Don't let their hype fool you and "Do not spare them who have violated Dharma!"

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Date: Sat Oct 8, 2005 9:39 pm
Subject: Don't let their hype fool you and "Do not spare them who have violated Dharma!"

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> > SYs should not be bothered whether anyone accepts the truth or
> > not. Our sacred duty is just to state the truth as it is, even
> > if World Council members refuse to abide by dharma. So please
> > don't allow them to corrupt your conscience. One day you will
> > realize that some of them were so dumb, materialistic or tainted
> > by past misdeeds that their claiming to present the Will of the
> > Shakti is probably one of the greatest tradegy to befall us SYs.
> > Take care and understand what they are not doing. Don't let
> > their hype fool you.
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> Perhaps after discovering the supreme secret management-controlled
> SYs too will realize why the divine charioteer says to the human
> Arjuna, "Do not spare them who have violated Dharma! They are down
> already the moment they swerve from truth! Do your part anyhow,
> like My instrument" (11:34).


To the attention of our Beloved and Divine Mother Shri Mataji
To the attention of our most honored and most auspicious Sir CP

Beloved Shri Mataji, most honored Sir CP,

Shri Mataji, Your signature not only entered history, but made
history. By signing all the documents transferring the worldwide
rights to all of your talks in the various audio and video formats
and to your books to the World Foundation, by signing the transfer
of your New Jersey house also to the World Foundation, Shri Mataji,
Sir CP, you projected Your Unlimited Generosity to perpetuate the
legacy of Your Unprecedented Spiritual and Divine work to the whole

Shri Mataji, on behalf of the World Council for the Advancement of
Sahaja Yoga, I would like to express my deepest thankfulness and
gratitude for this unique movement of total Love and generosity You
have shown to Sahaja Yoga and to the world. My feelings cannot be
put into words. They will not be able to echo properly in your
heart, unless and until the reading of the expression of my heart,
the genuineness of my emotions are gently being laid in Your Divine

You have given your Life to emancipate human Beings. You have
brought us into a level of awareness that no one could imagine reach
before in history. You have granted us self-realisation. And now,
with this Supreme Gesture of Nobility, total Motherly sense of
Giving, you have offered to your children, through the World
Foundation Your Rights , the rights to secure your Spiritual
heritage for eternity.

Through this historical signature, you have passed Your Unique Work
of inner transformation and Spiritual emancipation into posterity.
You have projected your Divine Action into next generations; you
have guaranteed bliss, happiness, mirth and joy for this planet for
the decades to come. In total Greatness, you have embraced humanity,
protecting them with each golden words of your unforgettable
teachings and talks.

But above all, through this unique gesture of generosity, you are
giving to the humanity the totality of the Immense Work of the Holy
Spirit, this beautiful work of redemption of comfort and of counsel.
I am too small to show to you. Shri Mataji, Sir CP, my feelings of
thankfulness. In your greatness, please accept my prayer; accept
this gratitude of all your children from the World Council and from
all your Sahaja children all over the world.

We promise you, that empowered by the stream of your love and the
waves of your compassion, we will preserve this Divine legacy, by
enlarging your Spiritual family and by opening the eyes of the world
to the Dimension of Your unending Love.

With love and respect Arneau September 16th 2005



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