Especially for SYogis, even if they r told about it, not everyone will get it.

> --- In, "rondosky"
> wrote:
> JSM!
> This is the first week since i have shifted my perspective inwards.
> just like to share some of my thoughts.
> at first i was really confused. like everything i knew abt SY is not
> what i thought anymore. and again in my life i have to be different
> from the masses. i thought i had found somewhere which i belong and
> can settle down. i guess wat i need to learn is to be comfortable
> with myself in any situation.
> when i went to the local collective today, it was such a different
> experience! I really get what u guys r saying now.
> today we watched a video of Shri Mataji's visit to Singapore in 2002
> and also the public regional program which was held at the same
> time.
> This is the first time which im feeling really absurd at seeing the
> people in the video. the focus on clearing is really great.
> btw my meditation has improved greatly in these few days. n my
> awareness too has improved. i realised today too that when SYs say
> to pray to Mother in our heart, most people will take that as
> praying to the physical Shri Mataji.
> To understand and be in this state requires that shift, and i would
> say, is actually quite subtle. Especially for SYogis, even if they r
> told about it, not everyone will get it.
> Huihua

Dear devotees of the Primordial Mother,

Namaskar: I bow to the Eternal Mother who resides in you

1) i have decided to split the forum archives into two due to events over the last few days that have given me a better introspection i.e., i have to place the pieces of the Divine Puzzle being presented to me so that many great souls in future will find Her far faster. i am using HuiHan's quote to make the same point: "i realised today too that when SYs say to pray to Mother in our heart, most people will take that as praying to the physical Shri Mataji." The fact that the vast majority of SYs cannot do otherwise, even after two decades or more, only confirms the indoctrination of externalization that the SYSSR (Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion) subjects its followers. But within a matter of days/weeks HuiHan understood the true nature of Shri Mataji that has significantly accelerated his spiritual growth ..................... many years faster than most SYs. Surely i want others to make the same progress. In fact, i would want them to make a giant leap by by-passing all the ignorance, pettiness and superstitions of the SYSSR.

So the forum archives have been spilt into two. The existing has been culled and will now be strictly about articles related to the Adi Shakti delivering Her Divine Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection. The culled posts/articles relating to the suppression of truth by WCASY and the Sahaja Yoga organization has been moved to a new website This new website link is provided under "read these articles" at the conclusion paragraph of

"Note: Except for quotes of Her incarnation Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi this site is almost entirely about the Divine Feminine (Shakti/Holy Spirit/Ruh/Tao/Mother) within all humans. Those wishing to take part in the Last Judgment and Resurrection will learn to meditate on the Divine Feminine within themselves. Absolutely no external rituals, worshipping of images, human contact or any monetary payment whatsoever is required. There is no hidden agenda. This site contains all the knowledge and evidence required to re-establish the faith, belief and conviction in the Divine and Afterlife - 2000 pages and counting. Thus there is absolutely no need to join any Sahaja Yoga organization but if desired please read these articles to avoid problems that may greatly impair your spiritual progress. In fact you will progress faster and further by being your own master, without any human intermediary between you and the Divine. Self-realization is, after all, an internal spiritual quest to attain the eternal afterlife by meditating on the Divine Feminine and purifying mind, body and soul. Spirituality can not be legislated or manipulated externally."

2) There is an email that i would want all of you to read because the moment i read it my whole body was filled with vibrations. My Sahasrara began to flow with Cool Breeze and i just had to meditate. i realized a great soul had found the Divine Mother and had to be protected against the ignorance, pettiness and superstitions of the SYSSR. i am concerned that if he joins the SY collective he may be asked to start at the SYSSR kindergarten, despite his secondary class qualifications. But how can SYs ever think of subjecting such great souls to their own mundane levels? How many of them felt the cool breeze to such an extend and within such a short time? And why am i able to feel his strong vibrations even from the other side of the globe? Are SYs going to recommend footsoaking and candle treatments for such a soul? Will they ever accept the truth that there are many, many great souls just awaiting awakening ........... great souls that they cannot touch, only aspire to emulate? ........ (provided they are humble enough to admit just that.)

So he will have to deal with this, in case SYs want him to start cleansing treatments. Since he is reading this post i will leave that decision entirely to himself as he has to learn to be his own master and seek the guidance of the Divine Guru within.

i also assure him that i will do my utmost to collectively spread the Divine Message of Shri Mataji, the Adi Shakti's incarnation.

i quote parts of both emails:

"Date: Feb 3, 2007 9:44 PM
Subject: I want to joining Sahaja yoga

Dear sir,

I am recently seek and learned spiritual path and I practiced kundalini awakening and I always continuing guidance and finally I met your website and learning Sahaja yoga articles .

