Giving self-realization to even millions is useless until and unless

--- In, alice abergel
> Dear Jagbir, Dear Violet,
> It's a great pity English is not my mother language,
> for I would have been able to answer properly without
> harming you in your feelings ( or ego ).
> I know Our most Holy Mother always asked us, just watch
> and don't react. But I can say it's unbearable to still
> read all your insults to all of us, the "Old Sahaja
> Yogis", hiding I don't know what.
> From which country are you writing ? Here in Belgium
> we received and shared and sent with love all over
> the world Mother's teaching.
> I just want to add that If all of you are standing on
> your feet, it is because "we believed in Her, we
> adored Her,( and still do )followed Her, anywhere, by
> any weather,night and days, everywhere (Japan, China,
> North Africa, whole Europe, Russia and we have given,
> with or without "Her"1000's and 1000's realisations
> and follow -ups !
> Are you the murmuring souls < Lord Christ Talked of> ?
> It's more than enough.!
> Have you lost your credibility ( like "us") with
> friends , families, have you lost your jobs, husbands
> or wives or children because you were standing for
> "The Truth"?
> Have you spent thousand and thousand dollars for the
> lawyers when we where attacked by politics, have you
> received 500 stones on your head on India tour's 89/90
> ( by Her grāce ,only 3 persons were touched ,and had
> been cured by Mother) and have all your clothes,
> passport, money been destroyed in the huge fire we
> had in Ganapatipule 96/97 (half of the tents were
> burnt), being attacked during the night by Mother's
> opponents??????? !!!!!
> That's how we paved for you "the highway", my dears !
> And we are ALL here still Loving, dedicated to Her
> ever " doing as I said last time OUR UTMOST
> Please stop stop murmuring IT'S MORE THAN ENOUGH.
> It's a pity you don't read french( may be) otherwise
> you would have been able to see with HOW MUCH LOVE,
> our moderators write to us.
> Ģ pull my ears, but it had to be said.
> Some of the text you're mailing are gorgeous, but they
> are spoiled by all your agressivity, this is
> absolutely not the behaviour, not " the way " for
> YOGIS. Stop, stop for Lord Krishna's sake.
> Sharmila, belgium.-
> P.S as a mother myself I hated to see my children
> fighting, it's hurting too much..
> I guess you don't want to hurt Our Beloved Shri
> Mother.
> < I wish one day you'll see Me in all your brothers
> and sisters> That's Her Words >
> And if you both had problems with other so called "
> yogis", remember what Lord Boudha said > enemies for they make you higher

Dear Sharmila,

i do not wish to argue because apparently you have not understood, despite the , as to what is actually happening. In fact your reaction and inability to comprehend the facts is quite typical of SYs deeply indoctrinated with the subtle system religion. They just do not see the forest for the trees and it takes much time and effort to change their point of view. That is one of the reason why so much energy has been invested in . It does not matter if the whole world rejects the Truth, let alone all SYs opposed to what we are openly saying about the Adi Shakti's advent and message. i am just a puppet in Her Show:

"In yoga the term is used to indicate some kind of trance and there are various kinds of samadhi. But the samadhi I speak to you about is different. It is sahaja samadhi. In this state you remain calm and composed during activity. You realise that you are moved by the deeper self within and are unaffected by what you do or say or think. You have no worries, anxieties or cares, for you realise that there is nothing that belongs to you as ego and that everything is being done by something with which you are in conscious union."

Giving self-realization to even millions is useless until and unless you give them the Truth to sustain it. 99.99% of humanity thus never heard of Shri Mataji because the Truth was suppressed. Sharmila, i sincerely hope you will not regard your many years in Sahaja Yoga as a measure of your enlightenment or success in paving the path to spread Sahaja Yoga. The same goes for all senior SYs, leaders and WCASY members. All of you will advance to Standard One the day you seek and meditate on Shri Mataji within ........ and have the courage to speak the Truth that sustains your deepest belief!


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