How long will this chakra charade continue?

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Thu Jun 24, 2004 3:00 pm
Subject: Re: how long ?

--- In, "Isha" wrote:
> "But for how long will this chakra charade continue before the
> common sense of WHY prevails - 5, 10, 20 years?"
> Unfortunately there is no longer that kind of time. Now I've been
> hearing that in the states people are getting their self
> realization like that's all there is to it. I'm happy on one side -
> because that means less insanity walking the streets. But on the
> other end, you have awakened their Kundalinis to still be in the
> Dark about what is going on in our world today.
> So what do we do?

i remember the days of the Vietnam War, an event that consumed quite a lot of my attention. At that time war was justified by the Americans drumming up the fear of the domino affect, which may have had an element of truth. It was argued that other countries - Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore - will fall in quick succession to the Communist tide unless a determined stand was made in South Vietnam. Those were the days when the Cold War was at its height and i became concerned that if Vietnam fell to the Vietcong, it would only embolden their ambition to spread communism to the rest of South-East Asia.

So i started looking for an exit out of Malaysia. The closest sanctuary was Australia. The only problem was that at that time the "whites only" immigration policy was in place, and i could only dream of their apples, pears and cheese constantly advertised in Asia Magazine to lure tourists and students. Colored folks were only welcomed to spend money in Angle-Saxon Australia to benefit the "white" economy. The most insulting of this discriminatory policy was that apartheid-mentality South Afrikaans were given red carpet welcome in a land seized by hunting down aborigines with the same zeal and respect given to dingoes.

i realized that there was little chance of seeking refuge overseas. Worse come to worse i would flee to India and live off the few acres of my father's land in Punjab. So i paid special attention to the progress of the Vietnam war.

The B-52s were raining bombs like nothing else in history. More bombs were dropped by American planes in the Quang Tri province in Vietnam than in the whole of Europe in World War II. As the United States is the most advanced industrial nation in world it made full use of the latest developments in technology in its war against North Vietnam. B- 52 bombers, that could fly at heights that prevented them being seen or heard, dropped 8 million tons of bombs on Vietnam between 1965 and 1973. This was over three times the amount of bombs dropped throughout the whole of the Second World war and worked out at approximately 300 tons for every man, woman and child living in Vietnam.

By all counts America should be having the upper hand and achieving victory soon.

After a few years of body-counting i begun to realize that there was something wrong with the numbers. By my calculations the almost daily sorties, coupled with American search and destroy missions, would have killed a disproportionately far higher number of Vietcong. Search and destroy were missions aimed at flushing the Viet Cong out of hiding, while the body count was the measuring stick for the success of any operation. Competitions were held between units for the highest number of Vietnamese killed in action, or KIAs. Army and marine officers knew that promotions were largely based on confirmed kills.

But there was one major flaw.

The pressure to produce confirmed kills resulted in massive fraud. One study revealed that American commanders exaggerated body counts by 100 percent. No wonder my calculations stopped making sense.

So how is this Vietnam search and destroy missions even remotely related to giving self-realization and Sahaja Yoga? Well, we SYs are happily counting the number of people trying self-realization, and keep hyping about the number of people attending health fairs etc., and getting free services at SY stalls. What we fail to see is that those visiting such fairs will try anything that is free. Why not just check out this free self-realization, whatever it might be, when others stalls charge money.

So SY organizers have kept counting the number of bodies receiving kundalini awakening, and are quite pleased with the success of their operations. And they keep reporting their "successful operations" to those in charge of spreading Sahaja Yoga.

But there is one major flaw.

The desire to produce confirmed self-realized bodies has resulted in massive self-delusion. No matter what SYs do no amount of figures is going to change anything, and the night of Kali Yuga just gets ever darker. Those hundreds of thousands given self-realization over the years have not been transformed at all because none have any idea what happened and why they have to continue doing Sahaja Yoga. They have had a brief fling with kundalini awakening and, not knowing why they should carry on meditating, have just disappeared .......... .......... and continue to do so. And Shri Mataji thus remains as obscure as ever.

There has to be a way to stop this huge loss of souls who have come so tantalizingly close to moksa in the promised Blossom Time. This unforgivable waste must end.

My only suggestion would be that we SYs must announce that the Last Judgment and Resurrection has begun, an approach that has never been attempted. It will only take a single paragraph or page on all SY websites, a miniscule investment of time that will pay incalculable dividends far in excess of all our efforts over the last three decades. The benefits are just too overwhelming to comprehend at this early stage. Seekers must know why they should sustain their self- realization for the rest of their lives.

As long as this truth is deliberately kept away from the public Sahaja Yoga will never spread. More than 30 years have passed since Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi opened the Sahasrara and less than 0.001% of the world knows about Sahaja Yoga. (i have been liberal and presume that 6,000,000 people have received self-realization.) But this generous figure falls to 0.0005% if we speculate on the number who know it is the Last Judgment.

If it takes 30 years to announce Shri Mataji's message to a mere 0.0005% of humanity, how long will it take to reach just 1%?

6,000,000,000 X 0.001% = 6,000,000 received self-realization over 30 years.
6,000,000,000 X 0.00005 = 300,000 remain in Sahaja Yoga and know about Last Judgment over 30 years.
6,000,000,000 X 0.00005% X 200 = 60,000,000 (1% of world population)
Right now 0.00005% of humanity know about the Last Judgment. So it will take another 200 X 30 years to reach 1% of humanity and we can all celebrate this milestone in AD 8003. Do my calculations make sense that we SYs must tell what Sahaja Yoga is all about and why they must stay on to sustain the self-realization?

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