Isabelle, this worst of times needs the clearest and most unflinchingly exigent of visions to counteract and transform it

March 18, 2011
Dear Radu, Jagbir and all

I've been wondering for years why didn't Shri Mataji's message spread more than it did.

True, the SY organisation scared away many seekers and failed to deliver a "proper message"; and as far as is concerned, even if it "makes waves", will it ever reach millions of seekers ?

Over the years, I dragged many friends and family members to public programs when Shri Mataji was still touring round. Apart from my Mum and one friend, nobody felt any kind of "revelation" or attraction or vibrations. My Dad and my husband for example thought Shri Mataji was "interesting", they have always showed respect, but they never felt the "need" to meditate or seek further inside, despite our many discussions.

On the other hand, a friend of mine spontaneously asked for some advice on meditation, and she was quite eager to know about Shri Mataji.

My children (12 and 14) meditate regularly to feel "the energy" even though I'm not telling them too much about it, and they don't seem to have the same type of "powerful" experiences I had or Jagbir children had.

My encounter with Shri Mataji changed my life but somehow it was not a "revelation"; I was waiting for it. I also had incredible dreams and visions which "convinced" me deeply and without a doubt about Shri Mataji's personality.

What about you Jagbir, would your endeavours to spread the Paraclete's/ the Adi Shakti's message have been as intense if your children hadn't had their incredible revelations ?

I also bitterly noticed that many people seemed to be more "attracted" by Amma than Shri Mataji : in recent years, my neighbour (who is a follower of Amma) "attracted" 3 couples we both knew to Amma's meetings. A couple even went to India, to her ashram. And when I told these same people about Shri Mataji and told them they could have a direct connection with "God" or their Spirit inside and actually feel it, they were not particularly impressed. They were more impressed by Amma's hugs...

I came to the conclusion that many people (a majority !) are not "ready" for their Self Realisation and for the message of the Adi Shakti. Or maybe they can't have "a direct "access" to it. My husband and Dad for example have "changed" and evolved a lot since me and my Mum first met Shri Mataji and started meditating. But, they won't acknowledge it. Indeed, they might not even notice it.

The work and advent of Shri Mataji is very subtle, deep and powerful. We probably don't know the full extent of it. But in the same way that Christ (or many other incarnations) didn't merely come for their "followers", Shri Mataji didn't merely come for the Sahaja Yogis or whatever name you want to give them.

Does the "number" of people really matter ?

According to a certain theory, evolution follows a pattern called "the 100th monkey". : when something (a behaviour, a knowledge...) is "good" for a whole population of monkeys, (or any other species for that matter, but the experiment was conducted on monkeys and birds) it only takes a certain percentage of "knowledgeable" animals (100) to spread it to all the rest of the population. What is the "tipping point" for Mankind ?

I feel the quality of the connection with the Spirit is more important than the quantity of people who get their "connection"; they will get it automatically when the time is right.

Much Love to all.


What about you Jagbir, would your endeavours to spread the Paraclete's/ the Adi Shakti's message have been as intense if your children hadn't had their incredible revelations ?

Dear Isabelle and all,

i will never join Sahaja Yoga. i use the future tense because i see no difference between my initial rejection of Shri Mataji in 1990 and the present. In fact all the abuse, scandals, corruption charges, divisions and power struggles over the last few years have only made matters worse. At least in early 1990 no such information was available.

But do not be mistaken that Sahaja Yoga was pristine then. Far from it. It was just too convenient then for leaders to suppress negative publicity. Thus when the Internet came along a few years later there was an explosion of pent-up anger and the rise of anti-SY sites. The rest is history.

Even if there were no abuse or scandals whatsoever i still will not join. You can make me read a thousand times but my answer will always be no! No! NO! Where is the evidence of Shri Mataji's claims? What has the cool breeze got to do with whatever meditation and kundalini awakening they are talking about? Why should i, a Sikh, believe in the Bible and Quran? Where does the Guru Granth Sahib agree with Shri Mataji? What is this subtle system which i am hearing for the first time in my life? Why do i have to worship the image in the photo in order to meditate? What is Self-realization? Why, how and where must i realize my Self when God is available? Why are there so many Hindu rituals and crude-looking idols worshipped by SYs? Why ...? What ....? Where ...? Why ...? What ....? Where ...? Why ...? What ....? Where ...? Why ...? What ....? Where ...?

There are so many questions that have no answers.

