Open letter to those representing the Will of Shri Mataji

From: "jagbir singh"
Date: Sat Aug 13, 2005 10:46 am
Subject: Open letter to those representing the Will of Shri Mataji

--- In, "violet_tubb"

Dear All,

S.V. Perezhogin's letter of resignation as leader of Russia comes across as very heartfelt and genuine, giving honourable reasons for resigning as leader of Russia; a position that was given to him by the Adi Shakti in 1999. He had faithfully served 6 years as Russian leader, during which time as he says... "We together reached unseen spread of Sahaja Yoga in Russia and are second (in quantity) collective in the world. And in quality, I think, the first! I leave with clear conscience."

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing for the letter by Dr. Bohdan Shehovych and Alan Wherry, whose words seem to contradict each other; therefore making their meaning obscure.

They state: -

"We hoped sincerely that Sergey resigns and we are able to move forward, because we know that the Russian collective is very deep and completely fairly is much more concerned with their love and worship to Mother, and not the leadership matters."

Dr. Bohdan and Alan Wherry have not given the reason for asking for Sergey's resignation. In the very sentence in which they have asked him to resign, where normally a reason would be given, they have actually given every reason why S.V. Perezhogin should not resign, but stay on as leader!

They also say that:-

"We know that the Russian collective is very deep and concerned with their love and worship to Mother and not interested in leadership matters."

What better recommendation for a leader can you have than one who's collective is very deep, concerned with their love and worship to Mother and not interested in leadership matters?

We therefore can assume from Dr. Bohdan and Alan Wherry's words, that the Russian collective is moving on as it should, given by their own account.

But no... that is not the case... they further state... that they sincerely hope "that Sergey resigns and we are able to move forward". Why, upon stating what a wonderful job he has done, would they now want Sergey to resign? It just does not make sense!

However, it becomes clear that they do want Sergey to resign and they still do not give a reason. However, it appears that they wish to take charge of the position, which seems to be what the words "so that we are able to move forward" refer to. Shri Mataji, in contrast, has always been open and honest, clear and truthful, as to why she stood a leader down.

Here is some advice that She has given to leaders:-

Advice Given By
H.H. Shri Mataji
Gudi Padwa, 24 March 1993...

"Leaders should be very careful. They should become free of all arrogance. They are only a communication link, like I have to put a letter in the envelope and post it. They should be careful of possessions.

(Australian Sahaja Newsletter - 10 February 1996)

And this next message is one that Shri Mataji gives... `specifically' about leaders in Sahaja Yoga who think they can tell others what to do": -

About..."Dominating Personalities"

She (Shri Mataji) talked a lot about "dominating personalities", people who think they are controlling everything and feel responsible all the they hurt and torture others...and specifically about leaders in Sahaja Yoga who think they can tell others what to do and make people afraid of them by saying that Mother has said this or Mother has said that and threatening to tell Mother if the people do anything wrong. Shri Mataji said She is never angry with us only sometimes for the "play" She appears angry but that a Mother can never be angry...She only loves. She said these people who dominate others get some kind of cruel joy from treating others like this. And that some people are always in the front and She knows who they are...that they think they are important and must always be there...but really they are not so really happy people...that is why they do it. She said that animals are aggressive to each other but that they have a hierarchy, a is not random cruelty...but that human beings can be cruel for no reason. She said some people think that to be a "leader" is to be something...they call Her and ask to be "leader", so what can She do.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Easter Puja, Istanbul 1998
(Australian Sahaja Newsletter - 25 April, 1998)

Dr. Bohdan and Alan Wherry further say:-

"But unfortunately, in his farewell letter, sent to you by email, Sergey Perezhogin is more concerned with embellishment of his own image, and not accepting of responsibility for his actions."

Sergey was actually just telling everyone what was happening, namely, that he was being asked to resign without good reason. However, we still have no valid reason given for asking for the resignation of S.V. Perezhogin.

Rather, S.V. Perezhogin is attacked verbally by saying that he is `embellishing his own image'. Sergey is not embellishing his own image. He is just telling everyone the truth of what is happening to him. Why should he remain quiet when he sees an injustice happening. It is when good people say nothing that injustice prevails.

