"i call it the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion"

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Fri May 12, 2006  1:22 pm
Subject: i call it the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion

Dear Violet and All,

You have done all of us a great service by this excellent and eleventh-hour eye-opener as to how the most vital, vibrant and nourishing of Shri Mataji's teachings have been cut off at its roots. What SYs are left with is the withered leaves and dried-up branches of a dying tree which they are desperately trying to keep alive. Given the fact they have met repeated failures for a decade despite all the loud hype and SWAN fanfare, the evitable is a forgone conclusion. The Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion is almost in its death throes since all efforts have been spectacular failures at best (that is why you do not hear of any post-public program results eg. what was the public response to the massive Europe Self- realization blitz?) Those who attended were just not interested in the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion. We know official post-public program silence means the halls were empty.

Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion!!!! This is the best description ever coined and speaks volumes. i must quote this:

"i call it the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion, because under these unenlightened managers such as Ed Saugstad, Richard Payment, and others, that is what it has become. i have no problem with cleansing and clearing techniques, but under these managers, these techniques,which are JUST TECHNIQUES, have actually been made into a religion!"

The Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion is the sacred cow of the SY priesthood. It is a false religion preached by those who have already edited out the Divine Message to humnity. This negativity is using you to incubate itself and spread the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion to others. Please innoculate yourself with the Divine Message vaccine and help stop the spread of this highly infectious and conscience-destroying disease.


--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "Violet"
Dear Jagbir and All,

You said: -

"The post probably refers to Vancouver which is the HQ of the Inquisytion against my sites, children and myself. That is where the whole sad episode began after ex-world leader Yogi Mahajan murmured to Richard Payment (who lives there too with Ed Saugstad and company)."

i can confirm that it does refer to Vancouver which is the HQ of the Inquisytion. The Vancouver SY's are obviously suffering greatly under these unenlightened managers who cannot uphold the Truth of Shri Mataji, but have instead instituted what has now become the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion.

i call it the Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion, because under these unenlightened managers such as Ed Saugstad, Richard Payment, and others, that is what it has become. i have no problem with cleansing and clearing techniques, but under these managers, these techniques,which are JUST TECHNIQUES, have actually been made into a religion!

Meanwhile Shri Mataji's teachings and the ability to explain Her Teachings by putting into practice Her Teachings like a scientist and therefore understanding them (which results in "gnosis" or "self- knowledge") is frowned upon by these characters. For example, John Noyce used to berate me on this very forum, when i even tried to elucidate on some of the teachings of Shri Mataji. He, for example, appears to be just for the reading of Her Words (like the Stiff Orthodoxy do) and never really discussing their meaning or implications on Her Devotees. Please read my lips:

"Orthodoxy has always given only partial truth to their parishioners, so as to keep them under control".

This is their agenda: -

By watering down Shri Mataji's Powerful Message of Mastership, Guruship, and Teachership for the individual SY, the above characters (and others too) have VERY SUBTLY manipulated away Her Full Message and made it into a Subtle System Message. Can any SY within the Organization truthfully say that under current management they really CAN BE their own guru, their own teacher, and their own master? Most of us who have done so, have come up against them.

So...it did not look like they have done these manipulations of Shri Mataji's Truth. But "THEY" have done it, line by line, word by word, action by action, and all of a sudden, SURPRISE, SURPRISE! There they are in their positions of power!

How did they get there, you may ask?

They got there through the unseen subtle maneuverings and manipulations that have taken place over the YEARS, and behind the scenes, unobserved by Sahaja Yogis. BUT WE CAN SEE WHO THEY ARE NOW! And that is why there is NOW a window of opportunity to expose their 'doings' and their 'usurped control' over Sahaja Yogis, or alternatively, to 'stand up to them' by standing on the Promises and the Truth of Shri Mataji and all other Incarnations, too.

i occasionally received private emails from JN, before he realized that i will uphold the Truth of Shri Mataji, and not his truth. If i would discuss upon what to him was a 'touchy' subject on this forum, he would email me and tell me that "you cannot say that!"

But who is he that he says to me: "you cannot say that". Is he Shri Mataji? NO! So, where does he get his authority from, because what i say.....i say on the basis of Shri Mataji's Words and my own gnostic experience gained through putting into practice Shri Mataji's instructions, and whenever i hear people like Ed Saugstad or JN and others talking, it never seems to BE BASED on Shri Mataji's Words.

It all seems to be based upon: "THEY SAY THAT" (blah, blah, blah blah blah!)" or "THEY" will say: "No, you have to have permission with so-and-so" or "THEY" will say: "No..... you have to wait until such-and-such a thing happens". This is what "THEY" say overtly (out in the open).

