His questions are those any seeker would ask, and are important - 2

> Jagbir's post 2807 has raised some questions; 'If the truth of
> Shri Mataji's message forms the very foundation of our faith, then
> declaring it to humanity should have no place for cowardice, no
> place for defeat'
> Why has this been allowed to happen? Why not declare this
> message fully and openly so that you have a stable and
> unshakeable foundation? Surely if something is not openly declared,
> this will cast doubt on everything that follows?

Jimmy, you are among the few who have the common sense to see the disastrous pitfalls of an dishonest approach. Maybe as an outsider you have the guts to speak your mind openly. In the late 70s and 80s Shri Mataji was especially direct and blunt in Her message to humanity. She extolled Her devotees to carry the Good News to the whole world and bring about human transformation. The message of the Last Judgment was announced by Her at many public programs right into this millennium, before old age forced their discontinuation. All the necessary evidence and information over the decades have been given by Her to enable seekers to join the Great Event ordained for humanity. No stone was left unturned in Her effort, a duty selflessly performed to the letter.

But for some unfathomable reason the subtle system was picked to project the image of Sahaja Yoga. It would have been perfect had the subtle system been linked with the scriptures and the Great Event to enable seekers to understand the relation and harmony between all religions and the common path for the faithful, irrespective of the tradition they were born in. But that common sense approach has never been implemented and hundreds of thousands of self-realized seekers have left. The sad thing is that they will not return as they have been led to believe Shri Mataji is just another of the hundreds of subtle system teachers.

The present mindset of SYs seem to be that leaders/coordinators have better brains, sense of direction and grasp of things to spread Sahaja Yoga. No one wants to admit that their global subtle system approach has failed, and failed miserably. Given the intense competition from thousands of yoga teachers, only the zeal and hard work of dedicated SYs over the years, all motivated by Shri Mataji, have prevented a debacle. As a SY living in North America i have seen and experienced the severe shortcomings of the subtle system at all levels to spread Sahaja Yoga. Flogging of this dead horse will only further tire the remaining exhausted SYs.

> 'the narrow minded official emphasis on the subtle system'
> What does Jagbir mean by this statement? What are the subtle
> systems and nonsubtle systems, and how should they be they
> balanced?

This is the narrow minded official emphasis on the subtle system taken from the official www.sahajayoga.org website:

"Inside every human being there is a network of nerves and sensory organs that interprets the outside physical world.

At the same time, within us resides a subtle system of channels (nadis) and centers of energy (chakras) which look after our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual being. Each of the seven chakras has several spiritual qualities. These qualities are intact within us, and even though they might not always be manifest, they can never be destroyed.

When the Kundalini is awakened, these qualities start manifesting spontaneously and express themselves in our life. Thus, through regular meditation, we become automatically very dynamic, creative, confident and at the same time very humble, loving and compassionate. It is a process which starts to develop by itself when the Kundalini rises and starts to nourish our chakras."

Through regular meditation the kundalini does all the job of balancing. We should let the kundalini handle all our internal problems. Instead SYs depend more on external rituals involving lemons, chillies etc. to heal instead of the internal kundalini. That is why this narrow approach to spread Sahaja Yoga is so confusing. Despite all the talk of the internal subtle system and the extraordinary miraculous power of the kundalini SYs continue to use external rituals, some of which are mere innovations and border on the absurd. This double standard, praising the kundalini as an all-powerful aspect of the Shakti and then seeking lemons to cure, exposes their lack of faith. This is not only confusing but hypocritical as well, especially to knowledgeable newcomers who revere the Kundalini. You just can't praise the Mother Kundalini to high heaven and then recommend chilies and lemons to destroy negativity. Now SYs are so conditioned to use external rituals instead of depending on the Mother Kundalini that any attempt to wean them is met with stiff resistance and indignation. The point i am trying to make is that intelligent seekers subjected to such rituals will flee. What is the use of kundalini awakening if one have to eventually resort to lemons and chillies?

