Shri Mataji: "All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us."

> Yes, only highly evolved SYs souls practising the awesome SYSSR can
> reach such states of enlightenment. Yogikumund has his work cut
> out for him to reach those levels. And myself, having only reached
> 2% of enlightenment, should not even consider to be the dirty salt of
> their daily foot-soaked feet.

Dear all,

Recently i received a partial transcript of Shri Mataji's 2007 Diwali talk where She was critical of SYs:

"So the first thing you have to do is never be a dishonest person nor let others become or be dishonest. This is very important and all of you should together make it possible.

The milk is adulterated, ghee is adulterated. Where ever I see everything is adulterated. All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us....

And second point is you don't have to tell any lies. What is the need to tell any lies? You tell the truth! The person who will always tell the truth, he will be a special and if he is a Sahaja Yogi then he will be magnificent." (Shri Mataji)

But my point here is not to beg SYs to be honest as i am both tired and ashamed of having to be associated with such cowards and liars. (Maybe there should be no reason for me to be ashamed of the actions of others, but you have to since tens of thousands are involved in this collective deceit - TENS OF THOUSANDS OF COWARDLY LIARS!!!)

Instead i want them to realize why "All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us." i doubt Shri Mataji knows that sheer scope and penetration of the nonsense that is now the mindset of many SYs. The general public has no inkling of the immensity of misinterpretation and corruption of Her teachings that has taken place all over the world. It is their misfortune that they are barred from reading the hundreds of articles written by SYs at the official divinesahajayoga group. The insult to intelligence is that these SYs think they are highly evolved souls ready to enlighten the world.

Appended below are a few of the many posts and articles stored in the private, password protected vault of divinesahajayoga. If Shri Mataji ever reads the divinesahajayoga posts i am very sure She will need to change the statement that "All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us." It will be an absolutely disaster if the public ever does so.

But do not worry as the divinesahajayoga feast is not meant for public consumption. You need to be given self-realization and pass some rigid screening before you are allowed to freely consume all that garbage. i had my small share. They cut my rations when i protested loudly that it was rubbish. i doubt the present 1154 members think so.

You have to wonder why Shri Mataji thinks that "All the people laugh at us, nobody believes us." If only She knew what is hidden from them.

regards to all,



From: "haavardbergsagel"
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 21:36:17 -0000
Subject: DivineSahajayoga regarding cats


Dear brothers and sisters.

Please forgive the ignorance of asking this silly question here. It regards the issue of cats. We have heard from various sources that cats are very left sided, that they do not evolve and may attract and carry negativity; in other words be quite bhootish.

If this is the case it would probably not be advised to have cats too much inside houses and probably not around Ashrams??

This information comes from various yogis, but though we have looked, we can not find any sayings of Shri Mataji on this subject. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? (preferable coming from Shri Mataji!)



From: "Дмитрий Мирошин"
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 12:18:30 +0400
Subject: DivineSahajayoga Subject: regarding cats

Dear Haavard,

The myth that cats are bhoots exists and supports by many yogis. I just want to tell you the story I heard earlier from one SY.

It happened in one SY Ashram. I don't remember which one but I 'm sure eyewitnesses will conform the truth of the story.

There lived a cat in SY Ashram. Many yogis didn't approve its presence because of the above reason. Moreover many of them insisted on its living the Ashram blaming it in bhootish nature and spreading negativity.

When the situation became really tense one of yogis suggested all to gather around the cat. After collective meditation hi asked everyone to hold one hand over cat's head. After doing so many yogis risen and left confused. None of them ever said a word against the animal since then.

The matter is that everyone who was holding hand over cat's head felt such a strong stream of Kundaliny, none of them ever felt.

Do not harry up to release your accommodation from a cat. What if it is not a bhoot but a god given to you for help?

Jai Shri Mataji!



From: "rabi ghosh"
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 13:34:35 +0000
Subject: RE: DivineSahajayoga spiders

Dear Family,

Jai Shri Mataji,

In fact I was amused to read this beautiful mail. But I also desried to reserve my personal understanding on this issue . May be someone could highlight on this issue. I just would like to refer to certain techincal funny points.

Bats and cats are really mystic as even the myth says. If we analyse its age old myth as the movies are also framed keeping these two animals in the evil spirit carrier. One sees 'dracula' or see the 'Catwoman'. Its all horror movies and so it s established. AS FAR AS spiders are concerned it could be true that they are scarry and just not freak of nature. May be a pass in the evolution process to get evolved to a higher phylum or species. Even horror movie is also screened and played upon this animals (Spider) is scarry I tell you....the spiderman..etc etc..

its good to talk on these issues as it gets cleared what and what not are to be cared for, especially in Sahaja. At times there are startling revelation from the family . But only that these animals I hope were an evolutionary process that came and went to make us the super Human today. In fact a few days ago I was wondering about the Cats and the bats. What came to me is..... I recollect once Shri Mataji in one of the talk spoke that the Asuras came up in competition with the incarnations or the Gods. Like Narasimha in Egypt....if one looks at it closely....they wanted to defy the good existance. So humanity who knew about the great ncarnation of Shri Krishna as Half Lion and half man (Narasimha). The upper half was of lion and the body was of human. The Rakshasaas who came as the 'Asssrians' built sphinx like objects/things reversing the model of the incarnation of narasimha ... with half human on top while the body of lion (Just the opposite of Narasimha).

Similarly, the Lion /Tiger family is.... if we see is the vehicle carrier of the Goddess...So the rakshasa must be imitating and chose the CAT as their vicious vehicle carrier in that competition with Gods. So, the Evil Spirits must be travelling with Cats. (What do we say? is just a statement and no research please), which falls on the Tiger family or you may say the reverse. So We may correlate. While again see the birds although Bats are supposed to be mammals, but lives like a link between the 'Aves' and the 'Mammals'. Like wise the spider in the invertebrate group with phylum arthropodas (Jointed Foot) could be a just a freak or may have certain significance for the reason to be loathed by human......

