In the end the Truth matters most, whether a priest or pimp proclaims it

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i received an email from a SY who had good reason to feel the catches from some articles in, and i explained:


Dear Jagbir,

From a few talks of Shri Mataji, she mentioned that that the world we live in can only be saved by SYs so let's see ...

I was going through your website and read some articles which at times, seems to condone other yogas, religions, sects, etc. (notes that you copied from other sources). Since Shri Mataji is the the Answer, would this mislead people? They may think they can combine two or even three yogas, techniques, masters, which can be confusing. I only question this, at times while reading some of the quotes that you copied or even after I finished reading them, I can feel catches / pain in my stomach void.



date Nov 23, 2006 12:19 PM
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Dear Xxxxxxxxx,

i doubt if we can ever attract people by Shri Mataji's quotes alone. If Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti then She will be found in all scriptures, religions and sects. It is how to synthesize all these that makes the difference and leads others to Her. In the end the Truth matters most, whether a priest or pimp proclaims it. The truth is always the truth, and can never be depreciated by the person mentioning it.




So i have to caution that some SYs will feel catches from the priest or pimp, not from what they say. In some cases however these people try to subtly glorify themselves. Truth is a double edged sword and you must know how to wield it against its enemies. We must learn the art of using the Truth against those false priests or pimps who utter it. That can only be accomplished by quoting them in relation to the Adi Shakti. They must all be challenged and subsequently compelled to sulk away in silence, including the religious regimes. i am just quoting their Truth. So how come they suddenly cannot accept or agree with it any longer?

So this site is both for new seekers and SYs to learn.

i have appended below the quotes of two teachers who talk about the Age of Aquarius. Only one has given evidence to convince seekers of the Truth. The other is a false guru who alludes that he may be the teacher who carries the pitcher of water. But then isn't what he is saying reinforcing the Truth that Shri Mataji is saying too? Only by quoting both is it possible to arrive at this conclusion and expose the spiritual pimp and yet uphold the Truth he spoke.

Maybe we can now understand Her better:

"The Truth which is Absolute has to express itself in these Modern Times. And even if it is not accepted it will never die. On the contrary, if it is not accepted, it will expose all falsehood and destroy it."



The New Cosmic Period

We are living in an era signified by the beginning of a New Cosmic Period that many people call New Age or the Age of Aquarius. Some others may call it the Age of the Second Coming or of the Epiphany of the Holy Spirit.

The characteristics of this new state are becoming more and more visible as rhythm of life is accelerating rapidly along with the concern for the events that reveal a universal crisis. There is a constant wavering uncertainty and confusion for what the future holds for humanity that seems to live the anxiety and pain of a New Birth. We find ourselves at the Prodromic Phase, at the dawn of this New Period, which is defined as a period of preparation, catharsis and repentance. In other words, a shifting of the mind from limited established ideas to Ideas of Divine Infinity and Truth. The inspired revelations of the Scriptures and the unveiling of the Divine Laws is only one of the examples of activating a universal phenomenon on a spiritual quest which will lead to the enlightenment of Humanity, as was written two thousand years ago. "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams." (Acts 2:17).

There are three principal Cosmic Periods in the human evolutionary course. The Prophetic Period or Age of Aries, where many enlightened teachers prepared humanity and during which the Will of the Father God was manifested by the Prophets. Next, there was the Cosmic Period of the Incarnation of the Logos Christ, of the New Testament, when the Will of God was manifested directly by Christ Himself, the Son of God, the Ever Perfect, who came down from Heaven in order to complete and expand what had been presented up until that time as Divine Law. He did that through the teaching of "Love One Another".

Today, approximately two thousand years later - that is how long a Cosmic Period lasts - we have entered into the era where the second part of the Christian revelation is taking place. It is a time that Love and Unity prevail on the planet and the Spirit prevails over the material.

That is, the time of the Second Coming of Christ within the souls of men, the time for the Christofication and The ofication of Man, the time for his return to Father God, as the words of Christ revealed, "Through Me to the Father". We find ourselves in the Age of the Epiphany of the Holy Spirit, of the Paraclete, as Christ Himself said just before His departure, "How be it, when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak on his own; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come." (John 16, 13), at the age of the revelation and ascent of the Woman-Soul, or as some people call it, the Age of Aquarius. A characteristic of the Age of Aquarius is realignments and changes in all areas of Human thought and life, which bring an optimistic message to man: the Perfection of man and his Divine Communion in the Kingdom of Heavens, His Christofication and The ofication.

At the Last Supper, where Christ gave Holy Communion to his disciples as a trust of activation of His Essence within them, the Mystery took place in a specially selected residence according to the scriptures. The Last Supper for the disciples was not just a foretaste of their fulfillment in the Kingdom of God, but it also showed explicitly that they were allowed to sit at the table of the Father as Sons of God, something which was corroborated by previous orations of Christ who said, "You are gods." (John 10:34) and "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48), thus showing the magnitude of the Divine Lineage and Divine Predestination of Man.

We know that the time and the place where each event unfolds play an important role in the interpretation of the symbols in the Scriptures. So, where does the Mystery of Holy Communion take place? The answer is given in Christ's instruction to His disciples when they ask Him where to prepare the meal. As the Gospel according to Luke reports, "And he said unto them, Behold when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in." (Luke 22:10). The man who holds the pitcher of water is the symbol of Aquarius and the house symbolizes the period during which all of humanity will receive the same Holy Communion, which the disciples received at the Last Supper.

The New Cosmic Period

"If we have to change this world, and if we have to save our people from complete destruction, we have to take to wisdom, and that is only possible when the brain is enlightened by Kundalini. This is what is very important today, when we see that this world is on the verge of destruction. Of course, the Creator Himself is very anxious to save us and that is why He has in these modern times which are called Kali Yuga, made the All-pervading power activated.

So, now a New Age has started which is called the Age of Aquarius, meaning the pitcher carrier of spiritual holy water that is the work of Kundalini. The activity of the Kundalini is like the sap of the tree that rises and nourishes all parts of the tree and does not get stuck at one flower (subtle centre).

Moreover these are special times. This is the Resurrection Time (Al- Qiyamah). The Last Judgment is done by the Kundalini. On the fingertips one can feel oneself and can judge oneself. Moreover the All-pervading power has become very activated, so the Kali Yuga (these modem times or Age of Darkness) is passing into Krita Yuga of Brahma Chaitanya (activated All-pervading power). This is helping the en-masse enlightenment and self realisation.

After this will be Satya Yuga (Age of Truth). We have to take advantage of this activity of the Brahma Chaitanya by all the time being corrected with the All-pervading Power and achieving our realisation and establishing it. After such a state a person becomes very dynamic and compassionate. His race, sex, nationality and age do not hamper his dynamic life.

There are so many blessings in Sahaja Yoga that it is impossible to compile them into a book as it would require volumes and volumes to assemble the experiences of the Sahaja Yogis.

Whatever one is doing now is relative in this modern world. In relative terms, everything is working it out. This relative working is not going to give any absolute results. Absolute knowledge only comes from the Spirit, and so unless we know the Self, the Spirit, we cannot know what is absolute and what is Absolute Truth. Otherwise, when we live in the relative world we will be always quarrelling, fighting and having wars. But if one is in the Absolute then one knows that there is only one Truth for everything, and there will be no more argument or discussion; everybody will enjoy that Truth as it is Absolute."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
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