Worse is that if you ask 10 SYs to cure something chances are you will get a number of different answers, even contradictory advise. There are just too many cooks who, having experimented making the subtle system soup, are ever ready to teach others. You will never get a standard answer to any cure. There is just no consistency despite more than 30 years of subtle system studies. All this projects Sahaja Yoga as a path riddled with misunderstanding, discrepancy, contradiction and strange rituals.

> 'What makes them disinterested enough to continue under such a
> genuine guru- the atmosphere at collectives? excessive talk about
> catches and cures? too much rituals? lack of non-subtle system
> knowledge? pervasive fear of negativity? strange talks of left-
> sided (cats) and bhoots? dry and rigid devotees?
> What have all these to do with Sahaja Yoga? Could you expand on
> each of these concepts in some detail, and explain how they relate
> to and are incorporated into SY?

Over the decades SYs have on their own devised cures and treatments for all sorts of problems, both real and imaginary. Their obsession with the subtle system has created an atmosphere of contagious catches (problems with chakras) that seem endemic in all collectives. The cures with lemons, chillies, ghee, ajwan, etc. have over years become a daily ritual to the point of fixation. It is just like self-prescribing a daily diet of medication and antibiotics to kill/neutralize all the germs and bacteria we breathe, instead of depending on the immune system. SYs seem to have more faith in chillies and lemons than on the kundalini.

For years i was diagnosed as 'sick' inside the collective until i left it (i was told that tea, coffee and curry was bad for the liver, among a list of irrational advise). Even cats, dogs, spiders, books, non-SY gurus, etc., affect SYs and cause chakra imbalances! Is this the reason why SYs are constantly shoe-beating, foot-soaking and indulging in other daily rituals? i mean do they begin 'catching' and have other subtle system problems after listening to all this nonsense?

That is why Jimmy you should not bother learning about these concepts in detail. They have been blown out of proportion as years of idle talk has made many mountains out of a few molehills. You are just going to waste your time and compromise peace of mind by listening to stupid SYs who just keep harping day and night about the subtle system. That is all they seem to know.

i will give you another reason. Say you have to study 11 subjects to pass your final exam and earn a degree to teach others what you have learnt about the Adi Shakti and Her message to humanity. You then come across a group of students who for some strange reason are obsessed with just a single subject, the subtle system. This is because they believe it to be most important for enlightening the human race. Not only are they experts in this field but in their obsession to excel they have spawned a host of sub-topics. A few have even gone beyond and experimented on their own to produce thesis on the mundane and bizarre. Let me give you examples of those SYs who have earned Ph.Ds in these subjects and whose expertise is much sought by others:

To: divinesahajayoga@yahoogroups.com
From: "haavardbergsagel"
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 21:36:17 -0000
Subject: DivineSahajayoga regarding cats


Dear brothers and sisters.

Please forgive the ignorance of asking this silly question here. It regards the issue of cats. We have heard from various sources that cats are very left sided, that they do not evolve and may attract and carry negativity; in other words be quite bhootish.

If this is the case it would probably not be advised to have cats too much inside houses and probably not around Ashrams??

This information comes from various yogis, but though we have looked, we can not find any sayings of Shri Mataji on this subject. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? (preferable coming from Shri Mataji!)




To: divinesahajayoga@yahoogroups.com
From: " "
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 12:18:30 +0400
Subject: DivineSahajayoga Subject: regarding cats

Dear Haavard,

The myth that cats are bhoots exists and supports by many yogis. I just want to tell you the story I heard earlier from one SY.

It happened in one SY Ashram. I don't remember which one but I 'm sure eyewitnesses will conform the truth of the story.

There lived a cat in SY Ashram. Many yogis didn't approve its presence because of the above reason. Moreover many of them insisted on its living the Ashram blaming it in bhootish nature and spreading negativity.

When the situation became really tense one of yogis suggested all to gather around the cat. After collective meditation hi asked everyone to hold one hand over cat's head. After doing so many yogis risen and left confused. None of them ever said a word against the animal since then.

