Do you honestly believe i could have become a SY the way it is being spread?

From:  "jagbir singh" <>
Date:  Sun Aug 15, 2004  12:26 pm
Subject:  Do you honestly believe i could have become a SY the way it is being spread?
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> I've been in the talk-about-sahaja-yoga forum too,
> there are so many ex members with such sorry tales of
> their experiences in sahaj. I know they are not lying,
> and it was bound to happen with so much Bureaucracy.
> Give a man power and in all likely hood it will
> corrupt. No collective, local, city, country or world
> leader is beyond that. These people (some) have ended
> up paying the price for it.

The talk-about-sahaja-yoga forum is mostly run by atheists led by ex-
false prophet SDM. Unlike other disillusioned disciples of false
gurus who have progressed spiritually, most of those who abused Shri
Mataji have committed collective spiritual suicide:

"i just got this realization that these ex-disciples of false gurus
have continued on their spiritual path and bloomed. For weeks i have
been following these forums and the emerging awareness is that these
ex-disciples are healing themselves and growing into even more
enlightened and spiritual souls. Despite suffering so much
emotional, sexual and economic abuse, devastated in trust and
beliefs, they do not feel bitter or angry as they should be. On
the contrary, they are forgiving Chinmoy and forging their own
spiritual paths and growing stronger in mind, body and soul.

Then we have a few ex-SYs from the late 80's who ridiculed Shri
Mataji's claim as the Adi Shakti. (At that time there was no to back Her up.) i have never experienced so much
hate and anger against someone whose only fault is that She claimed
to be the Adi Shakti, a claim that was believed to be a lie by this
tiny band. And when you compare the immense damage to the human soul that Chinmoy inflicted on his disciples over decades, only the
lowest of humanity can feel so much sustained outrage and anger over
Shri Mataji's simple claim as Adi Shakti.

But unlike ex-devotees of other gurus who became better spiritual
beings, those who ridiculed Shri Mataji have turned into atheists.
Why is this strangely so when others, so brutally abused in mind,
body and soul, can grow in collective consciousness? Why has the
spiritual path of the few ex-SYs taken a complete U-turn towards
disbelieve in God? Why is it becoming increasingly clear they will
never ever tread the path of the Divine again?"

> I have not initiated a single person into sahaj since
> i joined, even now when i talk of sahaj yoga I am
> deeply concerned that if i let him or her loose in a
> collective, they are going to become walking talking
> paranoid puppets.

You can overcome this problem by giving Self-realization and telling
them about the problems faced in Sahaja Yoga. They should expect
normal humans walking on earth, not angels from heaven, at the local
collective. Just don't hype and give them false expectations and
high hopes. Newcomers can always continue on their own and meditate
on the Shakti within if the collective does not meet their standard
of saintliness, or have problems accepting the paranoia of invisible
bhoots and possessed spiders. The main aim should be to give them
the means to meditate daily on the Shakti, with or without the

In future the internet will help spread Sahaja Yoga on a scale few
can imagine today. All we need to do is to be truthful and
transparent to those seeking answers to difficult questions, and
make gurus out of them in the shortest possible time. This false
pride of enlightening the ignorant, or fearing the devilishly
negative must cease. Neophytes can progress in months what SYs have
not learnt over years. So can followers of false gurus.

> The only part I dont understand is that of Jagbir's
> children having visions of the mother. But i haven't
> ridiculed him just yet, because each day I experience
> something new. Maybe someday i'll understand just how
> authentic their visions are. They might even be
> symbolic and i'm sure time will tell.

Alex, there is a huge difference between having a vision, say of
your best friend who migrated overseas, and actually talking to him
over a mango shake at your favorite Bombay Palace after his return
years later. Having a vision is one of the easiest to achieve
because your mind can be induced to image him after some practice.
Try to do this and you will understand what i mean. BTW, have you
not had unpleasant thoughts and visions while meditating? Try
continuing and see where you will end up.

But then those with huge egos use it to further their megalomaniac
tendencies. Ex-SY SDM had visions which induced him to believe he
was an incarnation of Jesus' uncle, Saint Joseph, before self-
promoting himself to Shri Rama. Another SY a few years back had
visions that made him believe himself to be `Shri Kalki', endowed
with 'supreme powers' that would unleash worldwide destruction with
his laser eyes, and commence Armageddon. Now Ishmael continues to
have visions which induces him to believe he is the "God that
hears." All of them exhibit the classical signs of megalomania,
which is "a mania for great or grandiose performance, a delusional
mental disorder that is marked by infantile feelings of personal
omnipotence and grandeur."

So Alex, hope you progress and understand how authentic the
experiences in the Sahasrara are. i hope that you will learn to
distinguish between visions of megalomaniacs and those resisting any
attention. Just last week some excited established SY wrote to me
and wanted information about, and communication with, my children.
This is part of my answer:

"You may communicate with them by the same email address. Just have to let you know that none of them are interested in telling others
about their abilities, and i mean no disrespect. They do not even
tell me anything unless i ask them, and that also is answered

The only reason i am putting their experiences on the internet is to
provide evidence to the world that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is
indeed the incarnation of the Shakti. After a decade of these
children entering their Sahasraras to visit Her there is no way
anyone can deny Shri Mataji in future. Our faith in Shri Mataji is
solely based on the irrefutable evidence and experiences that
continue to be witnessed till today. Use it to put the attention of
real seekers on Shri Mataji, not those who witness Her glory in
their Sahasraras."

Anyone can claim themselves to be saint Joseph, Shri Rama, Kalki,
Divine Mother, Bhagwan or Adi Shakti - SDM, Ishmael, Chinmoy,
Jayendra Swamygal, Sai Baba, Rev. Moon, Ching Hai, Amma and others. Have any witness(es) come forward so far to give evidence and
testified on the behalf of their gurus that they are what they claim?

In our case none of us were Shri Mataji's devotees, or followed any
other guru or religion. We were just an ordinary family till events
beyond our control compelled us to declare who Shri Mataji is. My
children are just innocent bystanders who just happen to witness an
extraordinary advent of the Shakti. My job is just to confirm and
collect that evidence.

If not for all this i would still be drinking beer with my friends
at the local strip club. Do you honestly believe i could have become
a SY the way it is being spread, or even desired to give up my
devilishly lucky lifestyle to learn about some subtle system?



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