The Internet only makes it so clear that there are thousands of subtle system teachers, many of whom are better organized and professional in their teachings. Sahaja Yoga is a bullock-cart in this age of the Prius. The recent post titled "TM peas are Grade A+; Amma B; Osho C-; Sai Baba D+; Sahaja Yoga F" makes that obvious.

The only thing that would have caught my attention is completely missing: experiences, visions and dreams like that of Isabelle, Violet and others. Miracles, like that of Kanggaima who was unable to commit suicide despite her best effort. In short, evidence of divinity.

But few are able to provide such evidence, and it is not available for seekers. That dearth would have been another NO! Sai Baba had far more 'miracles' and followers, and yet i was the least interested.

In conclusion, i can say that i would never have joined Shri Mataji. There is still no reason to join today and the Sahaja Yoga homepage makes that rejection easy:

"Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) that can occur within each human being. Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced. One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world. This is the actualization of such transformation, which is taking place now, worldwide, and has been proved and experienced by hundreds of thousands in over 90 countries. It is entirely free of charge, as one cannot pay for the experience of Divine Love."

Now let's say that if i joined way back in 1993 without any of their revelations whatsoever. Say i joined for any of the reasons of the above paragraph i.e., the subtle system, chakras and kundalini. Thus the question of the Paraclete would not have arose then. However, over time i would have started questioning about this Last Judgment, Qiyamah and Resurrection stuff. Probably i would not have been satisfied with the answer that the Resurrection means that we should keep our subtle system clean. Probably i would have pressed that SYs start telling the truth, and quit after realizing they were not interested. (i did just that in reality, but only to make sure the world knew the truth about Shri Mataji.) Probably i would not have discovered much about the Paraclete, and nowhere the depth today.

But under no circumstance would my endeavors to spread the Paraclete's/the Adi Shakti's message have been as intense if my children hadn't had their incredible revelations. In fact, it would have been impossible to do so. Absolutely impossible! Without irrevocable knowledge of the Kingdom of God within (Sahasrara) and the Spirit-Paraclete within (Adi Shakti) there is not much that can be added to the existing knowledge. Irrevocable means "not able to be revoked, changed, or undone; unalterable" i.e., once revealed it cannot be revoked, changed, or undone; or altered.

You have to realize that i only wrote down what they heard from the Adi Shakti/ Spirit-Paraclete, and it expanded into what we have today. Take Her out of the equation and what are you left with?: Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga, which the world hardly knew and an organization that is today all but destroyed.

Isabelle, the intensity comes from the truth, the evidence, the faith, the conscience, the unfolding of events, the struggle. The fact that there is so much negativity intent on destroying the evidence of the Paraclete's advent and message only makes the intensity denser.

Having said all, it would have been different if Shri Mataji's advent and message was declared right from the start: May 5 1970. That was the time all these false gurus were just beginning to emerge, one that Shri Mataji wanted to counter with Her unprecedented Blossom Time (that had nothing to do with the teachings of TM, Amma, Osho, Sai Baba abd others). It was an exclusive message that came directly from the Divine, one reserved and empowered explicitly for the Paraclete. Over the years tens of thousands of SYs would have declared the same the world over, a message of hope and redemption like no other. There was absolutely no way for any spiritual guru or religious organization to compete with Shri Mataji! (But SYs began competing with them on their teachings, and that has mushroomed into the thousands of gurus and teachers and schools of today.)

If just 100 SYs in the 1970s had begun seriously researching into Her claims, by 1990 i would have had the reasons to join Shri Mataji. There would have been hundreds of articles written about the Divine Feminine existing in all scriptures; the Adi Shakti who has come to grant moksa; the Paraclete sent by God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ; the Ruh who explains Al-Qiyamah in detail and commences it.

This goldmine of knowledge would have attracted me, and the Cool Breeze given me the faith and conviction to take part in the Resurrection. Why? There is nothing like the collective power of tens and hundreds of thousands of people openly expressing and following their beliefs. If that many openly claim that the Paraclete has come and that the Resurrection has begun, their sheer numbers is bound to make others curious. You just cannot have so many believing, no matter how preposterous their belief may be. Those venturing further would have felt the Cool Breeze of being born again as the Paraclete is on Earth proclaiming the Resurrection, a claim and explanation they would have heard and understood from those giving them self- realization. That would only have strengthened their faith and given reason to continue to learn about this Shri Mataji, the Paraclete.

Then i would have had the intensity to spread the Paraclete's/ the Adi Shakti's message Isabelle. i would have easily allowed myself to be swept along on the tidal wave of collective faith. Collective intensity is the stuff all great religions were founded upon.