The matter is that everyone who was holding hand over cat's head felt such a strong stream of Kundaliny, none of them ever felt.

Do not harry up to release your accommodation from a cat. What if it is not a bhoot but a god given to you for help?

Jai Shri Mataji!



To: divinesahajayoga@yahoogroups.com
From: "rabi ghosh"
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 13:34:35 +0000
Subject: RE: DivineSahajayoga spiders

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji,

In fact I was amused to read this beautiful mail. But I also desired to reserve my personal understanding on this issue . May be someone could highlight on this issue. I just would like to refer to certain techincal funny points.

Bats and cats are really mystic as even the myth says. If we analyse its age old myth as the movies are also framed keeping these two animals in the evil spirit carrier. One sees 'dracula' or see the 'Catwoman'. Its all horror movies and so it s established. AS FAR AS spiders are concerned it could be true that they are scarry and just not freak of nature. May be a pass in the evolution process to get evolved to a higher phylum or species. Even horror movie is also screened and played upon this animals(Spider)...it is scarry I tell you....the spiderman..etc etc..

its good to talk on these issues as it gets cleared what and what not are to be cared for, especially in Sahaja. At times there are startling revelation from the family . But only that these animals I hope were an evolutionary rocess that came and went to make us the super Human today. In fact a few days ago I was wondering about the Cats and the bats. What came to me is..... I recollect once Shri Mataji in one of the talk spoke that the Asuras came up in competition with the incarnations or the Gods. Like Narasimha in Egypt....if one looks at it closely....they wanted to defy the good existance. So humanity who knew about the great ncarnation of Shri Krishna as Half Lion and half man (Narasimha). The upper half was of lion and the body was of human. The Rakshasaas who came as the 'Asssrians' built sphinx like objects/things reversing the model of the incarnation of narasimha ... with half human on top while the body of lion (Just the opposite of Narasimha).

Similarly, the Lion /Tiger family is.... if we see is the vehicle carrier of the Goddess...So the rakshasa must be imitating and chose the CAT as their vicious vehicle carrier in that competition with Gods. So, the Evil Spirits must be travelling with Cats. (What do we say?......it is just a statement and no research please), which falls on the Tiger family or you may say the reverse. So We may correlate. While again see the birds although Bats are supposed to be mammals, but lives like a link between the 'Aves' and the 'Mammals'. Like wise the spider in the invertebrate group with phylum arthropodas (Jointed Foot) could be a just a freak or may have certain significance for the reason to be loathed by human......

But as the history goes it is said every two species were represented and carried by GOD's desire in the Noah's Arc. And Darwin also probably has some thing to say about it. (Ha Ha ...I was just joking....)



So Jimmy, please forget about learning in detail about this single subtle system subject. There are 10 others in Sahaja Yoga that, though far more important to awaken humanity, have not been approached by SYs with the same zeal and attention. My question to them: What is the long-term influence of such subjects on the young, immature minds of SYs who make the bulk of the divinesahajayoga group above? Is this the knowledge to transform humanity that Shri Mataji wants SYs to discuss in detail? Do you think intelligent seekers are interested in all this nonsense? Will Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains be attracted by such collective 'enlightenment'?

> 'Maybe if we just start finding faults with the quality, method
> and sincerity of SYs promoting SY, we may start making progress
> after decades.'
> All of Jagbir's posts reveal that he is a man who has inner
> conviction, direction and faith and yet he is completely honest
> and critical in his approach to problem areas. He is not a blind
> devotee; rather he is able to accept short-comings and search for
> improvements and solutions.
> Do SYs have an official training programme? Why has there been a
> reluctance to find and admit to faults in promotion?

