Sahaja Yoga can never be an organisation!!!

Dear All, i am back after having been away for 11 days. It is nice to be back with our forum family of Sahaja Yoga. While i was away, i caught up with the SY in whose home i got my self-realisation. She is not attending the organisation anymore, but says she is no different than when she was regularly attending the organisation, i.e. she loves Mother and feels the kundalini. We talked about how collectivity does not mean that we are stuck like glue to each other, but that it means we are connected by love, regardless of physical proximity. We talked about how Shri Mataji incarnated to introduce us to our individual Mother. She felt that SY had been strongly emphasized into one particular spiritual background, i.e. Hindu. We talked about how there are SYS who are both "in" and "outside of" the organisation of SY - that Sahaja Yoga and SYS cannot be restricted by any "organisation". She said that Sahaja Yoga can never be an organisation!!!

i showed her and recalled to her how we sat together at Sydney Airport, when Shri Mataji spoke about the special children from Montreal, Canada who would come from outside of the organisation of Sahaja Yoga, who would give separate evidence to confirm Her Incarnation: -2006.htm

She could not remember about Shri Mataji speaking about the special children. She said however that if anyone had a chance to remember it, it was myself, due to my Christian biblical and therefore eschatologically-aware background. i greatly appreciated her trust, confidence, and love. i shared with her how i have been hurt by SYS just for being on this forum and telling the truth about Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga. She shared that she also, had been hurt by SYS insensitivity and fanaticism, and how this trait, can take away the joy of love. We agreed that Sahaja Yoga is about sharing Sahaja Yoga and not about bossing people around.

It is good to be back.

love from violet

Dear Violet and all,

Welcome back to the forum.

i wish to add that almost all SYs, whether within or without the organization, are conditioned by the SYSSR. There is nothing much that can be done to confront and expose their collective denial about Shri Mataji's Advent and Message ... except to give them links to the websites. Otherwise i will not waste much time or energy on them, unless they have both the humility and conscience to confirm their deceived mindset and want to change things.

So let the SYs keep their SYSSR, WCASY and the SY organization that continues to condition them to lie and deceive the general public. An organization so tainted with falsehood, for so long, can NEVER EVER regain the trust and confidence of humanity. It is now thus doomed and, without question, destined to fade away. The very name "Sahaja Yoga" is now forever tainted with all that is untruthful, deceitful, cowardly i.e., an unforgivable crime against humanity! i assure all that there is no hope for such an organization.

So, again, let the SYs keep their SYSSR, WCASY and the SY organization as we continue to forge ahead towards that critical mass that, after being exposed to such topics as:

will never ever need an organization to guide (or deceive) them, not even another human. They must know that the "Resurrection is accomplished by the wind of heaven that sweeps the worlds. The Angel carried by the wind does not say: Arise ye dead! He says: Let the living arise!" They must feel the Cool Breeze and most willingly participate in the promised Resurrection ... and tell others too!

regards to all,

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