After read your articles on awakening kundalini power and I felt and witness about cool breeze wind that out from my frontale and my both palm and I feel every meditate from my frontale and my both palm also I feel upper my body feel cool breeze wind .

now after I read your article I every meditate I sit before guruji shri Mataji 's photo and always feel the same experience and I always surrender with mother adi shakti to self realization .

In this chance I want to receive your guidance how to join Sahaja yoga community and how to spread sahaja yoga teaching ?

Thank for your support and always waiting your reply .

Best regards,"


"to Jagbir Singh
date Feb 8, 2007 9:13 AM
subject Re: I want to joining Sahaja yoga

"thank you for your support and I every day always meditate of sahaja yoga before a photo of guruji Mataji and train self realization and I feel freeze cool wind in the whole body and if I don't meditate I still feel from my hand and my head go out of freeze cool wind .

I always thank for mother adi shakti that always guide me in every aspect of my life and I feel I already met final journey of my spiritual path when I met your website and I read your article about the adi shakti of kingdom of god within, because I before know more about sahaja yoga and guruji Mataji but after my awakened my kundalini and i feel the same thing about felt freeze cool wind that out from my head after I read your article and when I meditate to self realization I feel this condition more great, that before I only felt cool wind out from my head recently I felt cool wind just out from my both hand and my body feel this cool wind . I always read your book/article and feel peace , bliss and my inner intuition spoke to me to hold this knowledge and able to spread to other people .

So I always seek your support and I always support your plea and your activity to unfold the greatest secret of incarnation of adi shakti and to spread her divine message to all humanity."

3. All of you may have noticed that i now have begun to use these greetings:

"Dear devotees of the Primordial Mother,

Namaskar: I bow to the Eternal Mother who resides in you"

The reason is that such a greeting is the truth that pervades all religions and their scriptures. All you need is to understand that it has been suppressed too for centuries/millennia. It does not matter which cultural background you come from but the Divine Feminine exists with all the holy scriptures and cannot be removed .......... just smothered by those in charge of religions.

There is another reason - it will help you focus your attention, meditation and devotion to the Divine Feminine within. You will progress in leaps and bounds in comparison with the SYs of the SYSSR. Not only that but you are following Shri Mataji's explicit request:

"You have to dedicate yourself completely to me, not to Sahaja Yoga, but to me. Sahaja Yoga is only one of my aspects. Leaving everything you have to dedicate. Complete dedication otherwise you cannot ascend any further. Without questioning, Without arguing, complete dedication is the only way you can achieve it." (Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - Cheltenham, U.K. 31 July 1982)

Due to recent sad events SYs are now following the SYSSR of WCASY and their supporters. My conscience did not allow me to associate with them in any way. That is why i am now a devotee of the Adi Shakti first and foremost, a SY a far distant second. i am thus dedicating myself completely to Her, not to Sahaja Yoga, WCASY or SYSSR, but to Her. Sahaja Yoga is only one of Her countless aspects. Leaving everything i have to dedicate. Complete dedication otherwise i know i cannot ascend any further. Without questioning, Without arguing, complete dedication is the only way i can achieve it. The same goes for all my SY brothers and sisters. i am just telling the plain truth so that we all can advance far faster than ever in the past. There are so many great souls out there who will find Her within themselves if we are truthful in our faith and dedication to the Adi Shakti. Our complete dedication to Her should effortlessly compel us to be honest, conscientious and fearless at all times. So dedicate yourself completely to Her, not the Sahaja Yoga organization. You can only do so by withdrawing your senses, devotion and meditation within. It is sad but true that "especially for SYogis, even if they r told about it, not everyone will get it." But i am optimistic because in future many great souls will find Her within themselves, even if SYs don't.

