Did WCASY go against SM's explicit instructions dated 10th Dec. 1988?

> The Sahaja Yoga organzation has been overcome by a most satanic
> negativity. It is left to the rank and file to resist it and defend
> the sanctity and honor of our Mother. All we do here is raise our
> voices so that they are heard. Shri Mataji has always wanted us to
> be our own masters, and repeatedly said/implied that all leaders
> are just lickers of stamps and postmen of letters. Today, after
> sensing that the incapitation of Shri Mataji has presented them a
> devilishly ingenious opportunity, they are boldly claiming to be
> re/presenters of Her Will, contradicting all that She taught us
> over the decades. (It is as if the battle between the forces of
> Good and Evil has entered a critical, dangerous stage.) Maybe
> Guido may be right after all when he aggressively defended against
> any medication, especially when Shri Mataji so clearly wrote Her
> instructions against such an eventuality in a letter dated 10th
> Dec. 1998

> WCASY is claiming it is a forgery but, knowing how their propaganda
> minister Alan Wherry operates and having personally experienced
> his devious ways and nature, i am inclined to disbelieve. i do not
> think someone like Guido, who has devoted decades of his life and
> done so much for Sahaja Yoga, would dare forge Her letter. It just
> does not make sense. And the very personal contents had to be
> kept secret till it was necessary. (Maybe i will try to get a
> handwriting expert to examine it against any of Her prior
> handwritten letters. Does anyone have such a letter(s)?)
> Now, with the turmoil and the hijacking of Her Will i am wondering
> if She knew the danger/satanic negativity and wanted to forestall
> it years ago. Guido made an error by saying Shri Mataji is being
> poisoned by the family. He should have insisted that She must never > be given any medication whatsoever, or examined by doctors or sent > to hospital as were Her express wishes. The propaganda ministry
> just capitalized on his poor choice of an angry expression -
> "poisoned". Perhaps he meant "poison" in the same context we
> regard the serious side-effects of any medication or chemicals or
> drugs.

Dear All,

i read Shri Mataji's 1998 letter again and compared it with Her previous chakra notes. Even with the brief notes i found that letters "a, b, d. h. m, n, r, y" matched in both documents i.e., there is no need for a handwriting expert. By all means Shri Mataji did write the letter below to all SYs and is no forgery. So what did She declare to all SYs?

To whomsoever it may concern

I want to state that nobody has any right on my body, without my permission I should not be treated by any doctor vidya or any other person.

Specially my husband and my family members should not at all have any say in my sickness, no one has to admit me in any hospital. Even Sahaja Yogis cannot admit me to the hospital or treat me or arrange any doctor for treatment for me.

I want to declare that my family should never never admit me in the hospital. Specially my husband has no right over my body and any advice from him should not be accepted at all. In short I do not want to be admitted in any hospital by anyone.

Before my death I will write what is to be done with my body.

sg. Mataji Nirmala Devi
Mrs. Nirmala Srivastava
10th. Dec 1988


What many SYs do not seem to understand is this explicit instruction from Shri Mataji:

"I want to declare that my family should never never admit me in the hospital. Specially my husband has no right over my body and any advice from him should not be accepted at all."

i want the spineless, patronizing Will-grabbing WCASY council members to admit or confirm that they were the ones, not Her husband or family members, who recommended risperidone be administered to Shri Mataji. Did they convene an emergency meeting to personally ask Shri Mataji if She wanted a psychotic drug? Are any of them aware that Shri Mataji has never disobeyed Her husband and would defer to him? Did any one of them even bother to adhere to Her explicit, written Dec. 1998 instructions that left no room for a deviant reading (that SYs are so proficient at whenever they want to circumvent Her teachings or directives)? Have they any proof so far that Shri Mataji wanted to be administered risperidone and that is why they agreed to the wishes of Her family members?

However, one fact still disturbs me after reading Sir CP's account of the incident that led to Shri Mataji being prescribed risperdone. Apparently She thought some robbers were around the house in India. But does this single incident (even two or more) mean that She must be given a psychotic drug? Surely our wise chosen leaders know they have been happily conversing with Her for decades and then, all of a sudden, She is sedated, silent and mentally incapacitated. How can such a drastic change not disturb their conscience? (It takes little common sense to be stunned by the abrupt change in behavior.)

The other day my daughter Lalita thought she heard noises in her room and wanted me to investigate. Instead of prescribing her risperidone i assured that it was just her imagination. i have to admit to being endowed with a generous dose of common sense, a universal gift found so lacking in those re/presenting Her Will that it will betray our own foolishness if we were to ever believe WCASY's present lies, propaganda and cover-ups.

i too had some slight problems the beginning of this year. Actually they were not problems but just some mental disturbance, of unwanted thoughts coming into my mind and distorting reality. i was concerned of long-term effects should they persist. After a few sessions of meditation i bought cod liver oil (Omega 3) and the disturbance just disappeared. It was a natural way of healing myself through the powers of being thoughtless, and getting 'answers'. It would have been a disaster if some family member had made me take risperidone.

In Shri Mataji's case She was probably not given the chance to heal naturally despite Her clear instructions. It is disturbing to know She wanted to forestall the very state She is in today by declaring so in 1998. So where were the chosen ones at Her hour of need? .... ................. prostrating their butts towards high heaven, in utter gratitude, servitude and new found loyalty as the Will certificates were presented to them. (i found out early that SY loyalty is as fleeting as the morning dew.) Subsequently every one showed-off and basked in their share of the Shakti's Will. It was indeed historic - such an event has never been witnessed, far less contemplated, in the annals of human civilization.

So did WCASY turn a blind eye and go against SM's explicit instructions dated 10th Dec. 1988?

the answer my friend is blowing in the wind,


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