Henna homage to a Sufi saint

A Pakistani girl with her hands painted with henna, prays at a shrine to Sufi Madhu Lal Shah Hussain during his annual festival in Lahore, Pakistan.
Globe and Mail (Monday, Mar. 26, 2012)
Note: The beautiful henna design reflects her deep faith in just a Sufi saint. It is a most admirable trait as she is still far from the Divine Guru. But what type of faith and disciples does the Divine Guru have?

The AUM initiative: Preserving the image of Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga on the Internet
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

9.0 Reference to Shri Mataji on Blogs, Public forums, Sites and Groups Shri Mataji is simplicity personified. Her language, Her demeanor and Her nature reinforce the simplicity aspect, which is why even communication about Her needs to be easy to read.

When describing Shri Mataji, care should be taken to avoid any kind of association of the following terminology
. Goddess
. Incarnation
. Religious or cult leader
. Religious leanings / ideas
. Any viewpoint or statement of Shri Mataji against any known figure or event or any popular practice.

Shri Mataji's reference and description is solely for the purposes of conveying our love for our Mother between yogis. But for non-yogis such terminology can be considered as blasphemy and thus should be avoided.

The problem is it that not all are ready for the real knowledge and we face the risk of repelling them even before
they have a chance to find out about Sahaja Yoga and Self-Realization.


Note: We have to forget the insignificant grain (that is Sahaja Yoga) and now look at the entire beach (world). In the process we will move beyond the SYSSR, beyond Vaikuntha, and enter the indescribable, unfathomable and almost unbelievable Kingdom of God (Sahasrara).

If you do not, if you do not want to know yourselves for whatever reason(s), then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty. The AUM manifesto absolutely assures you that poverty, even though Shri Mataji did keep Her word after all that knowledge beyond Vaikuntha "will be slowly revealed by Me because people have not been prepared yet".

i used to be 'furious' at the poverty that is Sahaja Yoga. With the AUM manifesto that has escalated to "peace of mind". i need not be furious anymore when that poverty is now so blatantly obvious, so anti-Christ/Devi/Divine, a monstrous blasphemy that has no parallel in history! The AUM manifesto now assures our peace of mind, our conscience, our comfort. Instead of being furious, we can now finally have the peace of mind after all these years of repeatedly presenting our conscience to SYs. We can now rest our case. Period!



Mon Feb 27, 2012

Listen to what Jesus says in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas:

"I took my place in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in flesh. I found all of them intoxicated; I found none of them thirsty. And my soul became afflicted for the sons of men, because they are blind in their hearts and do not have sight; for empty they came into the world, and empty too they seek to leave the world." He says elsewhere that he is astounded that the divine spirit has made its home in such poverty.

Shri Mataji could have said the same too about AUM if SY leaders had presented it to Her. Now that She is gone they have presented it to fools who follow them, their SY organization, and their SYSSR. They are presenting it as if Shri Mataji would have approved of AUM i.e. the rejection of all Her life`s work.

So that brings us back to a well-flogged lot: the disciples (fools) at whom AUM is directed. They have taken possession of something (Sahaja Yoga) that is not theirs, and be forced to give it back; 'you' the 'owners of the house' (www.adishakti.org) should guard against such thieves.

Gone are the days when they could prop and parade the drugged, sedated and silenced eternal Owner of the house, and claim it as their own. Now that the Owner is gone they are left with nothing. As the present owners of the house we must guard against these thieves. The Owner stood for truth. Those who stand for that truth are the owners. Thus we are not to praise but to raise suspicion of Her own disciples, who were actually always followers of AUM.

Absolutely and without any doubt Her own disciples were for decades always followers of AUM. When they were describing Shri Mataji to the public at programs/brochures/websites, care was always taken to avoid any kind of association of the following terminology:
. Goddess (Divine Mother or Divine Feminine)
. Incarnation (Adi Shakti or Holy Spirit or Paraclete)
. Religious or cult leader (promised by Jesus and the Scriptures)
. Religious leanings/ideas (of the Resurrection and Last Judgment)
. Any viewpoint or statement of Shri Mataji against any known figure or event or any popular practice (false gurus, Rajneesh, pope, Catholic Church etc.)

AUM is just hard evidence of what was always done behind Shri Mataji's back. You can nail that on every SY's door as i had seven years experience of that public deception tacitly approved by SY leaders. That deception includes those who protested Shri Mataji being drugged against Her will.

Shri Mataji's wishes for world emancipation was never carried out. The Blossom Time was never allowed to blossom. Sahaja Yoga was, is, and will always be a crime against humanity! Period!



"Mary asks Jesus about his disciples in the Gospel of Thomas' saying 21, the leading section of which reads:

Mary said to Jesus, 'What are your disciples like?'

A. He said, They are like little children living in a field that is not theirs. When the owners of the field come, they will say, 'Give us back our field.' They take off their clothes in front of them in order to give it back to them, and they return their field to them.

B. For this reason I say, if the owners of a house know that a thief is coming, they will be on guard before the thief arrives and will not let the thief break into their house (their domain) and steal their possessions.

C. As for you, then, be on guard against the world. Prepare yourselves with great strength, so the robbers can't find a way to get to you, for the trouble you expect to come.

Section B and C warn 'you' the reader, the presumptive Thomasine Christian, against thieves who will come. You (plural) are to guard against the world so the robbers cannot find a way to get to you. You will identify yourself with the owners of a house who prepare for thieves. What sort of thieves does Jesus have in mind here? Evidently they are like his disciples who have taken up residence in a field that does not belong to them, disciples who will be made to release the field and return it to its owners. Jesus' answer to Mary's question here is not to praise but to raise suspicion of his own disciples. They will take possession of something that is not theirs, and be forced to give it back; 'you' the 'owners of the house' should guard against such thieves.

Stevan L. Davies, The Gospel of Thomas and Christian Wisdom
Bardic Press (December 1, 2004) pp. xxxvii-xxxviii



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