Jimmy, i have just given examples in the form of correspondence between young and easily impressed SYs of what goes on in collectives. This ceaseless chatter of catches and petty nonsense will drive you out of the door for good. After 30 years the subtle system has become a Frankenstein monster that now haunts many SYs and makes them fearful of spiders, wasps, cats, bhoots and what not. That is why most are always catching and need endless footsoaks, matkas, chillie-treatment, lemon-cures, ajwan-exorcisms and a host of innovative spells against invisible entities who prey specifically on SYs. Why should any educated seeker of this 21st. century join Sahaja Yoga and learn how to become fearful and paranoid of Dark Age entities? No one seems to grasp the pervasive atmosphere of catches and bhoots that is detrimental to those joining Sahaja Yoga. Instead of addressing these shortcomings they are allowed to infest and infect others - the emails above are proof of the point i am trying to make.

Jimmy, you may just leave Sahaja Yoga before even settling down, just like the vast majority of those who were given self-realization. Only those who become established SYs are told about what Sahaja Yoga is really all about i.e., the Last Judgment and Resurrection which Shri Mataji calls the Blossom Time. About 99% leave before that just because SYs are afraid the truth will scare them off.

So what have they achieved after three decades? Very little despite their prodigious energy to spread Sahaja Yoga. It would have made all the difference if these seekers were told about the Great Event. At least they would have known and then made an informed decision whether to stay or leave. SYs just cannot justify their present method of spreading Sahaja Yoga any longer because 99% leave the official training program. This approach has failed time and again over the decades and nothing justifies following a proven futile method any more. This chakra charade must end.

That is why if we just start finding faults with the quality, method and sincerity of SYs promoting SY, we may start making progress after decades. So what is wrong with the official modus operandi to spread the message of Shri Mataji? Just one word - Truth!

So why has there been a reluctance to being transparent and truthful in promoting Sahaja Yoga? The reason is that official websites may have to say something to this effect, an approach they still find too frighteningly honest for humanity:

"As Anthony Buzzard emphasizes in The Kingdom of God: Present or Future? "the coming of the Kingdom is linked overwhelmingly in the New Testament not with the ministry of Jesus in Palestine, but with the Coming of the Messiah in the glory of His Kingdom at the end of the age (popularly, but wrongly known as the end of the world). It is essential, therefore, at the outset, to make a fundamental distinction between the proclamation of the Good News of the Kingdom, which is at the heart of the ministry of Christ and the Apostles, and the future coming of the Kingdom which is consistently associated with His Coming in glory at the end of the "present evil age" (Gal. 1:4)."

Now that time has come. The long-awaited eschatological coming of the Messiah precedes the "Last Day," before the "End" comes, prior to when "God" decides. The Messiah has delivered the Good News of His Kingdom. The Last Judgment and Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection), the ultimate test of validity and truth of organized religions, has been declared by the Shakti. Those who believe and take part in the Great Event ordained for all humanity are promised both bodily resurrection (kundalini awakening) and spiritual immortality (moksa). They will feel the Cool Breeze of the Spirit (Mother Kundalini) flowing out of the hands and head (Brahmarandhra) upon Self-realization. This Ruach (Breath of God) will be felt daily for the rest of your life, a constant reminder to those taking part in the Great Event to act righteously and remain on the Straight Path while on Earth.

1. Ruach, the breath of God experienced daily as cool breeze/wind 1

2. Ruach, the breath of God experienced daily as cool breeze/wind 2

3. All-Pervading Power (cool breeze, divine vibrations, God's breath)

4. Divine Wind flowing out of those born of the Spirit within

5. So is everyone born of the Spirit going to feel the cool breeze

Yes, the truth is what official websites are reluctant to admit. It is as simple as that.

And as i was making this post two emails arrived, emails which i continue to receive regularly from total strangers who seem to accept the plain truth. Tens of thousands of non-SY visitors just seem calm and relaxed at reading the very truth that we SYs claim will frighten them to flee. So where are the hordes of angry religious fanatics, a scornful public and the western media supposed to ferociously attack www.adishakti.org years ago?:

From: "Xxxxx X Xxxxxx"
To: www.adishakti.org@gmail.com
CC: Xxxxxxx@bellsouth.net
Subject: prophecy
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 11:07:49 -0500

What about the prophecies by Nostradamus and by Edgar Cayce? Have these been considered in your world view? And if so can I get a link? I really appreciate your interpretation of these Religious prophesies. I was beginning to get really scared with as many different conditions as were being met. And I am only recently married. We are waiting to have children because I was not sure that I wanted to bring them into a world that was as you put it full of "fire and brimstone".

