Kumud, you can, by reason of lack of conscience, enjoy their bliss of their ignorance!

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Dear All,

Adishakti.org contain volumes of reading material but Jagbir, Violet and like minded people who has contributed ,with great efforts , nice spiritual materials are busy in abusing WCASY and SYs. Aren't they aware that the world needs SYS working selflessly in spreading the great message of Shri Mataji and working towards our Mother's vision and dream of realised souls in the world.

With love to all


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Dear Kumud,

Again, you are confusing the issue of who is doing the abusing, i.e. the domination of other SYS and who is pointing it out. Would you say that Christ abused the tax collectors when he drove them with a whip out of the temple for doing the wrong thing? Was that abuse? Is calling a spade a spade, i.e. telling the truth, an abuse? i don't think so. Telling the truth may not always seem nice, but without truth, we are all lost, Kumud. WCASY and SYS who follow WCASY instead of the Divine Within, to whom Shri Mataji pointed them, are already on the wrong path. They will never become their own masters, while they follow man, instead of the Holy Spirit Within.

warm regards,


On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 9:31 PM, jagbir singh wrote:

Hi Kumud,

Unlike you, my brothers and sisters are the whole of humanity. If you think we are alien in SY world, you are damn right - we are the only ones who are demanding SYs be truthful ....... and giving evidence of the corruption taking place right under their noses.

And i don't know how many times will i have to repeat that these articles are be archived so the future seekers will know the true nature, advent and message of Shri Mataji, and why, despite being the Adi Shakti, She was so unsuccessful at reaching out to the masses for the first three decades. If you can do the same job i am willing to vacate mine.

But if at this eleventh hour you can still condone the insult of insignificance of Her advent and message to a world at large, and instead want to apply balm to the hurt egos of your SY brother and sisters by holding them to your gargantuan bosom of compassion, then you will get a piece of my mind. This forum is not for you. There is the WCASY approved divinesahajayoga forum where you can, by reason of lack of conscience, enjoy the bliss of their ignorance.

You are asking me to maintain Silence on Self. i am! But that does not mean being aloof and indifferent to corruption of conscience. It is better i call you a liar than condone your lying with silence. You don't seem to grasp the reason and purpose of gathering evidence of your lying ...... and i have no intention of giving details.

The Truth will definitely outlast and overcome the present SY organization. It can wait 10, 20 ..... 50 years or longer. The outcome, Kumud, is as guaranteed as the sun rising every morning. i am just making sure that Truth will triumph ....... by picking and exposing each and every maggot of corruption, falsehood and lie that is devouring the SY organization of its strength and vitality.

i have not picked and exposed all of them yet. So please let me finish this unpleasant task. Why are you complaining so LOUDLY when we are doing all this dirty work?

There is also a correction to be made in your post, and i quote:

"Aren't they aware that the world needs SYS working selflessly in spreading the great message of Shri Mataji"

It should have read: "Aren't they aware that the world needs SYS working selflessly and truthfully in spreading the great message of Shri Mataji". Since you omitted "and truthfully" you too are condoning their dishonesty without being conscious. So what is wrong with us being conscious? And what is the "great message" that they are so selflessly spreading? Can you enlighten me please?

And the sentence continues:

"and working towards our Mother's vision and dream of realised souls in the world."

Our Mother's vision and dream is to emancipate humanity by making them aware of, and participating in, the Blossom Time. Can you also enlighten me as to what She means by "Blossom Time"?

Kumud, you are not only barking up the wrong tree, but also doing so for the wrong reasons. That, my friend, is really, really sad. Sad because your self-realization is suspect. (It is suspect because it betrays a hint of condoning dishonesty.) Really, really sad because it condemns those who keep insisting others to be honest.


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Dear Kamud,

Indeed mothers vision of spreading her message to the world is the most important thing in the life of a sahaja yogi. However; the message of Shri Mataji and the one that Sahaja Yogis should be Sharing is that of the kundalini, the last judgment,resurrection and evolution of the human into the spirit, NOT about stress relief, meditation for peace of mind and healing, as is the message being spread in public meetings and events of SY. Those are all BY-PRODUCTS of growing into the spirit and realizing Shri Mataji, not the point of Shri Matajis incarnation, Sahaja Yoga or anything else.

With that in mind, it is easy to see that the message being spread, as you refer to it "mother's Message", is such a superficial version of the message.

A question if i may. If Mother's message about the last judgment and the evolution of the human into the spirit [is] due to the grace of the Holy Spirit(Shri Mataji), then why is it that Shri Mataji remains the great spiritual teacher of our age and Not the incarnation of The Adi Shakti (who she is) at public meetings?

My love


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