In June 1994, Pramila's son, SY Harsh Mehra, took these faxes to London, UK

--- In, "Violet"
> Dear Jagbir,
> i refer to your words:
> "So the existing 1994 SY leadership knew about Shri Mataji's
> predictions about Montreal and must have requested a grand puja.
> In fact i heard the local collective organizer SY Robert McNeil
> telling SYs that Canada will be the place from where Sahaja Yoga
> will spread. It all makes sense now Violet." (END QUOTE)
> Jagbir, your remarks are most prescient: "Why indeed???... would
> there be a North American Puja in Montreal... when it could have
> been in Vancouver, Toronto, or New York! i decided to recall that
> day in 1994 once again in order to ascertain if Shri Mataji had
> mentioned anything about a puja in Montreal:
> So... just to summarize... Shri Mataji had revealed that "special
> personalities" would "give evidence" of Her Incarnation and that
> these personalities would come from Montreal, Canada. i remember
> us all being "stunned into complete Silence" at hearing Shri
> Mataji's Revelations. We had never heard anything like this
> before! However... Shri Mataji, True to Her Self... was as calm
> and unperturbed as ever, as if there was nothing unusual about Her
> Revelation.
> i noticed however, somewhat of a flurry of quiet conversation
> among a few SYs and leadership. Then the SY leader responded to
> Shri Mataji's Revelations. He requested of Shri Mataji on behalf
> of all Sahaja Yogis... to have the North American Puja in
> Montreal, Canada... since this was to be the place where Sahaja
> Yoga would be given Evidence of Her Incarnation, which in turn...
> would spread Sahaja Yoga around the world. Shri Mataji happily
> gave Her consent and therefore the North American Puja took place
> in Montreal.
> So... Jagbir, you are absolutely right when you say that a special
> puja must have been requested inspite of the fact that SYs did not
> know "who" the personalities were... nor did they know the
> "mystical nature of the evidence that would be forthcoming".
> However, they had been informed that these "special personalities"
> would come from "Montreal, Canada!"
> And like you also say, Jagbir... it "was unprecedented" to have a
> North American Puja in Montreal, Canada. Normally, these would be
> in the large cities like Vancouver, Toronto, or New York.
> Therefore we can take great comfort from the fact that the reason
> the North American Puja was held in Montreal, Canada... was
> because of Shri Mataji's Revelations of what was to come out of
> Montreal... that would give a great blessing to the world!
> Jai Shri Mataji!
> violet

Dear Violet and All,

i came across an incident that had been long forgotten. There are reasons i completely forgot about it:

i) i was really busy and focussed on recording and cross-examing the mystical experiences of Kash, Arwinder and Lalita. Since this was happening on a daily basis all else seemed petty and quickly forgotten ................. including the fact that Shri Mataji and the SY leadership knew full well what was taking place.

ii) the faxes sent 17-04-94 were addressed to the director of the Divine Cool Breeze in San Diego, USA and not Shri Mataji. That made me forget too until yesterday when, while searching for information, i read page 98 (below) and checked my files. Only then did it dawn on me what had actually transpired, and connected it with what Violet had witnessed in Australia around the same time.

iii) none of us were interested in trumpeting such blessings. i did not want to convince skeptical SYs that Shri Mataji believed all that was taking place in Montreal as the North American SYs cared two hoots about the childrens' mystical experiences. Even Kash told me not to tell outsiders anything "as they will just pretend to listen". So the presentation of the 1994 faxes by Harsh Mehra to Shri Mataji were soon forgotten as there were more important and urgent matters to focus on and attend too.

It must be again made clear that my intention in 1994 was just to let SYs know what was taking place. So it was indeed a pleasant surprise when i found out that Shri Mataji was read the contents of the faxes and confirmed they were true. This fact is recorded on page 89 of Shri Adi Shakti: The Kingdom Of God and i quote;

"In April 1994, Kash's father sent two faxes of these early spiritual journeys to the Sahaja Yoga centre in San Diego, California, and received by Sahaja Yogini Pramila. She used her vibrations and confirmed they were authentic, but other were skeptic, rejecting it as a 'supraconscious experience.'