But as the history goes it is said every two species were represented and carried by GOD's desire in the Noah's Arc. And Darwin also probably has some thing to say about it. (Ha Ha ...I was just joking....)



Another beautiful article from SYSSR "toni" on animals

Hi Kumud and all,

The impression i am getting is that you are quite unbalanced and have some serious mental problems. You do not seem sane enough even to answer simple questions.

And if "this time is different" and is the new way you guys are spreading Sahaja Yoga in "Calcutta , Chhatisgarh , Orissa and other parts where every day SY programme is going on" i have bad news for you - few seekers will want to become SYs like you. i have stopped wondering why SY is not spreading a long time ago, thanks to SYSSR freaks like you:

"--- In, "yogikumud" wrote:
Please guide.

How to solve financial problems in real life with SY help.
How to cure problems of Left Swadhisthan catch.
Constant hot or presence of something in and around right ear and hot on back agnya is there? What does this mean? please comment.
I also often get catch with left heart and have a sinking feeling for long. What to do?
Some SY say my home is possessed and some occult practices are going on there to harm us ?
Recently elder brother died of Heart attack and I dreamt of some person warning me it my time to die now ? what does this mean.
I am not afraid being in SY but always have a left sinking heart.

Please enlighten."

So please go and join the official divinesahajayoga forum where they can shoe-beat the insanity out of you ............. or schedule a marathon matka treatment to bring sanity back.

And while you are there please update us on this promising, cutting- edge SY enlightenment and research that may became the rave in future. Imagine what it will do for the fortunes of SY if animal-lovers all over the world just get a whiff of it. i heard the experiments are almost complete and our hyper-excited WCASY leaders are waiting with abated breath, and are already stepping on one another's toes to be the first to make the grand announcement:

Another beautiful article forward from "toni"
Cats ....Bats and Spiders.......

Namaste !
Collected Insights about "cats and vibrations"

Lisa from Kathmandu told me that cats can absorb Spirits. This is all. Some will do it, but some won't like it.


cats are said to lie down and sleep on places with "bad vibrations" inside the house, they can absorb these "bad-ies" and when they go out in the garden Mother Earth is going to purify the cat again.


When we were living at Shudy Camps we had a house cat for the mice.
Mother one day asked us to move her dining room to the hallway and the cat ran into and under mothers chair.

The yogi's there ran around and tried to catch the cat and mother told them to stop because actually the cat wanted to go there because of the vibrations.

Mother named the cat Narashima and also told us a few things about their evolution.

Evolutionally they are at a dead end and that is why the cat is attracted to all types of vibrations bad or good.

Mother also said that the reason why the cats come and sit in our laps is because they feel the bad vibrations and suck them up.


Cats are not bhoots, I only heard that about the following animals:

wasps (Aggressive Nazi bhoots), spiders (are able to even absorb left side negativity from their surrounding), mosquitos and probably quite a few other insects...

Truth is, that cats and dogs both can see bhoots but their reaction is usually different. Dogs bark and get rid of the bhoots where cats may welcome them. An average stray cat carries one or more of those filthy creatures usually.

I tested that myself (Don't try it at home :-) ) by feeling and trying to give vibrations to street cats. They would turn very aggressive and bite/scratch me. Dogs usually always enjoy vibrations and have a very deep sense for a person with gravity.

Nevertheless a cat living in a Sahaj environment will not do so and on the contrary enjoy vibrations. Our cat for example stretches out in the meditation room paws up (!) when we meditate. The dog I took care of before in an ashram did the same.

Finally we should not forget the high impact on the pets by their owner's behaviour / state. If the human is crazy, mostly his animals will be, too :-)


Here is a small story which happened in Graz, a city in Austria, during Shri Mataji's first visit to Graz, I believe in 1986 or 1987.


We too by then had heard about bhootish cats and had even learnt to distinguish between different categories. When we gave a bandhan to a cat and the cat continued purring without any other reaction we knew the cat was OK. But sometimes cats reacted quite violently to our bandhans, with all tail hair at and disappearing with loud shrieks, then we knew we had encountered a cat which was possessed.

The story:

We lived in a very nice ashram in the outskirts of the city, right next to a forest. Since we had moved there a small young kitten visited us almost daily, and she loved to have a small bowl of milk and then fall asleep right in front of the picture of Shri Mataji's feet in the meditation room.

We enjoyed these visits and got used to them, considering the little cat as a legitimate member of our ashram.

Then Shri Mataji's visit was announced! In preparation of Her visit we turned the whole house upside down and soon we had forgotten about the cat.

When Shri Mataji finally arrived and was standing in the entrance during the welcome aarti, the cat turned up and went straight to the feet of Shri Adi Shakti! I noticed it and tried as much as I could to lure the cat away from there, so as to not to disturb the auspiciousness of the aarti.

Shri Mataji noticed my attempts, as well as the cat at Her feet, and smilingly said: "Just let her, she knows where to get the coolest vibrations from!"

This closed the discussion about cats for me.

PS: About giving realization to animals: While some animals are definitely very receptive for vibrations (just remember Shri Mataji's dogs in Cabella!), I still believe it is much more important for us to remember the billions of humans who still haven't had a chance to hear about the advent of Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga.

Yes, only highly evolved SYs souls practising the awesome SYSSR can reach such states of enlightenment. Yogikumund has his work cut out for him to reach those levels. And myself, having only reached 2% of enlightenment, should not even consider to be the dirty salt of their daily foot-soaked feet.

regards to all,


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