Thank You Again,

From: "xxxxx"
To: www.adishakti.org@gmail.com
Subject: hello
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 20:37:43 +0200


Is it possible for me to speak with someone responsible, about the enlightenment of the female?


So there is absolutely nothing to fear about spreading Shri Mataji's message to humanity. On the contrary, those aware are waiting for this precise eschatological answer to their faith. Whatever apprehension there is among Her devotees is all due to the apprehension of past/present leadership and senior SYs. Years ago they lost the battle before it even begun in earnest and foot soldiers continued to 'catch' the fear of those leading ever since.

Over the decades they have collectively retreated as marauding devotees of other divine mothers menaced them with loud faith and fearless conviction. SYs are just no match for the disciples of false gurus. Never in my life have i seen such cowardice and experienced the humiliation of being a SY. Honestly, i have questioned myself many times as to why this dereliction of duty by SYs who in private are lions who roar themselves hoarse in loud praise of the Shakti, but squeak like frightened mice in public. i have never come across anything like this! This sustained and continuous flight of so-called self-realized souls is unprecedented in the annals of human civilization! Truly i am ashamed to be a SY but just can't help feeling so. Don't other SYs have the same conscience and guilt of betraying both humanity and the Divine?

> Jagbir also mentions that there are hundreds of gurus. Why is
> Sahaja Yoga special and what does it bestow on its followers that
> the others cannot?

"HH Mataji Nirmala Devi was born the day of the spring equinox, the 21st March 1923, at twelve o'clock in Chinwara, in the exact centre of India. She choose to take birth in an Indian Christian family...

At this moment, taking into consideration the local time, the Sun was exactly on the Meridian in full glory, and being in the zero degree of Ariesand the 30th degree of Pisces, it made a rajayogo (astral configuration of prominence and power.) The rising sign is cancer with the ascendant in the 9th degree. It is strongly aspected by five planets (Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars and the Moon, while it is occupied by Pluto which itself forms grand trines with three of the five planets and sextiles with the other two.) The Ascendant in Cancer indicates the Universal Mother while Jupiter strongly aspected in the fifth house makes Her a World Teacher. The combinations of the planets in the angles of the chart indicate unprecedented spiritual powers."

Grgoire de Kalbermatten, The Advent

"If we consider the most ancient evidence left by homo sapiens, we can see that man has always been aware of the existence of a Supreme Being, who is Lord of all things and of all living creatures.

Using every conceivable means, human beings of every era have always tried to show their feelings of deep respect (and reverence) towards God and to perform what is due to their Creator.

This is why Islam has always stressed the possibility of direct communication with God. Even those who have fallen into idolatry have never denied the existence of the Creator, but have simply put their idols and images in His place. And this is still happening today. This being the case, how can we recognise a true prophet and what is his or her mission?

The mission of the prophets is to reveal the will of God, that is, to provide a logical and tangible explanation of religion as it is experienced in our daily lives.

Genuine monotheism - the belief in a Supreme Being - means (or implies) the unshakeable oneness of the whole creation between man and God. Monotheism proves then, the pointlessness of idols and of images that come between man and God. The mission of the prophets is thus to set human beings on the right track, and in order to do this, the prophets have used two parallel and complementary paths:

- the way of learning, based on theology and philosophy

- and the way of Self-Knowledge or Self-Realisation

This is why we find in our Holy Book, the Koran, both scholastic discourse and phrases which hint at the "way in" to knowledge of the Highest Self. The concrete means of putting this message into practise is what is offered to us in this age by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

To back up this Truth, if you will allow me. I will quote these words of the Prophet Muhammad, who tells us: "God is closer to man than his own veins." And the Prophet says: "With the knowledge of the Spirit, man will begin to know himself, so as to finally achieve knowledge of God." "With the purification of his inner being, man becomes conscious that he is the Spirit."