Covertly (in secrecy under the management-controlled media) they say things like: "Jagbir is "possessed" and he is a "false guru" and "Violet is a bad person; do not listen to her." However, do they ever give any real evidence of that? No. But, they DO misconstrue what is said to appear like it is said in contradiction to Shri Mataji's Teachings, and they do this very cleverly. First they Set In Concrete the Subtle System Religion; then when Jagbir tried to free people from this "concrete", they easily showed that he is going against the Subtle System Religion. The minds of a lot of SY's is alreaady that to go against the false Subtle System Religion as preached by the Priestly Caste, IS TO GO AGAINST SHRI MATAJI! The fact is; the Truth of Shri Mataji is much deeper than such shallow knowledge as the Priestly Mafia have made it out to be.

One thing that is noticeable is that they never seem to base their actions on the Words of Shri Mataji. And they do not seem to reveal vibrations either. One of their greatest manipulations over SY's also is the Words: -

"You have to listen to your leaders".

which has definitely been used to "greatest advantage" by them. If the individual SY actually does listen to their leader, the way the leaders now are in general, they will be led anywhere these leaders want to lead them. They will be like the proverbial 'lambs led to the slaughter', and this is what is happening to the collectives. Ed Saugstad's collective is a very sorry example of this now.

Please listen! This has got to stop! These characters do not reveal v vibrations. If they revealed vibrations, they would back up everything they say with Shri Mataji's Full Truth, and the other Scriptures too! That they do NOT do this but NOW CLAIM THEY REPRESENT THE WILL OF SHRI MATAJI shows how far their agenda has progressed. These characters who do not reveal vibrations and imbibe them, according to Shri Mataji, have no authority to even talk about Sahaja Yoga. How to get over this, is simple: -

Those Sahaja Yogis who are courageous enough just need to take their power of yogi-ship back. They do not need to be silenced, told to wait for so and so to be approved, told that they cannot promote Her Truth in their unique individual way, told what they are to believe, and how they are to believe, which makes everyone like a 'same robot'! The Power of Sahaj Yogis is in their individual unique expression of the Divine Within. It must be allowed its free expression, because this is the Spirit of God expressing Himself in the world!

If each Sahaja Yogi just tells anyone acting in the function of a leader that they are NOW just listening to Shri Mataji Within themselves, and following Her Bidding, there is still a Window of Opportunity to turn this situation around. Shri Mataji HAS asked us to discuss Her Words to the optimum, which we are doing on this forum.

Characters such as the above do not like this, because when we discuss Shri Mataji's Truth to the optimum, it reflects badly on them, because Her Truth reveals the 'holes' in their promotion of Sahaj as a Subtle System Religion. These characters are the same people who (behind the scenes in a clever and calculating manner) have formed a "solidarity" (as Ed would call it) to manipulate themselves into positions of power in order to gradually take away the spiritual liberty of SY's interacting in a Spontaneous Sahaj Manner.....spontaneously led in spiritual liberty by the Adi Shakti/Holy Spirit Within, as one would expect of enlightened beings.

Instead at every turn, permission is needed to do any work for Shri Mataji. You might have something important to say, but if these characters do not like what you have to say, your post JUST WILL NOT GET APPROVED. (THE QUESTION SY'S MUST ASK IS WHO REALLY GAVE THEM 'THIS MUCH' POWER??? The answer is quite simple: "THEY MANIPULATED THE SITUATION TO GIVE THEMSELVES SO MUCH POWER!" It is "THEY" who got this much power, instead of "YOU" that got it, because it is "THEY" who have had the ambition for this much power, and not yourself who hankered for it. One thing that must be known is that `this much power' to control others is always deliberately orchestrated. It does not happen by chance. Shri Mataji warned us about these deliberate manipulators of the Truth, yet we think that it cannot happen to us?! i tell you; IT HAS HAPPENED ALREADY!

We have already been informed about the problem in the Vancouver collective, where this Religion of the Subtle System is practised. It is failing because it is only a "form of the Truth, and not the Truth Itself". Other collectives must take note of this trend, and start to question what the Management is doing to our collectives. What is Ed Saugstad doing about his collective. That he can call Jagbir a "possessed Sahaja Yogi" speaks volumes! That he can call Jagbir's children "as possessed" also speaks volumes, and reveals NO VIBRATIONS WHATSOEVER!

Sahaja Yogis who see any such problems need to speak up as this SY did, who had great concerns about his collective, and not be led in a 'sheep-like' way by these 'wolves in sheep's clothing' who DARE TO SUPPRESS Her Truth, and replace it with theirs.

On this media, the Truth can be brought out. We are not afraid to discuss Her Truth openly to the optimum. We are also not afraid to openly expose those who are subverting Her Truth for their own selfish ends. The sad truth is that Sahaja Yogis are succumbing to these characters. Sahaja Yogis need to use the Power of the Adi Shakti Within them to expose the 'wrongs' these people are perpetrating over the collectives. In reality these characters do not have spiritual strength. Their strength is in the 'numbers' of their "solidarity". There are many more SY's than there are these Mafia Types. They need not to be feared just because of the power they have usurped.

