Neither Diane nor Surrinder had the guts or conscience to condemn the hypocrites, conspirators and embezzlers who have brought such destruction and shame to Shri Mataji

Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 18:40:15 -0800
Subject: [sahajayogacanada] With love and thanks to two very dear Sahaja Yogis from our Canada National Council

This message shares changes taking place on your Canada national council.

Dear Sahaj family,

We would like to take a few moments to dearly thank two very lovely Sahaja Yogis who have generously given their love and steady support to the Canadian sangha and who have stayed the course for many years to do their best, having been asked to take up additional responsibilities in serving their collective family on our national council.

On behalf of our nation-wide family, we give our heartfelt thanks to Diane in Montreal and Surrinder in Vancouver.

While we may miss them on the national council, there is no doubt that we will all continue to enjoy their company and dynamic spirits, that will remain with us all, as wise and firmly grounded members of our expansive Sahaj family.

Here are two short letters that they have shared with everyone:

"Dear brothers and sisters,

Time has come for me to step down as member of the CNC and let other yogis and yoginis from Québec to be involved at the national level. It was a blessing to be in your company and feel your love during these years. I am humbly grateful to Our beloved Mother for giving me an oportunity to serve our collective the best I could and with all the love in my heart.

With great respect for the tasks being accomplished at the CNC and with all my love,

Jai Shri Mataji"


"Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For many years, I had the opportunity to work for Shri Mataji in numerous positions. I was leader of the Vancouver collective, treasurer and now member of the Canadian Council. Time has come for me to step down and allow others a chance to get involved.

I wish to thank all and everybody for your team work. I enjoyed this time immensely and wish you all the best with lots of vibrations. Of course, I will always be available in case of any questions or queries."

Your brother

Surrinder Jassal

Jai Shri Mataji

With love from all your brothers and sisters of the National Council, ~ Andrei, Cheryl, Erika, Erna, Gautama, Inna, Liallyn, Manisha, Mary, Patrick, Sujata, Sunil

Dear All,

This recent letter from the Canada National Council announcing the resignation of Diane and Surrinder, both of whom i know personally, reflects worldwide the beginning of the end for the Sahaja Yoga organization. Rajesh Shah's letter has finally exposed, officially, what many had refused to believe or discuss all these years. SYs like Diane and Surrinder have been in denial for years, or rather kept SYs away from the sight of dirty linen. Now Rajesh Shah has confirmed what many SYs never suspected/refused to believe/denied, and the dirt being washed out has shocked many.

And people like Diane and Surrinder, who had championed the cause of that nut-case Patrick Lantoin, have finally realized that Shri Mataji never appointed them on the Canadian National Council. It was Patrick Lantoin who, through his WCASY connections, appointed them with the help of Sir CP. (In the coup Patrick was able to outwit the Canadian leader Jay Chudasama, who was not given a place on the CNC. Jay has been the Canadian leader for about 20 years, a post assigned to him by Shri Mataji.) Rajesh Shah's devastating letter confirmed that for years Sir CP was acting on his own and faked all the blessings, approvals and appointments ... purportedly to be from Shri Mataji. All the while Shri Mataji—drugged, sedated and silenced against Her Will—never even said a word as WCASY, Sir CP, his daughters and cronies took over the organization.

But Diane and Surrinder did what any self-respecting soul would do - RESIGN! But do not be fooled by the diplomacy of their resignation letters. Neither had the guts nor conscience to stand up and condemn the hypocrites, conspirators and embezzlers who have brought such destruction and shame to Shri Mataji. They still want to have the joy of the WCASY-corrupted and controlled collectives, and are not willing to suffer the isolation of conscientious excommunication.

And it is business as usual for the remaining Sir CP blessed and appointed Canadian National Council i.e., Andrei, Cheryl, Erika, Erna, Gautama, Inna, Liallyn, Manisha, Mary, Patrick, Sujata, and Sunil. It does not bother them why the two most senior and important members have abruptly resigned. It does not disturb them that they have to support the very hypocrites, conspirators and embezzlers who have destroyed the Sahaja Yoga organization, and continue to drug, sedate and silence Shri Mataji.

However, more and more conscientious SYs will resign and leave the organization in future. But we are talking as if countries have tens of thousands of SYs, and such an exodus will take decades. Most of Africa, Asia, South America is devoid of SYs. North America and Europe have a few thousand SYs. The truth is there has been hardly any growth for the last twenty years, and with Shri Mataji's retirement from public programs the numbers have begin to dwindle. The Sahaj Yoga of Sri Mataji is finished; some leaders now do not even have the courage and faith to use Shri Mataji's photo! Seekers flee from the photo beside the subtle system chart. Without the photo and subtle system chart what is Sahaja Yoga?

So we will wait and let the SYSSR camel die. It must die if Shri Mataji's Vision and Message is to survive. As i said before, this fight with the hypocrites, conspirators and embezzlers of the Sahaja Yoga organization is to the finish. Only one of us will be left standing, and i know the outcome already. Let more Dianes and Surrinders leave the almost empty centers of the few and far between SY collectives. Time is on my side ...... and the Devi's too.

Jai Shri Mataji,


The beginning of the end: "Sahaj Yoga of Sri Mataji is finished" date: Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 8:27 PM
subject: Important - need your help brother jagbir

Jay Sri Mataji,

Dear yogi,

Thank you for the good work and service you are doing for Sri Mataji and Sahaj Yoga. To my knowledge, you are the only sahaj yogi who is reminding the world that She is Adisakti and not just a guru or yoga teacher in the market. If Sri Mataji wanted to become popular she could have done it long time ago but NO, she wanted real-seekers to come to Sahaj Yoga and get established. It is important to announce her as adisakti as you are doing so that real seekers can find her.

It is heartbreaking what is going on in Sahaj Yoga. As you mentioned in your blogs, Guido and Avinash were right about Sir CP and the family. The family is playing games with Sahaj Yoga and they will be punished someday. A few months ago, a friend yogi girl was taking care of Sri Mataji house in Italy and she saw with her own eyes that Sri Mataji is kept sedated most of the time under strong drugs against her will. It is true and I have heard directly from this girl yogi. We need to tell this to others. I tried to tell my leader and he told me to keep quiet.

My xxxxxx who lives in Australia, the leaders do not let xxx use Sri Mataji photo any more at the meditation. The leaders are saying that new people get afraid with her photo and we should not use. Same thing is happening in Russia and America. Sahaj Yoga of Sri Mataji is finished, these people are doing what they want... please help, we know, you will.

with all my love,

your sahaj xxxxxxx,

Xxxxx Xxx
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