always know that you can protest
here and we will make sure domineering characters like JN, AW or
their lackeys are diced up into skewer able souvlaki sizes. i really
dislike those who want to control SYs by verbal bullying and will
bark incessantly at them. But those who pick the `weaker' sisterly
sex will definitely be bitten ............... and relentlessly
barked at in public to make sure that insults aggravates their
injury too. That is the only way to stop such dry and domineering
characters from bothering you. Through experience I have learnt that
such bullies cannot be reasoned with. i hope they read this "DO NOT
DISTURB" sign.

> Provided a person behaves dharmically, i also do not see any
> reason why one yogi should tell another yogi what to do, what is
> right and what is wrong, because no yogis is 100% right and no
> yogi is 100% wrong either; only the Absolute Truth is 100% right,
> so i feel we need to be flexible and appreciate and respect each
> other's differences. After all, that is what makes ourselves
> interesting to each other. If we were not all 'different drops of
> the Divine' and all the same, what a boring life this would be. It
> is the differences in each of us, that allow us all to help each
> other with our different strengths in different areas of our
> spiritual lives. i definitely do not claim to be a perfect person,
> that is for sure! i think as long as i am in this body, i will
> never be a perfect person.

When a species is on the endangered list utmost care must be taken
to ensure they are protected and nourished to sustain their kind
through a crisis. i doubt if management SYs have learnt this lesson.
That is why a "DO NOT DISTURB" is necessary.

> So everyone, is different. We all have these different
> permutations and combinations. We all are working at evolving
> spiritually. What works for one person, may not work for the next.
> That is why each person has to become their own guru in connection
> with the Mother within who is our real Guru, and will teach us
> from within, when we ask Her.

You are the exception rather than the norm Violet. Marking of
attendance at the weekly cleansing will remind you of the chasm
between being your own guru and following the collective herd. Most
will be unable to comprehend your belief or will nod mechanically in
agreement in order not to offend you. Their attention and projection
of senses has always been on the external, physical Shri Mataji.
That is why management SYs were up in arms at my mention that it is
possible to meditate on the Divine Mother sans image. You just don't
make such a heretical statement ......................... to the ignorant.

> Jagbir, i want to ask you... is what i expect from my local
> collective too much to ask for, or am i right in asking/expecting
> just to be left to follow my own individual spiritual path within
> as a Sahaja Yogi and as a guru of myself and at the same time,
> desiring to have fellowship with other Sahaja Yogis who will
> accept me on that basis and not try to tell me what to do or how
> to think?

Violet, you are absolutely right in requesting your desire to be
your own guru be unconditionally accepted by the rank and file. i
can assure you that they will one day move in your direction and
take that path. It is just a matter of time before the Mahasamadhi
of Shri Mataji will leave them initially bewildered and clueless.
Then they will have to look for Her within themselves, in their own
Sahasraras. They thus should accept you on that basis and not try to
tell you what to do or how to think. In fact the opposite is
presently required, or will have to be sought urgently after She
leaves us. So please do not come down from the mountain to admire
the view from the plateau they are collectively standing. How can
they see what you have experienced from a higher consciousness and
elevated awareness.?

> Of course, i am happy to make contributions to the local
> collective, and have agreed to write and help out with Public
> Program Pamphlets and similar things, but publishing and writing
> is what i like to do, so i am definitely pleased to help out in
> that way and it also makes me feel that i am valued for what i can
> contribute.

Do not be taken in by their "write and help out with Public Program
Pamphlets". Some of our 'leaders' are like politicians skilled in
the art of patronizing and wooing. Their sense of belonging to an
elite club does inflate their ego and believe of being chosen over
the commoners like you and me. Their brainstorming sessions has
always been with chosen grey matter members. Maybe things have begun
to change with the recent dismantling of the SY power pyramid,
belatedly initiated more by the crisis of abject failure than the
debilitating demise caused by clashing egos and power struggles. i
will let you know when this Brahminnical apex is completely crushed
and mixed to the point of being indistinguishable from the
untouchable sudra base of night-soil carriers like me.

But everything is alright Violet and going according to Her Plan.
Always remain your own master and you will be allowed to
participate. Just stand on the Truth and do not yield even an inch
to any human or external organization. Perhaps your exile was
necessary after all.

Jai Shri Mataji,





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