It is high time Sahaja Yogis/nis focus much much more on meditation than treatment

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Date:  Thu Jan 6, 2005  7:02 am
Subject:  It is high time Sahaja Yogis/nis focus much much more on meditation than treatment
> jagbir
> Note: i would also advise members not to provide unsolicited catch
> analysis and advise on this forum. It only makes matters worse
> because there are times when your own catches/problems are read as
> those belonging to others. And i have made it clear over and over
> again that we should just let the Mother Kundalini do Her job. If
> SYs do not get over this mindset few seekers would want to join
> Sahaja Yoga. Newcomers will always flee from SYs like Nitin who
> can only ceaselessly chatter about catches. Is this what the
> Divine Message to humanity is all about?

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Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 15:21:46 -0000
Subject: Re: DivineSahajayoga needs treatment for high blood

Thank you Mahesh bhai for this excellent post. It is high time
Sahaja Yogis/nis focus much much more on meditation than treatments.
I have seeked treatment at Belapur Hospital and what you say is
true - just like in allopathic medicine each individual requires
specific treatment even if the disease is the same, the same goes
for Sahaj treatment.

There were sahaja yogis who meant well and tried to help me but at
the end of the day all it needed was a trip to Belapur.

There is also a fear among Sahaja Yogi/nis (locally/internationally)
of being labeled as poor yogi/nis (or even being labeled negative)
if they develop a problem or disease - I know because they come to
me for help but request that nobody in the collective knows about
it. This should never happen in the first place but we have only
ourselves to blame for it.

The doctors at Belapur are always emphasising that kundalini is the
greatest healer and thus meditation is the best form of "treatment".
We must just leave it to the Adishakti and Mother Kunadalini to sort
out our "problems" while putting in a greater effort in our


> In, mahesh khatri
> <maheshkhatri@y...> wrote:
> Dear brothers and Sisters
> There are many treatments being advised by one and all free of
> charge without diagnosing, without knowledge and still believe it
> will work. If by doing footsoaking in saltwater all our problems
> get dissolved, all fishermen would be free of problems. If by
> keeping ice pack on liver, blood pressure and other problems can
> be controlled, all persons in cold countries would be free of such
> problems and if lemons, chillies, matka would suck away all
> negativities and bhoots and cure cancer then it would be a very
> wise investment in Tata Cancer hospital instead of wasting
> millions in research and other treatments.
> But then what about the miracles and cures we have seen in sy
> since long?
> First of all we all should stop recommending treatments. That is
> not our job. There is a health center where they give treatments
> as per sahaj. We only see the upper crust. Like they did candling
> etc. What we did not see is that there was a mantra being said in
> the mind by the doctor giving treatment. and that too Jagrut
> mantra. How does Mantra become Jagrut? Otherwise there are many
> pandits who like sys recommend Hanuman Chalisa or Devi Mahatmay or
> Ganesh Atharvasheesh or any other mantra. We have seen people
> chanting Hare Rama Hare Krishna continuously. And what is their
> fate?
> The Main thing is Meditation. That too Sahaj Meditation. Otherwise
> there are many people out there doing Meditation. So called.
> Only when we are in actual Meditation, like in Sahaj we can
> effortlessly, can we be free from all negativities. Treatments
> like footsoaking, candle etc are all catalysts which help us to go
> in meditation with more ease. But we see sys having full
> concentration on treatments and little on meditation. It should be
> reverse. FULL ATTENTION on meditation and very little on
> treatments. Early morning time is very good for meditation. The
> time is when almost everyone is sleeping and there are very less
> thought processes in the air, which create disturbances and
> obstructions. Cosmic Vibrations are easy to absorb at such time.
> How many sys sincerely do early morning meditation? Not the ones
> with problems I bet.
> Also there are many who are still in doubt. they have not reached
> doubtless awareness. Unless and until we reach doubtless awareness
> and really from within recognize Shri Mataji as adishakti things
> will not workout.
> It is very easy to say Yes we believe Shri Mataji is Adishakti.
> But from heart also you should believe. Then if we believe, we
> should know that Shri Mataji is within ourself. Very near to us
> and close to us, always with us. Then why do we long to have
> DARSHAN and so called leaders clamour to go in front. Cannot we
> have darshan in meditation and enjoy in bliss. Why do we have
> loose talk about Shri Mataji's health. In Sakar form, Shri Mataji
> is Human as well. Why cannot we comprehend that the divine has
> stooped to our level to make us understand which we cannot with
> our limited brains. Only when we give up our thinking and go
> beyond can we understand Divine.
> I believe that the answer to all problems is meditation. We all
> need to go deeper and deeper and leave our never ending problems
> at her lotus feet and witness the miracles and cures and
> nourishment.
> Jai Shri Mataji