In June 1994, Pramila's son, SY Harsh Mehra, took these faxes to London, UK, and read them to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. She affirmed that it was the Truth. Upon his return to the United States he contacted Kash's father to congratulate him. His mother also expressed her heartfelt joy. They also told him that Shri Mataji had assured that She would be protecting both Kash and his newly born sister Lalita."

Faxes read by Harsh Mehra to Shri Mataji in UK June 1994:

1) April 17, 1994 fax #1 to DCB San Diego, US
2) April 17, 1994 fax #2 to DCB San Diego, US
3) April 17, 1994 fax #3 to DCB San Diego, US

Fax mentioned in opening paragraph of above 1994 fax:
4) First fax Nov. 1993 to Dr. Balwinder, Vipin Kumar and wife in Malaysia

Violet, within a few months Shri Mataji confirmed as true what "SYs did not know "who" the personalities were... nor did they know the "mystical nature of the evidence that would be forthcoming". So what you witnessed and heard spoken by Shri Mataji in Australia March 1994 materialized by June. It happened exactly the way She predicted .............. and even i am flabbergasted by the mystical nature, accuracy and timing of Shri Mataji's casual remark. One can easily determine this by reading the contents of the faxes .. ........... that also reveal the explosive nature of the Truth!

So way back in June 1994 the SY leadership knew Shri Mataji had confirmed that the "mystical nature of the evidence that would be forthcoming", presented to Her in UK by Harsh Mehra, was true. They had full knowledge that Shri Mataji, unlike themselves, did not regard Kash's experience as caused by some possession or evil entity. To top it up Shri Mataji had already mentioned earlier in March 1994 in Australia that "special personalities" would "give evidence" of Her Incarnation and that these personalities would come from Montreal, Canada. That left absolutely no room for doubt as whatever She had declared in March was confirmed to be true by written evidence in June 1994!!! There was supposed to be a collective outpouring of great joy and bliss!!!

But nothing happened, as if Shri Mataji's confirmation was accompanied by an eruption of collective jealousy amongst leaders that infected SYs as well. What else could silence them to not rejoice at the evidence given of Shri Mataji's incarnation? Maybe leaders felt that their children deserved such roles as they had served Shri Mataji for years. They just could not accept outsiders suddenly appearing out of nowhere and taking the limelight, honors and recognition (which none of us were ever interested in the first place right from the beginning ......... till today). The Truth would make great world leaders like Yogi Mahajan and others almost impotent and powerless overnight. There would be a seismic shift of power and prestige away from them. Years of basking in the public glory, limelight, adulation and responsibility of spearheading and spreading Sahaja Yoga would soon end. The explosive contents of the faxes were more than the SY leadership could bear and they made their disapproval and disappointment clear ........................ behind Shri Mataji's back. i too did not know or could have believed at that time the dark nature of their intentions.

But today i can truly see the breadth and scope of the subtle, silent conspiracy against Shri Mataji, initiated by ex-world leader Yogi Mahajan in the mid-1990s, against those giving evidence of Her incarnation. i quote:

"He Is A Child Of Darkness

The sad saga continued as the latent negativity crossed the seas to continued its destructive path.

At this time Kash and his brother Shahwinder were enrolled at the International Sahaja Public School in Dharamsala, India. When Kash and Shahwinder reached New Delhi, India, they were in for a shock. The school authorities told them to go back because they could not find their names in the registration book, and that they did not realize they were educated in French (even though they were fluent in English)! Those in charge insisted that Kash and his brother must return home, as if they had just taken a three-wheeler from nearby Janak Puri and rudely requested registration. Even the Canadian leader Jay Chudasama and SY Steve Gulati were unable to remove this petty problem. The school authorities were determined to send them back and demanded they return home!

Their father had to make frantic calls to Delhi and Poona and begged that they be allowed to stay. He was so relieved when they were given a one-month extension.

