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Dear all,

I remember that in Dr. Balwinder's story of not feeling the vibrations for such a long time, that he had mentioned that he was living the way Shri Mataji had said a Sahaja Yogi should live and behave. I have heard other references to this and i wanted to know if someone could explain to me, point me in the direction of a speech or compile a simple list of the things that Shri Mataji has said about how to live like a "good" Sahaja Yogi.

I am increasingly having a desire to first find out how to live like a Sy and then to implement that, especially in light of all the new "stuff" that is going on in the organization and with Mother; which to me signals that eventually the only way to remain sane and focused on the truth will be to go completely and focus completely on the mother within and the truths that stand independent of SY the organization.

I can't see any other way of doing this but to learn how to live like a SY as described by Shri Mataji in my own personal case.

Any help would be good.

Thank you all and much love to you all and always with love


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i have found that apart from practicing Sahaja Yoga and achieving Union with the Divine... that this advice of Shri Jesus has helped me the most, especially when there are murmuring voices or ceaseless chatter of catches and cures:

"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind." This is the great and foremost commandment. The second is like it, "You shall love your neighbour as your Self." On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets." (Matthew 22:37-40)

The best is not to compare your Sahaja Yogi-ness with others, but to just "go within" and do as Shri Jesus said. You just cannot do better than that, if you follow that. It fulfills the whole Law and the Prophets. It is only the Sahaja Yogi Scribes and Pharisees that will now make a thousand rules and regulations.

The Truth is... we each have to find the best way to fulfil what Shri Jesus describes above. Nobody loves God in exactly the same way... just as none of your friends and family do not love you in exactly the same way. They each love you in a unique way... individual to the person. The same is our love for God and our love for our neighbour.

Rules and regulations can spoil the Spirit of things, and Sahaja Yoga is "especially" about your Spirit Within! Your Spirit Within will teach you more than any other person can. You will learn it in the Silence... in the contemplation. It does not have to be a set format or anything. You can talk to God anytime, anywhere. She (the Holy Spirit) is within you, and you can commune with Her at any time at all. As already stated... it does not always have to be a formal meditation each time. You can do it anytime at all during the day with 'an upward glancing of an eye'. The main thing... is to keep that contact.

So... it is not about rituals. Rather... it is about a relationship. Rituals can help in the beginning to make our minds steadfast on the Divine Within, however... once obstacles are overcome, and a person goes beyond thought, they can stay in the thoughtless state pretty well all the time. That does not mean a person becomes a 'vegetable'. It means they actually become more brilliant (for want of a better word).

They become more intelligent because when you are in touch with your Highest Self/Spirit, you access the Pure Knowledge of the Spirit, and that knowledge is "pure intelligence". This intelligence works with us. We can put our attention on something and gain knowledge of a situation through the Spirit. The Spirit also works things out through the Paramchaitanya (the All-Pervading Power of God).

She warns, advises, admonishes, alerts, tells, and does many things, when we have a relationship with Her. People who are "too into ritual"... miss out on this relationship, because this relationship requires spontaneity with an open heart, mind, and soul. Ritualization rigidizes things, and the spontaneity is lost.

This is a living relationship. As already stated... once you are having a living relationship with the Divine Within... ritual is very little needed, if at all. The hands might be used only minimally to work with one's Self/Spirit, because the Kundalini energy may be flowing unobstructed. There are no hard and fast rules. Just remember that for every 'supposed rule' Shri Mataji gave... there were always exceptions to that rule, for example... if a person achieved a certain spiritual state whereby they cannot come down anymore.

She did mention such a spiritual state, where the kundalini flows 24 hours a day unobstructed and the person is clearing all the time. Not that they need clearing all the time, but if anything comes that needs clearing... it flows in and out of the system. Sometimes... some negativity tries to stick, but if a person puts their enlightened attention on it, usually it goes away in a few minutes. i know it happens, because i have experienced it, and i know other SYs have experienced it too. Jagbir also says that is how it works for him, too. However, it will never be possible for people who "think it is impossible". That in itself... is a negative block, which stops that spiritual state.

So... if you follow your Spirit only, that will give you all the confidence you need. Of course... spiritual discipline is required at first to settle down, but once you have put your Spirit in charge... things get much easier. Also... the beauty of the "Divine Within" is that all we have to do is "TO BE IT". It is much easier to Be Our Spirit, than try to be some kind of a good SY according to someone else's mental concept.

If we follow the Dharma Within and Become Our Spirit... there is no mental concept involved in that. It just is. And the qualities of the Spirit will flow in our life. We are not here to please any 'scribes and Pharisees' in SY Organisation. We are only here to surrender to the Holy Spirit within, which is One with our Spirit. We become One in our heart, mind, and soul. We become spiritual integrated. This can be best seen in children, whom Shri Jesus also said "we must become like, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This, however, does not mean to become childish, but 'child-like' in our trust of the Divine Within!

i hope this helps.

warmest regards,

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