Do not be swept away by false miracle photos of SMNDSYF

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July 31, 2005

Jai Shri Mataji

I would like to point out that the 2nd last photo on this link is not a miracle photo as it would be thought of by most of the sys.

Myself being a photographer can explain that such pictures are the ones that can be had using a digital camera.
Try this out
Put off the flash and set the shutter to 15 and aperture 8 and ISO or film speed 400.
Now all the photos you get will be so called miracle photos.

Recently while I took the casual photos while in meditation, I took 2 photos one after another. One is as per the settings above and the one is with regular flash.

See the So called miracle photo attached as also regular photo and judge for yourself.

Jai Shri Mataji

Mahesh Khatri

July 31, 2005

To all believers of the Divine Message,

Thank you Mahesh for pointing out this falsehood.

All of you must know that the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja Yoga Foundation is trying to give itself as much 'divine blessings' as possible. According to them "Shri Mataji had said before the puja that many miracle photos would be taken."

If indeed the Divine is on the side of the new organization then Shri Mataji's prediction would have come true. The new organization induces us to believe that they have photographic evidence that the Divine is on their side. But where are the many miracle photos? .... .......... and miraculous in all sense of the word!

Miracle photo or shutter 15 aperture 8 and ISO speed 400 shot?
Miracle photo or a shutter 15 aperture 8 and ISO speed 400 shot?
The fake miracle photo is just one of the tricks used to hoodwink the naive and ignorant. Those living in the land of the Vishuddhi know that using trickery and harmless lies are legitimate here since it is claimed Shri Krishna did so too. The modus operandi is that the more serious the obstacle the less honesty required to overcome it. (i am talking through experience.)

But those doctors who have recently attended to Shri Mataji health know far better. She is DEFINITELY in no condition to even talk, let alone set up another organization to take over another similar one through a coup d'etat. Shri Mataji will never do this because it is not Her nature to create two World Councils in one year. Fake photos officially sanctioned by the new organization as miraculous should warn self-realized souls to stay away from this new falsehood.

The Russians have recently been told that "the World Council has the highest powers in Sahaja Yoga, presenting the Will of Shri Mataji." This self-empowerment will eventually turn out to be more sinister than many SYs understand at present. i cannot find the words and desire to describe the sheer blasphemy of such a profoundly false statement. Hopefully one day i will be able to gather strength and give evidence to explain this truth.

But the Will of Shri Mataji has always been that humanity must be emancipated through the open declaration of Her advent and Divine Message. That has never been done over decades. How then can the World Council claim that its human members represent the Will of Shri Mataji? If you really understand English better it becomes obvious that Council members are now claiming themselves to be infallible! Have we forgotten the Vicars of Christ on Earth who over centuries have represented the Will of the Savior?

Jai Shri Mataji,

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