The internet is the best approach to spread Sri Mataji's gift to humankind

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Date:  Tue Aug 24, 2004  8:05 am
Subject:  The internet is the best approach to spread Sri Mataji's gift to humankind


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> Dear gautam
> It is a joy just to see your concern. Actually we are
> already very fortunate to have a very comprehensive web site at
> adishakti and all we need is to have sy log on and explore the
> tons of materials at their leisure. What i embark on now is to
> introduce the site to all my friends collegue and business
> associate, most of them not sy yet, although a few have come back
> as to where to go for lesson. To them i introduce them to my
> centre.In short i now introduce people to sri matagi first and
> then to sy.For those who are shy to attend classes they can get
> initiated following the procedure laid out on the web site. If
> this effort work than i will just stick to it and pray for all the
> blessing from Sri Matagi. I personally believe the internet is
> the best approach to spread Sri Matagi's gift to mankind.

The internet indeed is the best medium to spread Shri Mataji's
message to humankind. We can reach to the most remote corners of
Earth and allow them to read in detail about the Great Event that
has been ordained for humankind. So little energy is required to
inform so many so much about the advent of Shri Mataji. Right now has nearly 1000 pages, and counting.

Just today i received a request from an Algerian Muslim for a
photograph of Shri Mataji and meditation instructions. The internet
enables us to reach complete strangers in the most unlikely of
places. In future it will not only become indispensable but probably
the only means to spread Shri Mataji's message on the scale that it
is intended. With so many mass-communications technologies
converging to exploit the internet, it is clear that in future its
pre-eminence is assured.

But what has motivated this Algerian brother to request for
information about Shri Mataji? Is it Self-realization, chakras or
kundalini? No! He wants to take part in Al-Qiyamah, the Great Event
that has been ordained for humankind. If we are honest and truthful
to seekers - explaining clearly and in detail how their scriptures
and religion is connected to and upheld by Shri Mataji's message to
humanity - they will respond. Every major religion/messenger has
been covered by Shri Mataji so that all humans can embrace each
other's traditions and find the eternal thread that holds them
together. This is what is all about - explaining
the very truth, no matter how controversial is the message that has
been ordained for humankind. This has been the overriding reason for
most SYs, i.e., learning how to take part in the Last Judgment and
Al-Qiyamah. This is the truth we SYs cherish most and hold dearest
in our hearts.

But official SY websites have never been honest and truthful because
they still fear some sort of attack? bad publicity? ridicule? No one
has any idea when all this groundless apprehension will end. But i
have proven time and again that not only is this fear baseless and their deception adharmic, but we SYs must drastically overhaul and change our approach to reach the remaining 99.9999% of humanity.

Then, again, who wants to eat humble pie?



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