Mass hysteria, brainwashing, what is it?

From:  "v_koa" <>
Date:  Thu Feb 17, 2005  12:47 am
Subject:  Mass hysteria, brainwashing, what is it??
Dear all,

I was sitting at home today and listening to my mother talk to one
of her friends on the phone about both of their troubles etc, and my
mother is a devout catholic, and she was comforting her friend and
assuring her many of her friends problems are actually "blessings"
and many of the coincidences in her life and my mothers life in
regards to the people they meet and have met, either for the good or
the bad, were all part of gods plan for them or were there for a
special purpose ordained by god. Now considering I fully believe all
that sahaja yoga is about and is about, even if it is
only at an intellectual level for me right now, these things my
mother says "I'll pray for you", "the reason why such things are
happening or people are in your life must be the will of god or for
a special purpose by god" seem so ridiculous to me. I mean none of
these people have had their realization or know anything of the
kundalini, kingdom of god within or holy spirit, especially the holy
spirit outside a church context. Not only that, but she is always
talking about praying for this person and for their healing and this
and that, but if they aren't connected to god or even for that
matter the HOLY SPIRIT except for in their minds( they haven't had
realization so aren't they disconnect from the HS?)who are they
talking to or requesting help from? Wouldn't that just be the power
of intention and not the HS? As well my mother has the " gift of
tongues" so to speak, but I really think that has nothing to do with
god or the holy spirit whatsoever, but she deems these experiences
she has had and her intuition in regards to things, because it is
quite strong, as being guided by the holy spirit. IF this is not
that case, then what force or entity or trick of the mind are
controlling such things or influencing such behavior, thoughts and
experiences. I've always wondered this. When we have conversations
about the spirit, it always comes back to these things and in my
head I'm thinking" you have never met god", though neither have I.

I don't know if this is a post with questions in it or just me
wanting to knows things I can't articulate, but if anyone out there
can pick this apart and find anything in here to shed some light on
whatever it is I am looking for, that would be great.


From:  "violet_tubb" <>
Date:  Thu Feb 17, 2005  11:10 pm
Subject:  Re: Mass hysteria, brainwashing, what is it??

Dear Kyyan,

I will try to help you by "painting a picture" figuratively
speaking, to try and help you to see what "Pentecostalism" is all

We have Pentecostalism. People go to church. They have a nice time.
They want to "deepen" their faith and it often is very genuine. They
really want to get close to God.

In the Pentecostal church service, things may happen like a rousing
song, clapping, and great camaraderie; everyone becomes "one in the
Spirit and one in the Lord". Then they might "dance in the Spirit"
or "speak in tongues."

While people are in this excited state, a Minister may do
a "rousing" welcome such as "Halleluyah! Praise the Lord! How are
you my brother/sister? Are we well today/tonight?! The audience may
respond out loud and answer the ministers question out loud.
Everyone becomes like a happy family.

This whole routine generates a state of "happiness" and "excitement"
at the "togetherness" felt. The audience may become slightly tired
from all this excitement and quite relaxed and may lapse into
a "receptive" state. (You could compare it to doing physical
exercise and you use up your oxygen from the exertion and then you
feel very relaxed and slightly sleepy.

By the time the Minister is ready to give his sermon, everyone is in
such a "happy" state of mind that they will probably accept whatever
he says because in this state, what is said goes directly into the
brain without going through the "critical" process. Normally, what
the minister says would go through people's thinking faculties but
they are bypassed when people are in this happy receptive state of
mind. So, they can then accept whatever is said.

This is a method of "conditioning" like you see on the Tele-
Evangelist's Programs on T.V. whereby they operate in this style
to "soften" people up for their "message." You can also compare it
to when you inadvertently watch "ads" on T.V. but were not meaning
to do so.

All these "highs" keep people on an "up" psychologically for the
week and they might also like to go to church on Wednesda, Friday
and Sunday to get a "boost".

If they don't go to church, they may feel a "downer" coming on and
they also feel very "guilty" because they have been convinced into
believing by the minister that if they do not go, they will likely
stray from the "straight and narrow".

These people often become "depressed" and "elated" in turns. The
subtle system works that way. They swing from their "left" channels
to their "right" channels of the Sympathetic Nervous System and that
is why it is so exhausting; these centres continually being drained.

They are also "convinced" by the minister into believing that as
long as they talk to people about their "problems" and "pray" with
them, that they are being good Christians and will definitely go to

They also teach, as you say, that "all problems are there for a
reason and that they are "blessings" in disguise; that there is a
reason for everything. This is not necessarily "wrong" but it is not
always "right" either under certain circumstances.