Then there would have been no need for evidence of my children. If they still had given the evidence, the followers of Shri Mataji would have sky-rocketed! There is nothing like the faith of hundreds of thousands deepening by the unexpected confirmation by independent witnesses. Nothing can deepen faith as evidence confirming the very belief and experience they hold so dear to their hearts.

Shri Mataji's message would have been thoroughly understood by Jews, Christians, Mulsims, Hindus, Sikhs and others. (In 1994 i already had this vision after Shri Mataji confirmed the truth of my faxes of evidence presented by SY Harsh Mehra to Her in London in June 1994. i had expected SYs to wildly celebrate evidence authenticating Shri Mataji's claim to be the Adi Shakti. Given the fact that Shri Mataji was already facing ridicule and SY was progressing at a snail's pace, that outpouring of joy and relief should have been spontaneous.)

And Jesus' promise that the Spirit-Paraclete will remain within forever would have greeted Her Mahasamadhi on 23 Feb 2011 ....... in a global celebration of joy. It would have opened a new chapter that would have far eclipsed Her Paraclete past. Shri Mataji would have triumphed. Absolutely! 100%! Millions would have immediately welcomed Her within as the Spirit-Paraclete.

i believe that figure because the modern age of technology and mass media would have vastly accelerated the worldwide dispersion of Shri Mataji's advent and message. In other words, the deep faith and conviction and evidence that Jesus did keep His promise to send the Paraclete would have in the 1970s and 1980s attracted far more seekers.

That figure would have multiplied many times after 1993 as the evidence would have given great weight and authenticity to the existing faith of hundreds of thousands of disciples, notwithstanding their books and articles supporting the Paraclete.

But that was not the case. Thus arose the need to protect the advent and message of the Paraclete, which was edited out and almost non- existent by 1993. For anyone to succeed and stand against tens of thousands of subtle system disciples, he or she must be given something extraordinary and powerful to overcome that collective resistance, and be sustained and nourished over a long period of time.

Sahaja Yoga (SYSSR) is a bullock-cart in this age of the Prius, and is being phased out. Shri Mataji was well prepared to complete the task She was sent for. Despite all the negativity, She still managed to establish that fact that She was the Paraclete, and that the Last Judgment and Resurrection has begun. Now Shri Mataji will establish that She is the Spirit-Paraclete, and will forever remain within those taking part in the Blossom Time.

The Spirit-Praclete is the Prius that will replace the bullock-carts of TM, Amma, Osho, Sai Baba, Sahaja Yoga, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and others. That intensity will have to come from the truth, the evidence, the faith, the conscience, the unfolding of events, the struggle to protect the advent and message of the Paraclete. Just 1% of humanity will do. The few of us will have to have that intensity till it reaches the 100th Monkey Phenomenon.

"This Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people. But there is a point at which if only one more person tunes-in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone!"

Just 1% of humanity will do. We should be very satisfied if we can achieve that figure in our lifetimes. It means 60,000,000 disciples!

regards to all,


Isabelle, this worst of times needs the clearest and most unflinchingly exigent of visions to counteract and transform it;

Isabelle, the intensity comes from the truth, the evidence, the faith, the conscience, the unfolding of events, the struggle. The fact that there is so much negativity intent on destroying the evidence of the Paraclete's advent and message only makes the intensity denser.

Stevan L. Davies, The Gospel of Thomas
"There may be very little time left to take the adventure into total being that the Gospel of Thomas advocates with such astringent brilliance and precision. In such a terrible age as ours, it is easy to believe that the dark powers, the powers of that corpse of the world that the Jesus of Thomas so fiercely denounces, have won already, and there is nothing even the most passionate of us can do to turn around a humanity addicted to violence and destruction.

Despair, however, is the last illusion. The Gospel of Thomas and the Jesus who gave it to us continue to challenge us to dare to become one with the Divine and start living the revolutionary life that streams from union and that can transform all things. This worst of times needs the clearest and most unflinchingly exigent of visions to counteract and transform it; in Jesus' words in the Gospel of Thomas and in his living out of their reality through and beyond death itself into the eternal empowering glory of the Resurrection, we have the permanent sign of the Way, the Truth, and the all-transforming life that, even now, can build here on earth the reality of God's Kingdom."

Stevan L. Davies, The Gospel of Thomas
Shambhala Library, December 2004, p. xxvi
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