Then, a few days later, realizing that they could not possibly switch from French to English, study new subjects and pass the required exam within a month, the Truth had to be told to secure their stay for a few years. He sent fifty pages of Shri Adi Shakti: Kingdom Of God as evidence to one of the SY world leader, Yogi Mahajan, and Mrs. Chitnavis (the principal) explaining that something phenomenal had happen: a young SY child had confirmed that the Golden Goddess does reside in the Sahasrara.

At this time `Shri Kalki' was also in India, and approached by SY Mahajan. Kash was the topic of discussion. 'Shri Kalki,' who was sure that Kash was possessed by the same demons that tormented him, probably did not have much kind words. Evil spirits had possessed this 'child of darkness' and given him the visionary powers. This child was dangerous to Sahaja Yoga and had to be dealt with quickly. The fact that he was now inside the compound of the Adi Shakti's school, mingling with the children of realized souls, only made matters worse.

The father humbly asked that Kash be given protection, guidance and sanctuary until Her book was published, as the school atmosphere in Montreal was harsh and against spiritual development.

But SY Mahajan vaguely explained to him over the phone what he thought about the whole episode, as reflected in his opinion in The Ascent, and believed by most Sahaja Yogis. Kash was dabbling in darkness and deserved no special attention or protection — or even be exorcised of the `demons' that `possessed' him.

Kash's father was not convinced by SY Mahajan's brief evasive explanation as it contradicted his (Mahajan's) own conviction that "Only those who go deep in the source discover the Golden Goddess that resides within. Her touch enlightens and enthralls the total being. It is indeed the miracle of miracles. This miracle resides in every being. The wise pursue it, the scriptures speak of it, and the saints glory in its praise." (Yogi Mahajan, The Ascent, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, Delhi, 1997 p. 4.)

Then he (Yogi Mahajan) was told that his (Kash) younger 5-year-old brother, Arwinder, was also experiencing and confirming the same Reality. Yogi Mahajan offered no explanation. On the contrary, he rejected one of the greatest spiritual enlightenment in the history of humankind as the work of evil spirits and refused to listen to any further explanation!

Their stunned father could hardly believe the utter disregard and spiritual arrogance displayed by those empowered to make decisions. Fifty pages of proof was treated as trash! Desperate pleas for help found no compassion!

Two stranded sons of the Great MahaDevi soon found that there was no shelter from the fast approaching storm!"

Shri Adi Shakti: Kingdom Of God, pg. 114

Yogi Mahajan succeeded in his plot to demonize and lay false charges against the children in order to expel them against Shri Mataji's wishes. Then he set about influencing leaders and those able to inflict maximum damage. Since he was the undisputed power broker in Sahaja Yoga his false accusations and ignorance were most welcome and willingly spread since most SYs too believed likewise.

Despite Shri Mataji expelling him a few years ago WCASY members like Alan Wherry, Viktor Bondar and others have continued where Yogi Mahajan left. And they have henchmen like John Noyce and Ed Saugstad to poison and turn SYs against the websites and forum of those giving evidence of Her incarnation. The ghost of Yogi Mahajan still walks the corridors of Sahaja Yoga till today and continues to frighten SYs. Let me remind them that the Truth of Her incarnation will outlast each and every one of them. There is no way WCASY and SYSSR will survive, as it is coming clear in Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, New York, London, Hamburg and other SY centers.

the camel will die from the thirst of the Truth being declared,


--- In, "Violet" wrote:

Dear Jagbir and All,

The greatest stumbling block for Sahaja Yogis is leaders who have 'con'vinced them that they are really the leaders. However... Shri Mataji clearly stated in Dourban, France in 1986 that no leader She appoints is really the leader... and anyone who starts to think that they are really the leader... is going to get into all sorts of problems:

"If we appoint somebody as a leader, the leader may start thinking that he's really the leader. And then it becomes really a problem for him because he starts losing everything that is leadership."
(Puja Address in Dourban, France, 18/5/86)

Any Sahaja Yogi 'worth their salt' must know that "the real leader" in Sahaja Yoga is "The Divine Unity". Sahaja Yoga means "Union with the Divine". And Shri Mataji also described this Divine Unity in Her Birthday Puja Speech in Bombay, India, when She started Her Vishwa Nirmala Dharma... which literally means Her "Universal Immaculate Religion":

