Devotees steal Sri Lalita title under noses of subtle
system SYs twiddling thumbs!

From:  jagbir singh <>
Date:  Tue Feb 8, 2005  2:25 pm
Subject:  Devotees steal Sri Lalita title under noses of subtle system SYs twiddling thumbs!

Pujas & Archana


M.A. Math has published a chanting book, a Lalita Sahasranama commentary and a book by Amma on pujas and Her revolutionary Brahmasthanam temples.

Sri Lalita Sahasranama is the Amritapuri chanting book. It contains the 108 names of Amma, the 1,000 names of the Divine Mother, the 108 names of Devi and other prayers regularly chanted at Amma's ashrams.

The Thousand Names of the Divine Mother:
Sri Lalita Sahasranama with Commentary

By T.V. Narayana Menon

This book offers in-depth commentary on the Sri Lalita Sahasranama, the 1,000 names of the Divine Mother, which is chanted daily at Amma's ashrams. The original Sanskrit is also included along with translations of the names into English.

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> > 6.As is our tradition, we respect other religions
> > right. There is a certain guru/spiritual leader called
> > she is the 'hugging saint' she hugs every
> > single person at each of her guess is
> > that, that is the way she initiates her disciples..she
> > cannot be wrong can she? I mean her disciples are
> > sticking to her because they get some kind of
> > relief/satisfaction/growth??? leads me on to say that
> > the paths are many, the destination is one????
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> i know Amma likes to hug just as Sai Baba enjoys impersonating
> David Copperfield. It is their distinctive style of attracting
> seekers and endorsing their trademark. Yes, their disciples are
> sticking to her because, unlike SYs, they are honest in the belief
> she is the Adi Shakti and forthright about her mission to save
> humanity. Even Sai Baba devotees can beat SYs hands down when
> it comes to proclaiming their guru. In the global race for seekers
> SYs are way, way behind choking and desperately trying to 'catch'
> their breath in the thick dust left behind by the stampeding
> devotees of false gurus, and just have no hope of 'catching' up at
> the present pace of progress.
--- In, "jagbir singh" <adishakti_org@y...> wrote:

i have just been checking up on Amma. Their official website is not only impressive but daring. Yesterday i come across one of her forums that actively induce others to believe that she is an incarnation of Shri Lalita Devi, the great Goddess. This is truly amazing as academicians and professionals have joined hands in a collective effort to announce Amma as the great Divine Mother. And i believe this organization, unlike CEOs running Sahaja Yoga from ivory towers, is getting its act in order. If the SY elite think they can continue ignoring reality from those dizzying heights and do not come down to earth, they are going to get a nasty surprise.

But what really stumps me is the ability and faith Amma's devotees
 have that she is the Divine Mother despite a complete absence of
evidence. Since 1999 some of them have begun works on the internet to project her an incarnation of Shri Lalita Devi. (Even though SYs had a head start more than two decades earlier hardly a finger has been lifted in this direction, or any other, to project Shri Mataji as the Universal Divine Mother. All SY websites are just afraid of doing so for reasons i don't even want to know.)

Given that Amma is only 53-years-old she is going to snap up the
subtle system slums and turn them into glitzy Universal Motherhood
ashrams. Who wants to continue living in our slums when their glitzy ashrams offer warm hugs, instead of daily negativity and weekly bhoots, all the way to heaven?
Until a few days ago i believed that perhaps the high priests of
Sahaja Yoga will realize the enormous responsibility to humanity and be galvanized to do something positive, and have enough faith /
foresight to announce a much watered-down version of the Last
Judgment and Resurrection. i do not see any choice as all options
have been long exhausted. (Am i alone on this?)

But the recent national seminar in Australia and subsequent N.
American newsletter has dashed all hopes, albeit faint, that anyone will tell the truth. No one seems to care or is concerned anymore.

So this pointless pondering will continue to fall on dead ears.

Ah! yes, we were talking about Amma and her devotees dedicated to proclaim her as the Divine Mother, despite having so little. What would Amma's followers have announced and achieved if they had the same experiences and knowledge we SYs have? ................... or the incarnation of the Great Goddess, the Shakti of All, as a Mother?

Is it just pointless to ponder?,


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