It is actually easy to stand up to them. What can they do when a person asserts their own Mastership, their own Guruship and their own Teachership, as Shri Mataji has asked us to do? The worst thing that they can do is ex-communicate a person covertly, by talking against them, by telling them that they do not approve of them, by telling them that they are not doing the right thing, HOWEVER, they will never 'back it up' with Shri Mataji's Truth. That is the key!

They can be and should be `stood up to' by quoting Shri Mataji's Words to them. Words like "I am my own guru, master, and teacher". "When have you become my guru, master, or teacher?" "Who gave you the right to dictate what I say in the Name of the Truth of Shri Mataji".

Yes...they need to be `stood up to' in a very Sahaj Manner, and that is just to stand up for the Truth of Shri Mataji in your own life. Do what you want to spread Her Truth. Who gave them the authority to suppress you? Shri Mataji did not! She said that all those who feel and imbibe the vibrations are to speak up and tell of Sahaja Yoga.

i realize that "fear of the unknown" can happen when you are a salmon swimming upstream against the tide. But you know.... one `salmon' had to do it first, before the others realized they could also do it! However, to get to the goal, ALL THE SALMON MUST SWIM UPSTREAM TO THE SOURCE OF SUSTENANCE.....eventually.

i also realize that all our fears can also be used against us, by these same characters. They will use your fear of "being cut off from the Divine" or your fear of "being cut off from the local collective" against you, and then if you do stand up to them, and expose their tactics of control, THEY ARE THE ONES who have the power NOW to enact that control in the Organization of Sahaja Yoga. THEY will be the ones to call you "bad" or "possessed" or some other name through their CONTROLLED MEDIA, but they will NEVER back that up with Shri Mataji's Words, and clearly explain how it is possible, and what a person has REALLY done to deserve that "bad name" that they give. The reason they cannot back up their assertions with Shri Mataji's Own Words, is because Shri Mataji has never approved of what they are doing. What they are doing is Unsahaj and Unconscionable and Unjustifiable.

However, when you stand up for the Truth, you are in good company. All the Incarnations have faced all these fears, and overcome them. What has Shri Mataji not spoken out against when it was wrong? Did fear keep Her from declaring the Full Truth? We must also speak out bravely, as She has done, and not be afraid. Fear is not a Sahaj Characteristic, but Courage, Determination, and Love for All Mankind are, and it is only these characteristics that Shri Mataji also had that will save the humanity! It will take very courageous and strong Sahaja Yogis to save the humanity, also. But THAT is our task!

This forum, unlike the Mafia-Controlled ones, is for everyone to tell the truth and to celebrate and enjoy the Full Truth and Teachings of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. It is to spread Her Message of the Last Judgment and Resurrection. Please join us and feel the freedom to express your Truth Within of Sahaja Yoga. You can tell the Whole World of the Great Gift that Shri Mataji has brought, and you can tell it in your unique way, and not in a way that has been prescribed for you. We will never try to silence or restrict Sahaja Yogis on what they can or cannot say (as long as they back it up with Shri Mataji's Words and Scriptures) because we realize that each Sahaja Yogi is a drop in the Ocean of the Divine Within.

Jai Shri Mataji!

love and best wishes,


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Dear All,

Below are some verses from the Bible where it explains that the prophetic word is not a matter of one's own interpretation, but is like a 'lamp shining in a dark place' that does not come through an act of human will, but through men moved by the Holy Spirit.

These same Scriptures also reveal that along with the 'prophetic word', come the false prophets and false teachers who in their greed, secretly exploit others with false words, thereby introducing destructive heresies and actually denying their Master: -

This seems to be happening in Sahaja Yoga too. Jagbir's children have given the Revelations of the Adi Shakti to confirm Her Incarnation for future generations. The Adi Shakti has given evidence through them, which further reveals Her Gnostic Truth. This evidence does not need interpretation by any man, as it IS self- evident.

The false prophets and false teachers of Sahaja Yoga have been 'SECRETLY' exploiting other SY's with false words (such as calling Jagbir and his children "possessed" by negativity) and they have also gradually introduced so it has not been very noticeable, such destructive heresies as what is now the Religion of the Subtle System within the Organization of Sahaja Yoga.....thus, TOTALLY NEGLECTING Shri Mataji's important Last Judgment and Resurrection Teachings as the Promised and Prophesied Cristian Comforter, the Muslim Mahdi, the Sikh "Eykaa Mayee", the Buddhist "Maitreya", the Jewish "Shekinah" and the Taoist "Great Mother".

No wonder there are problems of money, morale and lack of seekers coming to the Collective (see Post 6133)

--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "jagbir singh"
The post probably refers to Vancouver which is the HQ of the Inquisytion against my sites, children and myself. That is where the whole sad episode began after ex-world leader Yogi Mahajan murmured to Richard Payment (who lives there too with Ed Saugstad and company).

BTW, Ed is capable of summoning deities at will, and is an expert at burning pieces of paper to stop municipal workers from doing their work. Why not the Vancouver collective seek his awesome powers?


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