It takes courage to stand up for Shri Mataji's advent and message

--- In, "Violet"
> Dear Nicole and All,
> It takes courage Nicole to stand up for the Truth, regardless if it
> may have consequences we may at first fear. i applaud your decision
> and support you in your standing up for the Truth, come what may.
> In fact, to not stand up for the Truth, is not an option for me,
> though those that purport the SYSSR wanted me to choose them rather
> than the Ultimate Truth, as if there was a choice.
> i have found out that the only way out of such a situation, and out
> of any fear of what mammon may do, is to follow the Divine Only.
> Like Shri Mataji said, just dedicate to Her, without any question.
> You have done that and i (and others too) will support you in that.
> If ever you need to talk privately to anyone, i am a willing ear. i
> was still in the collective when i joined this forum, and my I.D.
> was open for everyone to see, including John Noyce, who reported
> me. Things went downhill from there 'collective-wise', because i
> became 'suspect' as not being 'loyal' to the SYSSR. However, Shri
> Mataji has asked us to dedicate to Her, and not to Sahaja Yoga. We
> do not have to worry about those that expect us to dedicate to
> SYSSR. As long as we dedicate to Her without question, She will
> look after us, and take care of us.
> Jai Shri Mataji!
> violet

To all the devotees of the Great Mother Tao,

Namaskar - I bow to the Divine Feminine that resides in you!

The gist of the above post will be the future trend folks, especially after Shri Mataji leaves Earth. Time is on our side. Until then:

i) Most SYs will still think/link WCASY as Shri Mataji's mouthpiece despite Her silence.
ii) Most SYs will still think/link WCASY as Shri Mataji's Will despite WCASY's refusal to be honest and upfront about Her true identity and message.
iii) Most SYs will still think/link WCASY's Sahaja Yoga Subtle System Religion as the foundation of Shri Mataji's advent and message.

It is for the above reasons (and more) that the SY leaders do not want Her devotees reading the

Shri Mataji _promised_ that She will establish Sahaja Yoga before She leaves. Most SYs/WCASY believe it is the SYSSR despite the colossal collective failure to achieve that establishment for the last three decades - less that 0.001% of humanity knows Her. The SYSSR was never, is not, and will never be the cause of Her Advent. If that had been the case Sahaja Yoga would have been established long ago.

But Shri Mataji promised to establish Sahaja Yoga before She leaves, and that is exactly what is happening ......... albeit only a little late despite the best efforts of SYs and their leaders to suppress it. i mean they managed to inflict maximum damage since 1994 till a few years back when i decided enough was enough. They must have learnt by now that i make a good friend but a far better foe. If they still do not get it and refuse to let a sleeping junkyard dog like me lie in peace then i am prepared to spend the rest of my life barking at them, occasionally biting as and when necessary. (WACSY's watchdog John Noyce is still licking his wounds from his last encounter. The dogfight is permanently recorded at

So even in 2007 we have a very tired WCASY lashing feebly in the last round. They know the final bell will toll for their demise as Her Advent and Divine Message is now recorded in detail at, forum and other sites. Nothing can eradicate the Truth - it will only grow stronger and detailed over time.

The finer point is that Sahaja Yoga is for the remaining 99.999% of humanity. We are not interested in WCASY, their SYSSR and the SYs who support them. ................ neither will 99.999% of humanity. We are talking about the future trend. When the various sites are completed the faithful of various traditions will be able to find the core of their beliefs in Her advent and message. — Divine Feminine (Hinduism) — Divine Feminine (Christianity) — Divine Feminine (Judaism) — Divine Feminine (Islam) — Divine Feminine (Taoism) — Divine Feminine (Buddhism) — Divine Feminine (Sikhism)

It takes courage to stand up for Shri Mataji's advent and message. That is the least expected from self-realized souls who claim themselves to be Her devotees. Those who know that She resides within will have no problem dedicating only to Her and advancing in mind, body and soul. For the rest dedicated to WCASY and their SYSSR an exciting life of catches, cures and conditioning awaits you - a fitting reward for all your hard work and dedication to those who do not have the courage to stand up for Shri Mataji's advent and message. You just reap whose seeds you sow.

Jai Shri Ganapathy,

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