None have courage to publicly squeak what they have always thunderously roared at Her pujas

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Date: Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:57 am
Subject: None have courage to publicly squeak what they have always thunderously roared at Her pujas

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> However the Shakti always triumphs by bringing forth renewal and
> change by first destroying the decaying and dying, and
> revitalizing those still left standing with nourishing spiritual
> energy. Like a mighty wave She has again destroyed the obstacles
> and set forth the path to follow, a path that was not taken by
> those 'chosen' to lead in the past. All such leaders have either
> died, were expelled, have fallen from grace or left powerless.
> None had the conviction to TELL ALL THE NATIONS. None dared
> announce Her incarnation Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi as the Messiah.
> None had the courage to even squeak in public what they always
> thunderously roared at Her pujas. None can prick their conscience
> now, both rank and file. Never in history have so many borne
> witness to a greater act of untruth, hypocrisy and cowardice. It
> is almost satanic in nature, as if Satan's promise to mislead all
> humans is a prophecy that is being played out with diabolical
> accuracy.

On behalf of the World Council, Dr. Bohdan and I would like to
welcome everyone here for the Celebration.

On this day, the twenty-first of March, 2006, in the city of Sydney,
on the occasion of the most auspicious Birthday Puja Celebration of
our Divine Mother, our God Almighty, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi; to-
night we the Sahaja Yogis of the world offer our heartfelt praises
to Shri Mataji, Who incarnated on this day eighty-three years ago,
in order to save the world, and to help mankind find the path to the
true meaning of his existence.

Shri Mataji, may You, the immaculate Queen of Heaven, may You
always reign supreme over us all, now and forever. Shri Mataji, You
are the Goddess of all creation. You are the Primordial Power of the
universe. All praises to You, Shri Mataji, from all Your children
gathered here from all over the world, live around the world; to
You, Shri Mataji, the Immaculate One. You are the Goddess of all
Power, the Goddess of all Love, the God of all humanity, of all
spiritual salvation, Parampuja Shri Mataji. With Your Love all our
souls are filled. Your Almighty Power has made this universe, which
is less than a speck of dust upon Your Blessed Feet. Your gracious
Mercy keeps us within Your Heart. By morning's glow or evening's
shade Your watchful Eye never sleeps, and ever guards over us all.
By Your Grace all is just, all is made right, and to You, the
Almighty Goddess, we give You all our humble praises, glory and

Shri Mataji, on this day of Your Advent, we ask that You may never
be far away, but through all this life and all of our lives to come,
please be ever-present with us. Please be our everlasting peace and
joy, as with a Mother's tender Hand, please gently lead us, please
save us, please guide us, and please protect us ever, Shri Mataji.
For all our life we sing aloud Thy praises, that the Earth and the
peoples of all nations may hear the grateful song of our voices, and
our unwearied praises to You, joyfully singing within our heart.

On this day of the celebration of Your Birthday, Shri Mataji, in the
land of Your Son, Shri Ganesha, we proclaim to the world that let
all mankind come to You in Your Holy Name, and to join this holy
Family, and to give You praise and glory. Let all Sahaja Yogis who
have felt Your Love and Power on this day proclaim also to the world
the wondrous story of Your Advent.

Parampuja Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has ascended Her Throne, for
She is the Lord, above all, the supreme Power of this universe.

Jai Shri Mataji!


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