Renitha Govan: "As I say I have not gone into yoga or anything."

Dear Humble Ones

A week ago a colleague emailed me the photograph of Mataji - I had not seen Her picture before nor had I read or heard about Mataji the photograph constantly kept changing to someone who looked very young. A few days later I was given a photograph of Mataji as I say I do not know much but this picture also changes but to a picture of the Lord Jesus. I do not know why these have happened.

I do know that I have become a changed person I feel such a change within me that everything in the past is by the way I accomplish my day to day tasks with ease.

The feeling is unexplainable. It is so wonderful. I feel I want to pass it to everyone around me. As I say I have not gone into yoga or anything.

Renitha Govan
Mondi Business Paper South Africa
Merebank Mill
Travancore Drive Merebank, 4052
P O Box 31024, Merebank, 4059, South Africa

Dear All,

There are a few times i personally have heard people having similar experiences as the person above about Shri Mataji. So you can imagine how many people have had such experiences, most of which were never recorded.

There was one incident of which i was witness to. A group of SYs from Montreal went to attend Shri Mataji's public program in NY, USA October 6, 1995. During the program the mother of my friend Diane started saying to her daughter that Shri Mataji had changed in Jesus Christ. Given the fact she is a well-respected and educated lady it was quite difficult for her to say so. But she insisted that Shri Mataji had momentarily changed into Jesus and was absolutely sure that her eyes were not deceiving her. Diane's mother later admitted that she was wishing for a sign from God to confirm that Shri Mataji was genuine, as she had really strong Catholic roots. From that day onwards her faith was established.

There is another letter i received from a complete stranger who somehow managed to get my address:


Sahaja Yoga Centre
3495 Ivan Franko, # 107
Lachine, Qc

Good Day,

My name is Maxime Lapointe and I am 15 years old. For the past three years approximately, I read all that I can find on meditation, yoga, hinduism and spirituality. One day, while 'surfing on the internet,' I had a shock: I saw the picture of Shri Mataji. It was as if all my cells vibrated and the experience was one of the strongest spiritually. I would like to know her and receive her teachings. Can you help me? If you have the desire to, you can write to me:

Maxime Lapointe

5xxx Xx avenue
Montreal, Qc, H1Y 2K2

I thank you and wait an answer with impatience! Thank you!

Maxime Lapointe"

i am sure over the decades there are hundreds of such experiences from people who never knew Shri Mataji or were skeptical. If you truly believe She is the Adi Shakti sooner or later the Devi will manifest a sign.

i have given evidence too at and, evidence that for years have compelled even the most fanatical to sulk away in silence. The websites are for the fundamentalist to ignore, the foolish to not comprehend and the wise to follow. Few know to what extend and how the false beliefs and scriptural manipulations of their inherited religions over the centuries have retarded the religious masses. That is why Shri Mataji will awaken, enlighten and guide you in the religion, scripture or prophet you believe. She is the primordial source of all of them, barring none, and that is why She can explain their pristine, unadulterated origins (religions), parables (scriptures) and message (prophets).

regards to all,


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