Dave Dunphy indirectly confirms ex-WCASY members forged Shri Mataji's letter

Subject: [USA Sahajnet] Recent Events
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 03:18:42 -0500

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Over the last two weeks, we in America as well as many other parts of the world have experienced a great deal of discord and confusion due to recent events and our differing perceptions of them. In times such as these, we must all endeavor to overcome the differences we may have and penetrate the veil of ego so that we may unite at the feet of Our Holy Mother, as this is how She would wish to see us. Rather than debating what the will of Shri Mataji may be, let us try to discern this in the depth of our own beings through our own meditation. Shri Mataji has always admonished us to become our own Gurus and last year placed us very firmly upon that path at the Guru Puja. She asked that we gather together in small groups and spread Sahaja Yoga, so regardless of the existence or lack thereof of organizations at either the national or international level, this is where our attention should be and in this realm we cannot help but be woven together in a seamless fabric.

As you already know, the US national council has received Shri Mataji's letter of January 3, 2010 stating the the World Council has been dissolved. The letter further suggested that National Councils world wide rotate their membership every 3-5 years. A second letter on January 6, 2010 was received stating that responsibilities of the erstwhile World Council was being transferred to national councils.

In a united response, the members of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma USA have acknowledged this and scheduled a meeting in New York on February 5,6, and 7 to discuss how to establish a system of rotating membership to transition leadership to new members while assuring the continuity of ongoing efforts across the country. We expect to get back to you all following this gathering to let you all know how this process might take place in transparent and open fashion. Speaking on a personal note, I am looking forward to giving others the opportunity to step up and make a difference in our efforts to reach out to the people of this country and share with them the love of Shri Mataji.

All of the current members of VND stand ready to speak to you regarding any questions you may have and the former World Council Members in the U.S. are available to share with you the history leading up to recent events should you so desire. We would ask that this dialog not continue to take place on the internet, but rather that we speak to each other directly so that the qualities of the Vishuddhi can truly manifest and we can maintain an atmosphere of decorum, clarity and mutual respect.

It has been an honor serving at the behest of Shri Mataji in this country and I truly believe that our qualities of collectivity, witness, and the mirthful joy of Shri Krishna will prevail and we will not be drawn into division and mistrust, for this will prevent us from realizing Her desire and finally manifesting the qualities of the Vishuddhi of the Virata in America.

With Love and Respect,
Dave Dunphy
On Behalf of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma USA

Sat Feb 6, 2010 11:50 pm
Just a quick note on this mail by the US coordinators.

As many yogis have mentionned to me and others, this email was a forced response to the US SY collective, after a Russian yogini posted the 2 SM letters disbanding the WCASYS members, on a national US email listing.(whether SM wrote them or not is another issue)

The key wording in the letter is "As you already know, the US national council has received Shri Mataji's letter of January 3, 2010 stating the the World Council has been dissolved "

What that really means is: " As you already most probably don't know, as we never shared this info with you guys before...damn we got caught manipulating info again...ooops"

I thought a clarification was in order...;)

And while we are at it, all these "career" US yogis are meeting in NY this week end (as stated in DD's letter) , so we might shoebeat them nicely, cause many of them have fought all of their lives to acquire these positions in SY, and I really doubt they'll relinquish their titles just like that....


Sun Feb 7, 2010 8:21 am
Hi G. and all,

So it is true that the US national council are caught with their pants down. However, i am unsure of how many SYs are aware of this unforgivable deceit of WCASY members from the US producing a letter purportedly written by Shri Mataji. My previous post reads:

"Dear believers of the Resurrection,

Namaste - i bow to the Comforter who resides in you!

The previous forensic report was based on the evidence at hand, and the red herring was the SWAN date January 5, 2010. (A "red herring" is a deliberate attempt to divert attention.) So i was constrained to follow the facts given by WCASY.

But here is what i think happened, give or take a con job or two:

i)On January 3, 2010 Shri Mataji issues a letter before four witnesses dissolving WCASY with immediate effect. There is no reaction from shocked WCASY members as they assess the situation. They decide to wait for Shri Mataji "to appoint new members from all parts of the world shortly." In the meantime they mull their move, suspecting that Sir CP was behind this plot to remove them from power. Shri Mataji's letter is not posted on SWAN.

ii) On January 6, 2010 Shri Mataji issues another letter before the same four witness. This time She confirms that the "function of the World Council is now transferred to the National Sahaja Yoga committees globally." Again the WCASY is disbanded by Her. Again Her letter is not placed on SWAN.

iii) The WCASY SWAT teams swings into action. Their propaganda unit edits the second letter, backdates it to January 3 and stamps the date "January 5, 2010" and place it conveniently on SWAN, all the while claiming it is from Shri Mataji. The main difference between the genuine January 3, 2010 letter from Shri Mataji and the backdated fake issued by WCASY is this: The fake letter does not mention that the "function of the World Council is now transferred to the National Sahaja Yoga committees globally" i.e., that the World Council, already dissolved by Shri Mataji on 3rd January, must now hand over/ surrender their duties to national committees. In short, WCASY members were stripped naked ..... and they are furious, to say the least!"


Dave Dunphy's letter is yet another nail in the WCASY coffin. As an ex-member he indirectly, or perhaps unwittingly, confirms that the US council did receive the 3rd January letter from Shri Mataji that disbanded the WCASY. The truth that Dave Dunphy does not admit is that of iii) above, and that the majority of the dismissed members and national leaders aligned with the ex-WCASY mafia are now rallying SYs to defend them (despite their blasphemous forgery).

We have been trying for years to awaken SYs from this sinister Axis of Evil that has surrounded Shri Mataji - WCASY, Sir. CP & daughters, national leaders. Now the implosion of the SY organization all but assures its end, never to rise again. After all that Shri Mataji has been subjected too, starting 25 years ago according to Jeff, it is inconceivable that such a corrupted and manipulative organization continues to suck in more victims. This rudderless ship that has been steered randomly by a succession of clueless leaders for four decades has finally and fittingly floundered against the rocks ..... and this shipwreck will now be battered by the waves into oblivion. It is the end of an era of darkness and negativity folks, and i will stand on this Truth for the rest of my life.

So let us all come together and spread the Advent, Vision and Message of Shri Mataji in all its entirety. Everything that we need to promote the Good News of the Comforter has been bestowed on us. Shri Mataji confirmed on no less than five occasions over the years, starting in 1994, that whatever has been written about Her is the Truth. The ex-WCASY did their utmost to sabotage that Truth, starting with the expelled world leader Yogi Mahajan.

But Shri Mataji promised that She will establish Sahaja Yoga before She leaves. Sahaja Yoga is nothing but the Great News of the Last Judgment and Resurrection. The ship carrying Sir C.P., his daughters, the ex-WCASY members, leaders, cronies and their cargo of SYSSR has been shipwrecked, and being pounded into smithereens as we speak. Other than www.adishakti.org there is absolutely no hope of spreading the Advent, Vision and Message of Shri Mataji in all its entirety!

My duty was to awaken from my drunken state to record Her evidence, and i have done so. Do not blame me or my children for doing that simple task. You can either work for Her from now on or go rescue the shipwrecked survivors and their SYSSR cargo. But whether you agree or not the outcome is assured - She is the Adi Shakti and will triumph!

regards to all,


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