I can't be in collective but you can be in Collective Consciousness

From:  "jagbir singh" <www.adishakti.org@gmail.com>
Date:  Fri Feb 4, 2005  10:51 am
Subject:  I can't be in collective but you can be in Collective Consciousness
Dear sister,

Shri Mataji did mention there are twelve types of SYs. Ask any SY
who has heard the tape and they will tell you it is true. Aunty
Lyndal, if you are reading this please confirm.

Shri Mataji did not specifically say what the categories were but it
should range between the great souls, good SYs, bad apples and ugly
ducklings. There is no such thing as we SYs are all the same.
Through experience i know most are very good, a few bad and a
handful ugly.

Just yesterday a SY told me how he lost a doctor devotee who had
brought a number of people into Sahaja Yoga. This physician quit
when he met some SYs in India. Apparently their behavior shocked him
and forced him to question his faith. In the end he left because he
could not reconcile with what he had experienced. (i find he made an
error because he should have realized that Shri Mataji is not
responsible for the actions of SYs as they have all freedom to do as
they wish.) Not only that but he has ever since told his bad
experiences to others, including new SYs who faith is shaken and
these people may slowly cease meditating.

So i do not want you to stay to the point of disgust, and may leave
forever. So do not listen to SYs who are not in your shoes and
induce more fear and guilt by subtle system talk. Since they are so
involved with the subtle system they seem to understand things only
in terms of chakras. (That is one of the reasons i left because i
could not take all this constant chatter of catches and cures.)

You may stay away from the collective and continue meditating alone
if you find SYs give you problems, or that the atmosphere is not
conducive to progress. But please do not stay for the sake of the
collective, only to leave in revulsion when you cannot take it
anymore. Do not reach this point of no return. Shri Mataji wants us
to be in Collective Consciousness and not local collective
consciousness. Please understand this very important fact that many
SYs are ignorant of.

Sure there are many benefits of staying in the collective but
leaving it does not mean the end. In fact there are some SYs who
have advanced themselves because they are not retarded by the fear
and guilt-ridden, catch conscious nature of collectives.

i assure you that the journey is within yourself and the Shakti
resides in your Sahasrara. One day when Shri Mataji leaves SYs will
be forced to meditate on Her within. So leaving the collective will
not diminish your progress, provided you are strong and have great
faith in Shri Mataji.

You should take comfort that i have left the collective years ago
when it became unbearable for me to continue. Even my wife could not
stand all that constant chatter of catches and cures that made her
fear and guilty of so many things. Today she is glad that she left
and began meditating at home. We do not have the fears that many SYs
project on you in the collective. Leaving the collective has been
really beneficial as we are now our own gurus. No outsider can shake
our faith and trust in the Adi Shakti, nor any SY make us feel
fearful or guilty.

So weigh your options before making a decision. If you do leave
please occasionally return to the collective to recharge your
batteries. Perhaps that may also teach others a lesson. Anyway, we
are a still collective at this forum and can draw upon it for
strength and guidance. For all i know it will help you establish a
deep and unbreakable bond with Shri Mataji because in this
collective garden we weed out ignorance. You should know this forum
and websites have brought back SYs on the verge of leaving because
they are able to understand things better, and have a venue to
present their grievances or doubts that will be heard and, most
importantly, answered. Maybe you can't be in collective but you can
definitely be in Collective Consciousness.

So please do not feel guilty about expressing your views as SYs have
this habit of sweeping problems under the carpet and sanitizing
Sahaja Yoga. This has resulted in problems festering for years. i
believe that prevention is better than cure. And we can only prevent
problems by acknowledging them first. Please feel free to express
your doubts, problems and concerns so that we can all learn from
them. It is a win-win situation no matter what others say. By
keeping silent you will only protect those who keep you in
ignorance, fear and guilt. You said that "So much things I dont
understand, like gateways and not allowed information, even see
photos of Mother which I would like to print and keep in my place."
Why protect those who cannot give you knoweldge and keep information
secret? Why protect idiots who do not even allow you to see photos
of Shri Mataji?

But maybe you are wondering why you are not allowed to even see Shri
Mataji's photos. Let you tell you why through my expereince.

A few years ago i went to the Toronto ashram because Shri Mataji was
coming there for a public program. As i was walking around and
admiring the rooms i came across hundreds of Shri Mataji's photos
strewn on a bed. Apparently other SYs have been looking at them for
a day or two. So naturally i was attracted and begun looking at them
with joy and love in my heart - they were so many pretty ones that i
had never seen before.

Then a senior SY passed by, stopped and came into the room. He told
me i was not to touch the photographs even though others had. It did
not take much intelligence to realize that being a member of a
possessed family with demonic children, i had no right to even look
at Shri Mataji's photographs.

In the end it was necessary for my whole family to leave and
meditate alone. At least we are still devoted to Her and feeling so
much better in mind, body and soul.

So who wants to stay in Sahaja Yoga when some SYs give you so many
reasons to leave? We left in order to remain Her devotees.

Jai Shri Mataji,


--- In
shriadishakti@yahoogroups.com, "yoginisahaja"
<yoginisahaja@y...> wrote:
> Dear Oleg savisky and sisters and brothers
> thank you deeply for help and advices, it help me greatly. I
> understand collective yoga is important as Mother says, I will try
> hard. I wont tell problems here, we are all brothers and sisters
in divine love, is important to protect sahaj and culture.
> I think dear brother jagbir wrote about 12 yogis before, i will
see messages here, maybe i understood wrong.
> Blessing to all of you,
> Jai Shree Mataji!!!
> your sister yogini
> --- In
shriadishakti@yahoogroups.com, Oleg Savitsky
> wrote:
> > Jay Shri Mataji!
> >
> > Dear sister,
> >
> > Shri Mataji created sahaja yoga as collective yoga. That means
> when you are the part of sahaja collective - you get special
> blessings and attention from Shri Adi Shakti. But even you're
> meditating alone, Paramchaitanya, the all penetrating power, still
> with you - because you are connected. But considerate the quality
of Vishuddhi chakra you are loosing. It's very, very difficult to be
> out of sahaja collective and keep this chakra in a proper state -
> because of collectivity principle in it. You know that aspects of
> Vishuddhi includes collectivity, be a spectator, be unattached to
> everything, sweet talking and doing.
> >
> > According to your e-mail, you are really good and sweet sahaja
> yogini loving Shri Mataji. No doubts that you will spread your
love and patience to all people surrounding you. While spreading
pure love don't wait for reflecting it back, don't wait for
anything, just spread love and all things will go in the right
direction after a time. Be confident, we are upholding you with our
love too.
> >
> > Your brother,
> > Oleg Savitsky
> > Kiev, Ukraine
> >
> >
> >
> > >> Dear brother jagbirji,
> >
> > >> Jai shree MAtaji!
> >
> > >> When you post previous reply to me you mentioned 12 types of
SYs, I think i am start to get your meaning this time. May be I now
meet most types.
> >
> > >> I believe in Mothers Grace, I believe in adiShakti. I don't
> > >> understand many yogis though and now starting thinking to
> leave SY official) and just believe for myself. So much things I
don't understand, like gateways and not allowed information, even
> see photos of Mother which I would like to print and keep in my
> place.
> >
> > >> Can I be SY but not in collective do you think? I have
> reasons not living in ashram (sick person to care of) and I don't
> understand religion that says some people are not good enough,
thank you for understanding me,,
> >
> > >> your sister,
> > >> JSM!!!!!
> >
> >


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