"I hesitate and go into a closet when it comes to declaring that Shri Mataji is an incarnation."

Dear Saarthak Vats,

Jai Shri Mataji!

Yesterday my wife and myself took a walk through a beautiful park on the way to buy some bean sprouts for curry laksa, a particular Malaysian favorite of Nyonya origins. On the way we sat on a bench to watch squirrels and the full bloom of nature in summer.

Before i continue let me give you a bit of history behind the reason Malaysia is the food paradise on Earth. All you need to know is the origins of Nyonya food since it applies to others too.

Nyonya food is just one of the many gastronomical dishes peculiarly Malaysian, all cooked in the melting pot of various races, cultures and cuisines harmoniously blending over the centuries in a slow, sweet and spicy simmer.

Nyonya food originated about five centuries ago when during the "Ming Dynasty, as a diplomatic gesture to strengthen ties with the rich and strategic port of Malacca on the Malayan Peninsula, the Emperor of China betrothed his daughter Princess Hang Li Po to the Sultan of Malacca. The royal princess and her entourage of about 500 formed the first permanent Chinese settlement in Malacca at Bukit China or China Hill. These early Chinese settlers wed local Malay brides and gave rise to the first generation of mixed Chinese-Malays known as Peranakan, the male being known as Baba and the female as Nyonya, pronounced nyoh-nyah and sometimes spelt Nonya.

While many ancestral customs and traditions of their Chinese forefathers are still practiced, Babas and Nyonyas assimilated the local Malay way of life. The Malay language is spoken at home, though curiously interspersed with some Chinese dialect. The local Malay attire sarong kebaya is worn and many ceremonial traditions, such as weddings, are celebrated in traditional Malay custom. This unique marriage of cultures resulted in a novel marriage of cuisines, both Chinese and Malay, and is what is now known in Malaysia as Nyonya food. While Nyonya [often spelt Nonya] food contains many of the traditional ingredients of Chinese food and Malay spices and herbs, Nyonya cuisine is eclectically seasoned and different than either Chinese or Malay food. It is fusion cuisine at it's best! As in Malay cooking, a key ingredient in Nyonya cuisine is belacan [also spelt belachan or blacan] pronounced blah-chan - a dried shrimp paste. It's commonly in the form of a pressed brick or cake. Not overly 'fishy', a tiny amount of this paste adds sweetness to meats, intensity to fish & seafood and a 'kick' to vegetables like Kangkung Belacan. It makes a flavorful base for sauces and gravies, adding depth and an intriguing taste that you can't quite decipher."

So where were we? Yes, the park.

For some reason my wife Shindy started talking about spiritual stuff before coming around to Shri Mataji and SYs. i just listened as she told me that SYs are afraid of talking about Shri Mataji's Divine Message because they are ignorant of Her deep knowledge in relation to the scriptures. They have no idea how to link and talk to seekers about the relationship between the holy scriptures and Shri Mataji. Thus, they are reluctant to talk anything beyond the subtle system and therefore have no confidence in promoting Shri Mataji and Her Message in its entirety.

i could not agree more, given the fact that Shindy does not read the posts on the forum, and that her opinion is quite original.

i told her about how a SY had written honestly about his 'paralyzing' fear and debilitating doubts of telling others that Shri Mataji is the incarnation of the Adi Shakti. It was difficult for him to contemplate no one believing what he was saying about Shri Mataji.

Shindi replied that all he and other SYs have to do is ask seekers to go to the www.adishakti.org website and check the evidence given. There is just no need to do anything else. According to her Shri Mataji has already given the required evidence to prove that She is the Adi Shakti within, and that it was my duty to record and bear witness to the facts. Shindi knows that the job was entrusted to me prior to taking birth on this Earth and that i am just fulfilling my obligations. Why are SYs then unable to understand that it is the Adi Shakti, and not me, who is behind all this?

Shindi then changed the subject and told me that when the time comes she would leave Earth by meditating and asking Shri Mataji to fulfill her wish to return Home. i too have been contemplating the same for some time. Perhaps by then we will have millions of seekers openly declaring Shri Mataji and Her Divine Message to humanity. Till then there is a lot of work to be done.

So Saarthak the ONLY reason i am meditating on Shri Mataji and declaring Her Divine Message is because of www.adishakti.org. If not for that there is no way i would be led to believe in Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga ........... even if SYs made 1000's of websites.

You should know that my wife Shindy and myself were introduced to Sahaja Yoga in 1990. i quit 10 minutes after self-realization and my wife took a week or so. This happened despite the SY living with us for months and explaining in detail about the physical Shri Mataji, subtle system, self-realization, kundalini, cool breeze and what not. There was however scant facts to prove She was Divine, or that the holy scriptures spoke and foretold about Her. The SY had no evidence to offer, other than cool breeze and some 'miracle' photos.

All changed in November 1993 when Kash, my eldest son, meditated and met Her in all the glory of the Sahasrara (Kingdom of God). Over a period of 21 full moons he met the Divine Mother daily at will and answered countless questions posed by me. i had no choice but to unconditionally surrender myself at Her Lotus feet and submit to Her Divine Message. Then 5-year-old Arwinder (brother) and 4-year-old Lalita (sister) joined in. They collectively destroyed all doubts and gave irrefutable evidence that Shri Mataji is the incarnation of the eternal Divine Mother within all humans.

This Truth will triumph. So use it to destroy all the doubts and fears you have. Minimum of minimum She will silence all, even 1.3 billion Muslims. Today SYs so badly need to stand up for Her. At this eleventh hour what else will inspire absolute confidence and fearless faith that Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi is the incarantion of the eternal Adi Shakti?



--- In adishakti_sahaja_yoga@yahoogroups.com, "Saarthak Vats"

> Jai Shri Mataji Everyone,
> Reading your mails I really get inspired within, to declare to the
> everyone that Shri Mataji is indeed the Incarnation of Adishkti.
> I wanted to ask this thing to everyone, especially Jagbir bhaiya
> and Violet didi
> My main doubt is this that I hesitate and go into a closet when it
> comes to declaring that Shri Mataji is an incarnation. Just before
> declaring this to anyone I get strange fear in my Heart, I loose
> self-confidence and think that if I tell this person that Shri
> Mataji is an incarnation, the person will think that I am just
> another fanatic follower of Modern day Guru, like evrey follower
> thinks that his guru is an incarnation, he(that is me) is also
> thinking of Shri Mataji as incarnation. Then I start questioning
> myself that - "How much faith I have on Shri Mataji? How much in
> depth I have realised that She is THE ADISHAKTI?? Then, if I
> have not realised completely in MY heart then how is the other
> person going to believe me...?"
> Apart from that as far as spreading "Sahaj Yoga" is concerned, I
> dont face much f a problem. I tell people and when I ask them to do
> realisation steps they feel very nice, I guess as my state improves,
> the better channel I become, people who get realisation through me,
> feel the realisation more comprehensively... This I have noticed.
> Please help me in this regard...
> Thanking in Anticipation :)
> Lots of Nirmal Love
> Saarthak.

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