> A K Jha <akjha@b...> wrote:
> Jai Shri Mata Ji
> Apart from the treatments listed below, We may have to pray to our
> Shri Mata Ji by telling from our heart that " Mother I do nothing.
> You are only doing everything."
> Regards
> A.K Jha
> madhusudan pillai wrote:
> > Jai Shri Mataji !!!
> > Dear Family,
> > We needs to know if there is any other treatment, other than
> > sitting in cold salt water,108 times from left to right and ice
> > pack on liver, for very high blood pressure. After doing these
> > treatments still the BP is on high side. Dr's advice is also
> > welcomed. Need's to be urgent.
> >
> > with nirmal love,
> > madhusudan(kmadhu60@y...)
> >

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Date:  Sat Jan 15, 2005  6:38 am
Subject:  Re: It is high time Sahaja Yogis/nis focus much much more on meditation than treatment

From: "megmerga" <
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 01:53:23 -0000
Subject: Re: DivineSahajayoga needs treatment for high blood

---Dear Brother,

I found your letter very interesting because it touches on something
on which I have often reflected on in the last few years.

Your inference that poor quality and quantity of meditation is the
cause of physical malady is doubtlessly valid. You state that:

`How many sys sincerely do early morning meditation? Not the ones
with problems I bet.'

In most cases this is true. However, this implies that only lazy,
shallow yogis suffer from physical ailments. I realise that this is
not what you were trying to say exactly but anyhow it brings me to
the point which I wish to discuss.

Many people come to Sahaja Yoga to get cured. Then once their
problem go away, which they often do, many of these miracle cases
then leave Sahaja Yoga. It is clear that Sahaja Yoga has miraculous
curative powers by the grace of our Holy Mother, but clearly just
getting cured is not the point. It is perfectly acceptable that
people wish to cure themselves and their loved ones; it is after
all, more challenging to meditate when one is medicated and/or in
physical pain. However, Sahaja Yoga offers so much more, and if your
focus is only to get cured, then you are really missing a great

It is clear that you don't need to be a great yogi to get cured. It
is also true that even yogis who `sincerely do early morning
meditation' will, sooner or later, even die.

The fact is, all of our bodies will one day falter and die. The
immortality that Sahaja Yoga offers is not one of the flesh- it is
much, much greater than that. Even Divine incarnations readily leave
Their bodies behind when Their role is completed, sometimes, as in
the case of the real Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, to be fought over long
after their demise.

It is important to maintain the well being of your physical person
following your discrimination and Mother's guidelines, however
excessive focus on our bodies can only draw our attention away from
that which is eternal within us- Our Spirit. It is that which we
will retain forever, so rather than become distracted by the other
mundane attachments of this world, we should surely strive to
cleanse our true selves. This way, when our inevitable physical
decline begins, whether it be sudden or prolonged, we can be fully
comforted by the knowledge that we have done our best and made great
progress in this lifetime.

The often quoted CS Lewis novel The Great Divorce provides a
fascinating perspective of what happens to the spirit when a person
becomes too attached to worldly ways and conditionings . As Sahaja
Yogis, we cannot come to Mother when our body is done and plead
ignorance. If we go deeper and ask for the pure knowledge of the
Spirit and come to a deep understanding of the Deities, we will see
how they act within our lives to support us every minute of the day.
When our attention is completely pure, we can ask Shri Ganesha to
please stand between us and evil and we will know that He will come!
Once we have this knowledge, there will be nothing to fear. When we
do eventually die, as many yogis, greater and lesser, have done
before us, our Yogi family will say

`That was a Yogi who was truly devoted. He did everything he could
to become closer to Mother in meditation, and brought many people to
Sahaja Yoga. He is with Mother now'.

For once you have the deep, pure meditation, the complete Shraddha,
it actually won't matter to you how your body declines, as you will
be fearless and have the complete comfort of your pure spirit. Thus,
it is the health of the spirit that should be valued most highly,
above all.

Yours respectfully, with deepest thanks to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
who has let us drink from the Holy Grail, and have the true

Margaret Merga


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