"First, we have started Vishwa Nirmala Dharma. You are under the Vision of Shri Ganesh, under the Guidance of your Spirit, and under the blessings of God Almighty".
(Excerpt Birthday Puja - Bombay, India - 21 March, 1985)

So, folks... once we start to follow the "Vishwa Nirmala Dharma" in action and not just in words... then we have to continue following it. We just have no choice but to do so. We have to be honest. We have to stick to the maryadas (spiritual boundaries). Sahaja Yogis who follow leaders as if they are the real leaders have not even begun to understand what "Vishwa Nirmala Dharma" is!!! Because... once you follow "this Dharma"... you can follow nobody else. Shri Mataji explains it like this:

"But be careful... because once you become that, you have to keep to that Dharma. You have to be honest about it. If you have decided... from today onwards... you be careful! Anything can happen to you if you get out of the 'maryadas' (boundaries of spiritual behaviour). Till you keep the maryadas of Sahaja Yoga... 'saying morning-evening-night that "I am a Sahaja Yogi"'... nobody can harm you; hurt you. Nobody can trouble you. On the contrary you will be enjoying life if you keep to the maryadas. But if you leave the maryadas of Sahaja Yoga, you will have big problems.
(Birthday Puja - Bombay, India - 21 March, 1985)

Jagbir... 'in regards to leaders who think they are really the leaders'... WCASY have clearly fallen into that trap now, and problems beset them and "they have lost everything that is leadership"... just like Shri Mataji warned at Dourban. They have rejected Her Mystical Evidence... for the more important notion that they thought they were really the leaders now. This thought enabled them also to 'demonize your children'. Little did they know, therefore... that when they cried "Demonic!"... "Demonic!"... in reality they were referring to themselves... and their subsequent demonic repression and suppression of the Mystical Evidence of Shri Mataji.

When these leaders whom Shri Mataji appointed thought they were really the leaders... they repressed and suppressed all knowledge of ( and ( Instead of fulfilling their leadership role in complete humility as Shri Mataji expected of them... they revolted against Her Mystical Evidence and went against it.

However, Shri Mataji is making sure that "no stone remains unturned" in the Pursuit of Her Truth and Her Mystical Evidence. So... Jagbir... i have something important to tell you that i hope will bring you "Added Joy" for this Christmas Season of 2006. You could call it "the final missing piece of the puzzle"... and this 'missing piece' can actually be found within your own quote of:

"So Shri Mataji did declare around the end of March 1994 that special personalities from Montreal, Canada will give evidence. That is the reason why a few weeks later the first and only national puja was held at Camp Interval in Quebec on June 24, 1994. At that time i was wondering why the tiny Montreal collective was given the honor of hosting the North American Guru Puja, and not Toronto or Vancouver or New York. So the existing 1994 SY leadership knew about Shri Mataji's predictions about Montreal and must have requested a grand puja. In fact i heard the local collective organizer SY Robert McNeil telling SYs that Canada will be the place from where Sahaja Yoga will spread. It all makes sense now Violet."

Shri Mataji agreed puja be held in Montreal, Canada

And the precise clue to the 'final missing piece of the puzzle' is in the very words of:

"In fact i heard the local collective organizer SY Robert McNeil telling SYs that Canada will be the place from where Sahaja Yoga will spread!!!"

Jagbir... for some reason my attention was drawn again and again to those words of SY Robert McNeil. i realise now that the reason for this is that "Shri Mataji said it first!!!" In fact... right after She told about the special personalities from Montreal, Canada who would give evidence of Her Incarnation... She then said that "Sahaja Yoga will spread from Canada to the rest of the world".

Jagbir... 'given that She said that Sahaja Yoga will spread from Canada to the rest of the world'... and She said this right after talking about "special personalities" whom we now know to be your children... i believe we can safely assume that:

Sahaja Yoga will spread from Montreal, Canada... to the rest of the world!!!

Jai Shri Mataji!

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