i am quite sure Kyyan would have quit completely like 99.99% of all seekers

Dear Chuck,

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words that really comfort. i am sure Violet will agree too.

i believe you may be one of the earliest devotee of Shri Mataji who have advanced so far without meeting a SY or setting foot in any collective. The fact that on your own you have fared better than the vast majority is testament to the triumph of the all-encompassing Divine Message over the petty subtle system. The bitter experience of Kyyan, who had to eventually quit the Vancouver collective, should always serve as a reminder that it is better not to follow the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion. i am quite sure Kyyan would have quit completely like 99.99% of all seekers over the decades, if not for his knowledge of and faith in the Divine Message.

This is part of the recent email Kyyan wrote to someone who wanted him to go back to the collective:

"As far as collectives are concerned, my lack of going to the collective has nothing to do Jagbir's paranoia or his stance on the WCASY, but rather my own dealings with them. I thought Jagbir was over doing it as well and that much of it was unfounded, but that was until i spent more and more time with my collective and began to clearly see without a doubt that everything that was said by Jagbir was indeed true, and not just "paranoia" as you put it.....rather truth. I stopped going because i was not being helped, was not finding the truth or having my questions answered to my satisfaction and because i was beoming to distracted by the internal struggles, petty bickering and rumours that have torn my collective apart. It's not worth my piece of mind or my ascent to get bound up or lost in my head because of others problems, superstitions and other nonsence, not to mention the lack of knowledge of the divine message, which is the point of SY.

Not going to the collective might make it easier to fall when you start due to lack of support of established yogis; however, i dont see how staying within a falling structure such as my collective will keep me from falling along with it." (end)

So Chuck you have not lost anything, but gained much, by being your own master. i can honestly say that you have saved years of problems, superstitions and other nonsense by not going to any SY collective. So never go there as you are far advanced than them. If you ever do you will have to start in Grade One, and they will condition you with all their ignorance, problems and pettiness. You will regress. Believe me as i am not patronizing you ............. i am another example of being blessed to be my own master. So i am truly happy for you and others like Violet who have decided to throw off the heavy yoke of the collectives and continue on their own. i am sure you will advance much faster and further now.

And Chuck, thanks for your faith in Kash, Arwinder and Lalita. i also would have been in the dark without them. Now i know, among other things, that God Almighty and His messengers exist and that those who strive with mind, body and soul to live righteously during the Last Judgment will attain eternal life. For that you must without question hold on to the Truth, not the subtle system.

warmest regards,


Re: i am quite sure Kyyan would have quit completely like 99.99% of all seekers
Sun Aug 13, 2006 9:26 pm

Dear Chuck,

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. i also agree with what Jagbir has said regarding organizing the Truth. Kyyan's example is proof that advancement in the local collective is very difficult due to the fact that the Truth has now been organized into a Subtle System Religion. Chuck and Kyyan are both deep seekers and nothing less than the Absolute (and unorganised) Truth will satisfy them.

On this forum we are quite aware that the Absolute Truth can never be organised. Shri Mataji has said it, too! The Truth that Chuck and Kyyan are following is the "Absolute (and unorganized) Truth". Contrary to organised truth which varies according to the whims and fancies of those who try to organise it... the Universal Truth never changes one little bit. It is straightforward and uncomplicated.


--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "Chuck" wrote:
> Thank you Violet for your kind words. Jagbir and you are doing a
> tremendous job of bringing truth to the world. You and Jagbir do
> not need to worry if anyone gets offended by what you say regarding
> Sahaja Yoga organization. There is no such thing as an
> organization, as when people try and organize anything it will
> become corrupt. I do not see myself as in an organization but like
> Shri Mataji says, but one drop in an ocean with all other realized
> souls seeking the truth where there is no ego or anything else of
> the lower self. I want to also say thank you to Jagbir and his
> children because if it were not for Kash, Lalita or Arwinder; I
> would still be in darkness not knowing any truth.
> Happy Raksha Bhandans to you also Violet and to everyone else,
> Love,
> Chuck

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