Dr. Bohdan and Alan Wherry further attack S.V. Perezhogin by saying that: -

"He denies present and existing Incarnation of Shri Mataji as Adi Shakti and Mahamaya in the name of Her, who, on his opinion, he remembers. In fact, he implies loss of Divine powers by Her, which, of course, is not possible."

If one reads Sergey's email, it is clear that he does not deny the Incarnation of Shri Mataji or say that Shri Mataji does not have Divine Powers. He however, does state that this new formation of the new worldwide organization of Sahaja Yoga `contradicts everything taught by our Mother'.

Dr. Bohdan and Alan Wherry still do not give a valid reason for asking S.V. Perezhogin to resign, as Shri Mataji has always done with transparency. However, they did `put words' into S.V. Perezhogin's proverbial `mouth', implying that he denied Shri Mataji's Incarnation and Divine Powers, which in no way Perezhogin does in his email.

S.V. Perezhogin, unlike most rank and file sahaja yogis, knows the truth of what is going on behind the banner of World Council and SMNDSYF, because he was a member of it until recently. Although other people can be deceived, he cannot.

He clearly states that he cannot be a `completely controllable and easily directed from abroad candidate". It is clear that S.V. Perezhogin, to his credit, was his own guru and obviously not easily controlled. That this type of leader is not desired by Dr. Bohdan and Alan Wherry speaks volumes.

If SY World Leaders are not even allowed to stand firm and be their own Gurus, how can rank and file yogis be allowed to develop their own guruship. Something seems to have gone wrong with this "Guru-Ship".

Referring to Perezhogin, it is further stated that: - "He breaks protocol and makes false statements".

As far as `protocol' is concerned, when it comes to either following `protocol' or stating the truth, `stating the truth' must always have precedence over following `protocol'. Above all things, Shri Mataji has asked us to be truthful.

Jesus, if you will recall, is a good example of that. It was not `protocol' for Jesus to chase the moneychangers and tax collectors out of the synagogue with a whip, but he did so, because he had to show the truth. The truth is that such things must not desecrate the temple of God.

Thus `truth' won over `protocol'.

The statement that `he makes false statements' is in itself incorrect... as has been shown.

The letter goes on to say that Sergey sent emails to everyone about what has happened and his motives are questioned.

Sergey's motives are actually very clear in this matter. He wanted people to know the truth about what is happening, as they have a right to know. Yogis and yoginis deserve to know whether those assuming leadership are doing it in accordance with Shri Mataji's teachings.

The letter continues to say: -

"Let us stop on this. The time has come to concentrate on love and unity, that is the very essence of Sahaja Yoga."

Who is calling the kettle black?

Yes, it is time to stop this outer domination of everything and everybody and start to concentrate on the love and unity within which is the very essence of Sahaja Yoga.


Dear All,

i used to look at the photos of Eastern European SYs with much joy. This is because i was able to see spiritual qualities in them that are missing from North American SYs. There is no need for me to state the obvious because most SYs from Russian and their neighboring states are indeed the highest in quality if compared to all others.

Unfortunately they, or at least the deposed Russian ex-leader, have now realized that such qualities are not much prized in USA. That is why i wrote some time back that those "living in the land of the Vishuddhi know that using trickery and harmless lies are legitimate here since it is claimed Shri Krishna did so too. The modus operandi is that the more serious the obstacle the less honesty required to overcome it. (i am talking through experience.)"

i find it difficult to comment on how so-called leaders like Alan Wherry and Dr. Bohdan can speak with a forked tongue and assassinate the character and good name of a honorable and respected leader. Overnight they have made him into a villain who is against Shri Mataji! What type of minds can conspire to validate such lies? The way they go about doing their dirty business reminds me of hit men employed by the Mafia. That they are carrying out all this with impunity only makes me shudder at future assassination campaigns and the methods employed to rid those who do not bend to to their wishes.

The Inquisytion has now officially begun. Those SYs who remain silent and support such council leaders and their corrupt organization must always remember that one day they will be judged. The greater danger and sin is to remain silent about Shri Mataji's Divine Message even as the death, decay and destruction of humanity accelerates ....... and support an organization that not only induces you to be dishonest but continues to organize the truth and edit out the Will of God Almighty. We will see if Allan Wherry and Dr. Bohdan will be sitting on the Judgment Court in the Kingdom of God as representatives of the Will of the Shakti.

Jai Shri Mataji!

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