Kyyan, the whole system is a bit of a merry-go-round. Pentecostals
believe that they are talking to God because they "feel"
the "euphoria" is the Holy Spirit. You will not be able to tell them
otherwise! You can compare the "addictive trend" like a runners that
are addicted to physical exercise to get the "adrenalin rush".

The Bible predicted that we would receive the Baptism of the Holy
Spirit at this time. The Incarnation of the "Comforter" has come in
the person of Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Previously, the Baptism of
the Holy Spirit was received by very few "initiates" such as the
disciples and the Gnostics and others but they were separate from
the main congregations of Christianity as were the "private"
teachings of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, over the centuries, the "priestly caste" has become very
powerful. The "priestly caste" is referred to in the Bible as
the "blind leading the blind". The "priestly caste" in fact is so
busy with "politics" and "dogma", that they "cannot enter in
themselves and prevent others" (Bible).These "priestly caste" are
called "blind", because, true to fundamentalism, they close their
eyes to the Truth found in the essence of all religions. They often
even consider non-Pentecostal branches of Christianity not to have
the full "gospel truth". They believe that they are the only ones to
have the "full gospel" because they believe that they are able to
give everyone the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The real Baptism of the Holy Spirit is felt as a Cool Breeze, which
was felt on the Day of Pentecost when the disciples felt the wind.

In addition to "bringing to remembrance" the old Truths, Sri Mataji
has also "enlightened" and "explained" a lot. This includes the
teachings of all the Incarnations and Prophets. She also fulfills
the prophecy of the Last Judgment and the Resurrection and gives us
a positive message that we can "evolve" or "ascend" to become our
Spirt and avoid thereby be "saved" from the calamities happening
around us today all over the world.

In Pentecostalism, though, they think that they have the
exclusive "outpouring of the Holy Spirit" and that no one is going
to be "saved" except the Fundamentalist Pentecostal Christians.

Kyyan, I'm sure your mother loves you and you love her. I can tell
you that she feels 100% sure that she is on the right path; is in
touch with God and so forth. There is no way you could convince her
otherwise, because of her 'experiences'. Sorry to have to say this,
but it is true. People who are entrenched in "Pentecostalism" are
utterly convinced and will not see it any other way. Unless
some "miracle" happens or something "bad" happens, like the minister
committing some grave "sin" (and this has happened), that people
wake up and take notice.

Another thing is that Fundamentalist Christians in general all study
their Bibles very thoroughly. They will have a Bible Verse to back
up everything they say. Unfortunately, the ministers however, tell
them how to "interpret" the Scriptures, depending on their "dogmas".
These "interpretations" are often very wrong. Were a person like
yourself, Kyyan, to study the Bible and not be "influenced" by
these "interpretations" and "dogmas", you would have a much better
chance to find the real Truth. You would be surprised at what you
find in the Bible. There is a lot of depth there.

Kyyan, you say that your mother has never met God. The reason you
can say this, I believe, is that you sense that this "merry-go-
round" is all an "outward" thing, and it is.

The real Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a very "inner" experience and
makes you your own "guru", "master" and "teacher", rather than
someone subject to all the "conditionings" imposed by the churches.

Kyyan, your mother is very "genuine" in her belief and she is doing
everything to the best of her ability to follow what she believes to
be true. You see, it is not her fault in a way. Its is the fault of
the "blind leaders" to a large extent.

Unfortunately, Pentecostals follow the Fundamentalist Christian
doctrines so there is no problem for a "devout Catholic" to
go "Pentecostal". A lot of people are falling into this "trap" from
the so-called "frying pan" of "fundamentalism" to the all-
consuming "fire" of "Pentecostalism".

That's why there is a need to get the message out urgently about SM
and the Last Judgment and Resurrection, so that Christians have a
chance to have the "real" Baptism of the Holy Spirit, rather than
the "fake" one. Christians already believe in the Last Judgment and
Resurrection, although a very Doomsday version of it.

Fundamentalist Christians do not believe in the unity of the Truth
of Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Moses, Confucius, Socrates, Plato, Guru
Nanak and others, so they are dividing the Truth. However, Truth is

Kyyan, all you can do is to seek and see the Truth clearly yourself
and live your life that way. You need to be your own guru and not
let anyone else become your guru and I believe from what you have
said, that you are doing that.

Meanwhile, please do have love and compassion for your mother
because she is treading a difficult path full of pitfalls. Stand up
for yourself and be firm and true to your own Spirit and speak your
Truth quietly and with confidence when your mother wishes to talk.

This way you can be a "mirror" for your mother and maybe one day
help her out of this "trap". One tip though; you will also need to
familiarize yourself with the Bible and other Holy Books to give you
the understanding and "grounding" for your experiences. This website
helps you a lot in that way.

I hope this can help you to "see" things a bit more clearly.



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