Even Her repeated advise "Be your own guru" is now being mutilated

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Date: Mon Jul 11, 2005  4:41 pm
Subject: Even Her repeated advise "Be your own guru" is now being mutilated

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> > Violet, your insistence in being your own guru, understanding
> > and proclaiming Shri Mataji's Vision to all seekers, leaves
> > these control freaks with no leverage to manipulate you. It is
> > history repeating itself - the priestly Church consolidating
> > power by suppressing all views that threatened their organized
> > truth. Even though Shri Mataji wants us to be our own gurus
> > these facilitators are trying to imply that She has made an
> > error. Even Her words are now being mutilated.
> >
> In its first reading, Animal Farm seems like a story with animals
> that can speak, read, think and communicate with each other but
> there are hidden meanings and metaphors throughout the book. The
> story starts in an English farm, "Manor Council Farm" with a Mr
> Jones as the owner. One day, the oldest and wisest animal on the
> farm, a boar, tells his fellow animals about his Divine Dream. His
> dream was to establish the Divine Message on earth with animals
> getting self-realization, meditating, taking care of themselves
> and their spiritual needs without any human masters. He also warns
> them about not adopting the vices of Kali Yuga that humans had
> succumbed to e.g. drinking, smoking, fornication, greed etc.
> Eventually they were to spread this Divine Message to humans as
> well.
> After his untimely death, one day the animals revolt and take over
> the farm, which is renamed as Animal Council Farm. The pigs become
> the decision makers, as they were the most intelligent with two
> pigs, Snowball and Napoleon holding the reins of control.
> Animalism also had seven rules, namely:
> 1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
> 2. Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend.
> 3. No animal shall wear clothes.
> 4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
> 5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
> 6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
> 7. All animals are equal.
> 8. All animals are free to speak openly.
> 9. All animals must meditate and learn to be their own masters.
> 10. All animals will be registered on Animal Farm mailing list.
> What happens afterwards is a classic example of corrupted power.
> Snowball, while making plans to build a windmill and website,
> which would improve the conditions and fame on the farm by
> advertising worldwide, was attacked and chased out of ACF (Animal
> Council Farm) by Napoleon and a pack of ferociously murmuring
> dogs. What follows was that Squealer Mahajan, effectively the
> propaganda manager and defacto demi-god, changes history by lying
> to the animals like RP that Snowball and his kids were in fact,
> traitors, and it was Napoleon who exposed them and chased them out
> of ACF and the IACFS (International Animal Council Farm School).
> Through deception and treachery, these murmuring pigs turned the
> naive animals on Snowball and made them think like slaves, while
> the pigs and dogs enjoyed basking themselves in the reflected
> glory of being chosen to rule. The rank and file tried to build
> the windmill and website, but it ended up being destroyed every
> time. It showed the slow change from truthful, easy-going, self-
> realized pigs to lying, manipulative, control-obsessed humans.
> The rules were also changed by the party in power, in this case,
> honarary ACF members. They were changed to:
> 1. Four legs good, two legs better.
> 2. No animal shall wear clothes.
> 3. No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.
> 4. No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.
> 5. No animal shall kill any other animal.
> 6. All animals are equal but chosen ones are more equal than
> others.
> 7. All animals who question the council decisions will be exiled.
> 8. All animals who tell the plain Truth will be excommunicated.
> 9. All animals who claim to be their own masters must attend
> deprogramming treatments and become pets of council masters.
> 10. All animals caught secretly supporting that traitor Snowball
> will be removed from the Animal Farm mailing list.

To all Animal Council Farm members,

A couple of hours ago I got a message from Russian Sahaja Yoga
newslist, which reads:

"Dear brothers and sisters! Sahaja yogis of Russia!

I would like to use this only possibility to address to you all. The
stage, when Divine Incarnation, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founded and
personally was in charge of Sahaja yoga, has finished. The time has
come now, when without Her participation formation of a new worldwide
organization named Sahaja Yoga takes place. The new leaders, basing
on their experience and beliefs emphatically suggested me to leave
the position of leader of Russia and a member of the World Council I
have been taking, as they need a completely controllable and easily
directed from abroad candidate. I do not see possibility for myself
to take part in such organization, as well as I do not want to fight
and act with the same methods they do. Thus I leave the position I
was given in 1999 by Shri Adi Shakti, as now a new organization is
created, where I cannot be a leader, as principles of it's formation
contradict everything taught by our Mother. I would like to thank you
for all your great love and support, which I felt for all these 6
years. Thank you very much for we together reached unseen spread of
Sahaja Yoga in Russia and are second (in quantity) collective in the
world. And in quality, I think, the first! I leave with clear

With all my love and best wishes,
ex-leader of Sahaja Yoga in Russia
Perezhogin S.V."

So the complete withdrawal/non-participation of Shri Mataji from all
decisions has indeed set in motion a power struggle is already taking place. Now
only "Yes men" are sought to fill council seats, weak-willed men who will not
protest that the "principles of it's formation contradict everything taught by
our Mother."

We must all remember that the World Council is only a year old, and
already the founding principles and guidelines are being openly
corrupted. What will happen ten years from today?

But by far the real danger is that of the Divine Message, one that
the World Council has no intention of proclaiming. We SYs just
cannot allow the very heart and soul of Sahaja Yoga to be corrupted
by the few who want us believe are entrusted to advance Sahaja Yoga.
Just remain steadfast in your allegiance to Shri Mataji and Her
Divine Message to humanity as dark clouds of negativity begin
gathering on the horizon. Remember what i am going to tell you: The
storm is yet to come!

So seek the Adi Shakti within at all times to guide and protect you.
i assure you that She will triumph despite this darkest hour. Just
remain Silent and let Her destroy all negativity against the Truth
that is absolute.

Jai Shri Mataji,





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