"New Approach" Open Letter

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To: chamunda108@fastmail.net
Subject: "New Approach" Open Letter
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 14:18:22 -0800

Dear leaders and yogis of the United States, Canada and the World:

Many of us received concerned emails in the recent weeks. Those letters encouraged me to put forward a few questions of my own. My identity does not need disclosure due to the threat of being targeted and therefore a loss of emphasis on the matters really at stake. Instead, what's need to be disclosed is an explanation of the issues below which are of great concern to myself and fellow yogis.

Therefore, I believe it is our right as yogis to request that the following issues be addressed through the platform of an OPEN LETTER to the entire US & Canadian collective. The Era of hiding behind "confidential" leader discretion must end. The collective is entitled to know everything as it is ...so if there is really nothing to hide then let these concerns be addressed. To all those who might question the validity of this letter, let us use our vibrations and decide independently (before consulting the so called authority) about the issues being raised.

So here are a few questions that you can begin answering, fulfilling your duty as leaders and yogis:

Let's dig into this "US New Approach" with the help of the vibrations:

1) Shri Mataji founded Sahaja Yoga. Who decided to remove "yoga" from Sahaja Yoga without asking the opinion of the collective? (Obviously vibrations did not play any role in this decision)

2) Did they pay the "dropped out" new seekers when they contacted them for feedback? If they paid them, when was the collective asked for permission beforehand? How much was paid for the feedbacks?

3) In these difficult economic times, how much was paid to the PR agency to analyze the feedbacks and to come up with a "master plan" of making Sahaja Yoga the next "McDonald's" of meditation with no mention of yoga, kundalini, chakra, any Sanskrit word and not having Mother's photo etc...

4) Why was the collective made face the irreversible fact, instead of being asked whether the "New Approach" was the right direction at all?

5) Who are the forceful masterminds behind this attempt? Which leaders believe that a for-profit corporation can seriously give advice on how to spread spirituality? (Mother always warned us on this issue of marketing...). How was the "Growth Team" set up? Who is in it? Who gave them the supreme authority?

6) Who approved the spending?

7) Why is there still such forcefulness to comply with the "New Approach" after Shri Mataji's Guru Puja talk in 2008? Yogis who were doubtful about this new direction were branded as negative at Havans. Isn't it ok to disagree with something after checking vibrations?

8) How much money was wasted on the 2nd PR agency in Maine before it (wisely!) dropped the "New Approach" project at a beginning stage?

9) Why can't we get more detailed items on the yearly financial reports presented to the collective? Who knows how the Kubera Fund was spent?

10) Why did the total amount spent (wasted) on the "New Approach" never show up on any financial report presented to the collective?

11) Why did the leaders feel authorized to spend money on such big projects without seeking approval from the collective? (They may argue that it was financed from the Kubera Fund but the sponsor did not give the money to waste it.)

From day One the vibrations showed the dead end nature of the project (PLEASE CHECK FOR YOURSELF) but no one paid attention (isn't that what makes us yogis?). Throwing out money like this may make people retain their pledges as evidently many have last year. The money could have gone towards the back tax for Shri Mataji's house and the Ashram.

12) When did Mother bless the "New Approach"? Never. What took place is that some leader thought he understood this from Her facial expressions. There was never a "Good", "Go ahead", "May God bless you" in regards to this project.

It became the practice of the US leadership that when they want to impose their will on the collective they say the fake-mantra: " Oh, Shri Mataji blessed that and that too...."

Practical people in Sahaja Yoga know that the awakening of the Kundalini in people is beneficial but that the real collective growth comes from establishing new yogis and helping them to become members of the collective. Not long ago the Tri-State collective gave over 10.000 SR through street fairs in less than 1 year. This was presented Mother as a huge achievement but when She asked " HOW MANY GOT ESTABLISHED OUT OF THEM? ", the answer was "NONE"

At that point the "New Approach" started...:-)

The way it was implemented in certain places by the leaders stripped away the freedom of spreading Sahaja Yoga in a creative way. These days some yogis like to think that the "New Approach/Sahaja Meditation" will be successful with HealthCorps. There are blown up reports reaching overseas telling about hundreds of students, staff, teachers getting SR. That is all nice, very nice but how many of those people will get established in Sahaja Yoga as Shri Mataji requested? Who will become a yogi out of them? Very few, if any. We got the same poor results with the good old street fairs for free:-). So really how does the HealthCorps project measure up to its "extraordinary" reports? According to many, HealthCorps had connection with TM before. (Transcendental Meditation of Maharishi Mahesh.)

The "New Approach/Sahaja Meditation" is not producing more established yogis so why do we, as a collective, tolerate wasting our money on it? (just a note: the "New Approach" is so right-sided that some people say it can not be the real part of Sahaja Yoga. Well, we all have hands to check if that is true or not....:-))

Hoping the leaders will feel the spiritual obligation to respond to this sensitive collective issue.

Jai Shri Mataji!

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