It is thus the experience of spontaneous Self Realisation - which is revealed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - and Sahaja Yoga - which is the practise which she teaches - both spontaneous Self Realisation and Sahaja Yoga are in perfect harmony with the teachings of Islam. It is because of this revelation by Shri Mataji that I have wanted to speak to you tonight."

Ayatollah Dr. Mehdi Rouhani
Royal Albert Hall, UK — July 3, 1997

"In the ancient Nala Damayanti Purana Kali explains to Nala the importance of Kali Yuga, the modern times. When the worst of all times (Ghor Kali Yuga) will torture Mother Earth, the Adi Shakti will incarnate and grant salvation to saintly seekers who are now seeking God, secluded in thick jungles, steep valleys and inaccessible mountains. They will be reborn in Kali Yuga as normal worldly people, ordinary householders. She will then give birth to a new race. Glory to Her! Her coming in Her complete, integrated form should truly represent the most formidable event in world history. HH Mataji did once say in a very deep meditative mood, "To grant you salvation, My children, I have come with all My Powers." "

Grgoire de Kalbermatten, The Advent

"Society is sick, seeking to heal. But healing comes with a change in all aspects — not just in our persons, but in our structures. The healing of the planet, of our Mother Earth, begins by joining in with the transformation that is coming, by restructuring our political institutions, our courts, our laws, and all that has been invalidated, corrupted, and misused, the codes, the texts, the laws, the sacred words — all are crushed, cast aside, eliminated, or written anew in keeping with the new way of the Aquarian Age....

We must be ready and willing for an immense change in the divine order, a change that we are marching toward at ever-increasing speeds. The winds of change are already blowing, but the pace is accelerating. We are nearing the end of one millennium and about to become witness to the new. It is the closing of the time of false hierarchies, of myths that imprison us. We have lived on myths and thrived on false idols. Now is the time for the great awakening when our questions will lead us to true knowledge. It is time to go beyond the simple beliefs in what we have been told and taught to reach our own wisdom.

It has already begun.

The divinity above, by whatever name we call our God, has set the process in motion. Already, the beings who raise our consciousness, who guide us to the world of tomorrow, walk among us."

Walter Mercado, Beyond The Horizon: Visions of a New Millennium,
A Time Warner Company, 1997, p. 3.

Sahaja Yoga is special because it is the integration of all religions into a harmonious One. The Great Event for humanity ensures that all religions and messengers are accepted and embraced unconditionally. You cannot accept Shri Krishna and leave out Prophet Muhammad, or believe in Shri Buddha and reject Jesus, and so on. The Last Judgment and Resurrection is not for religious fundamentalists and that is why it will be rejected by them. This Great Event is a conviction and faith that draws its collective strength from various scriptures, prophets and prophesies. It is not a stand alone belief of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs. They just will not be able to understand it until and unless they learn about various messengers and unconditionally accept their teachings.

In all my life i have never come across any guru who has revealed the pure knowledge of all scriptures of major faiths. None have unraveled the deep spiritual mysteries and scriptural parables to reveal the secret gnosis hidden for centuries. No guru except the Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has done so, and that also on a unprecedented scale. She has over three decades given thousands of lectures on a wide range of subjects. These mysteries and parables had remained unfathomable to humanity, unfathomable until the advent of the Messiah sent to usher the preordained Last Judgment and Resurrection. It bestows on its followers what no religion or guru has the power to initiate i.e., participation in the Last Judgment and Resurrection that promises both bodily resurrection (kundalini awakening) and spiritual immortality (moksa). That is why Sahaja Yoga is special. Try it and experience for yourself what i am talking about.

Jai Shri Mataji,


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