Jai Shri Ganapathy,


> --- In, "rondosky"
> > wrote:
> >
> > Hi everyone
> > I came across this forum on sunday.
> > Ive been visiting the adishakti website for many times but this is
> > the first time i knew about this forum. and i was really surprised
> > after reading some of the posts here, esp abt the subtle system
> > religion. when i became a SY 8 months ago, i felt that there was
> > something incomplete. coz i thought that there was more to self
> > realisation than just raising kundalini and meditating. the weekly
> > classes that i went to focussed on meditation, learning the diff
> > clearning techniques and treatments, listening to talks.
> >
--- In, "jagbir singh"
> Welcome to the forum Huihua,
> It was your good fortune that you hung around despite the missing
> link. Actually it is much more than a missing link, the difference
> being that of Heaven and Earth. The Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion
> have been devised to give you a university education in subjects like
> chakras, bhoots, lemons, bandhans, candles, catches, shoebeating,
> string-burning, treatments, hot livers, cold footsoaks and
> multi-mantra memory. You are expected to spend years mastering them
> till your chakras squeak in celestial cleanliness. You are brainwashed
> to believe that everything is caused by an imbalance or malfunctioning
> chakra(s), from getting a sore throat to having a dominating
> mother-in-law to finding a empty downtown parking lot. They want you
> to daily work on your chakras and treatments day and night because you
> will forever catch i.e., you will be always spiritually sick, as most
> senior SYs are till today, due to the hordes of pesky invisible bhoots
> and UPIs who keep preying on Sahaja Yogis.
> >
> > i enjoyed the talks a lot. but still there was this feeling that
> > there was more to it. slowly as i talked to more ppl and becoming
> > more collective, i was really enjoying all of it. i came to
> > realise that ppl have diff thinking and approaches towards SY.
> >
> You just need to follow Shri Mataji's talks, not the speculative and
> at times ludicrous interpretations by Sahaja Yogis. More important
> than that is to remain focused on Her Advent and Divine Message which
> is the incarnation of the Primordial Mother delivering the Good News
> of the Last Judgment and Resurrection that, through Kundalini
> awakening, has the potential to make you eternal. She is talking about
> the promised evolution of humans into the spirit. Period!
> >
> > For me, i like to feel the connection with GOD, and to me
> > everything is abt feeling. learning abt the chakras was
> > interesting but i guess after a while i felt the emptyness
> > as there was no substance to support it.
> >
> If it was not about the Divine i would never have joined Sahaja Yoga
> and started meditating on Her. i am not interested in the subtle
> system or chakras - there a 1001 gurus, teachers and novices who have
> been doing so ................ some even before Sahaja Yoga.
> >
> > I told one of the senior SY that i enjoyed the talks and he said
> > he wud lend me some books n materials. i was surprised coz i didn't
> > knew there were books! and some ppl were only interested in the
> > treatments. they told me stories of bhoots n how the coconuts they
> > placed in the house turned really hard etc etc. i was surprised at
> > how these ppl r so focussed on these things. that was another
> > aspect which i never realise was there.
> >
> You will be much better off not listening to these SYs. If your
> follow them your attention will remain outside yourself. There will be
> hardly any progress for years.
> >
> > when i first came across the adishakti website, i really liked it
> > n felt the strong vibrations. i realised that reading about and
> > understanding the truth can give me strong vibrations. coz at that
> > time, my meditation wasn't going that well, n i wasn't really
> > feeling much of the cool breeze. but somehow i think most ppl just
> > try to clear themselves using the techniques.
> >
> i know those SYs who visit the site do feel strong vibrations as
> some have written to me. The truth of Shri Mataji's revelations at
> have made my vibrations stronger too ............ to
> the extend that i can now feel them 24/7. i believe that is the case
> due to the fact that Shri Mataji's advent and message is backed by the
> holy scriptures and eschatology i.e., God Almighty. You too, and
> anyone else for the matter, will feel them more and more as the
> knowledge progressively make you fearless in faith and dedication.
> Soon you will be no more catches/subtle system problems that commonly
> plague our collectives. Then you only have to meditate and, having no
> external treatments to perform, continue to progress within.
> >
> > after coming here on sunday, there was a breakthrough in my
> > meditation. so i'm really glad. i think my questions that i had b4
> > which i somehow have forgotten r pretty much answered now. is like
> > everything is still the same, i'm still attending sessions,
> > clearing myself but there's a shift in the way i look at things.
> > haha i'm so longwinded and incoherent.
> >
> > jsm
> > Huihua
> >
> i assure you Huihua that you will advance faster and further than
> the SYs at your local collective - there is no question about this.
> All you now need is to comprehend the Divine within you and begin
> focusing your attention inwards. There is nothing to seek outside.
> regards,
> jagbir
> Note: Please pardon my strong language but we are having a crisis of
> conscience in Sahaja Yoga. If we do not make a stand the Sahaja Yoga
> Subtle System Religion is going to continue making 99.99% of new
> comers leave. You are the rare few who stayed despite the emptiness
> of the SYSSR. We intend to make many stay because of the Truth.
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