The Empire Tarnishes Back

> Message from the Italian Council Regarding Guido Lanza
> Thursday, June 01, 2006 ....
> Therefore:
> Guido Lanza, together to Roberto Camilleri who has supported him
> beating another Sahaja Yogi, is suspended from all the activities
> Sahaja Yoga indefinitely;
> The ashram of Magliano Sabina is temporarily closed for collective
> activities of every type.
> The Italian Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga
> The resolution collected 20 votes on 20 voting people

Dear All,

A few months ago i wrote that feuding WCASY council members are going to battle each other to the finish. Looks like we have just witnessed the culmination of a major clash off the outskirts of Rome, pitting the Italian Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga against Guido and his band of loyal followers.

From the latest war-front reports it seems that Guido's company ambushed a platoon of SYs throwing mantras into a fire and invoking the gods to destroy him. There was a firefight and the 20 surviving SYs radioed for WCASY airstrikes.

However Guido and his men managed to escape unhurt despite the rapid response.

So WCASY has now urgently sought the secret services of the infamous Inquisytion. Their weapon of choice is to use propaganda to win the hearts and minds of the locals before Guido rallies them to rebel against the creeping tyranny ......... hence the title "The Empire Tarnishes Back".

What i cannot comprehend is how it is possible for the Italian Council to overcome and denounce a portion of Her Will? It is just too confusing and bewildering a development. i cannot quantify the percentage held but Guido was the last world leader that Shri Mataji trusted and hence wielded immense powers, just like Yogi Mahajan. Now we are witnessing the hijackers of Her Will fighting over the loot. i am sure that with Guido's portion of Her Will forcibly wrested from him more Will-wannabees will side with the Empire. After all, who does not want to be the human re/presenters of the Creator's Will. JN, it seems good fortune is about to confer part of Her Will to you. Just let me know the percentage for records please.

All this shows the Sahaj Love that WACSY trumpets is how they will solve problems. My family have had enough Sahaj Love since joining to last a lifetime. Any more Sahaj Love from Alan Wherry, Ed Saugstad, John Noyce and others will surely cause love-poisoning and kill us.

Not only did they brand and ban us as heretics, but they also pronouced a curse on anyone who dared to read the book or sites, inspite of the fact that there is abundant evidence that Shri Mataji approved of them time and again.

That is why my children, wife and myself are going to stay away forever for our own good and survival. Anyway, thanks for all the Sahaj Love that we have received so far. i advise that a substantial strategic stockpile of Sahaj Love be created for rebels who will increase their attacks, especially after Shri Mataji leaves Earth. As She warned:

"The Truth which is Absolute has to express itself in these Modern Times. And even if it is not accepted it will never die. On the contrary, if it is not accepted, it will expose all falsehood and destroy it!"

Sri Satya-rupa Devi
Pune, India — October 13, 1988
Satya-rupa (818th): She is Brahman Herself.

This latest clash of Rome is just a harbinger of the destruction that must take place in order Her Divine Message survives. Just bear witness to it. At all times DO NOT EMPOWER THE EMPIRE that has always suppressed the Truth that has to express itself in these Modern Times. You can either follow Shri Mataji and Her teachings unconditionally or follow the Empire and their SYSSR. You can NEVER serve both. So stand on the Truth even if the Empire tarnishes you back. If you remember how many have laid their lives for Truth it is a very small price to pay.

Jai Shri Ganapthi,

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